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us and uk relationship news articles

1 day ago 'Special relationship': how a century of US presidential visits tells the US anti- Isis envoy Brett McGurk quits over Trump Syria withdrawal. A week Theresa May was dreading got a whole lot worse on July 9. The British prime minister is set to host US President Donald J. Trump on. She can't be sure of that from President Trump on his visit to Britain. commentary and discussions on the major news stories of the week, from.

May is trying to deal with. What does she want, and what is on line for Britain there? Well, here's the ultimate irony of those who are arguing for Brexit.

The European Union accounts for about half of Britain's exports - the U. And it's been held out by the Brexiteers that the United States might offer an alternative source of trading relationship to the European Union.

At the same time, President Trump is taking a very hawkish attitude towards global trade. He's obviously in the midst of what is, in essence, a trade war with China, and he's got trade hostilities with the European Union. And I think Brits are looking at the demands that he's making on others.

I'm wondering whether, in fact, the offer of a U. Presidents Trump ph visit is also, we are expecting - to spark these big street protests.

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Do you expect Prime Minister May to raise any of the concerns that protesters are sort of out in the streets about, like the separation of migrant children and parents in the southern border of the U. I think that Theresa May and the British government will not be focused on U. They'll be focused on global politics. Already, one person's died, and she'll be asking President Trump to raise that with President Putin.

us and uk relationship news articles

You think she will. She'll definitely be raising the Russia issue because for Europeans, Russia is an aggressive power. It's conducted germ warfare against the U. It's invaded Ukraine and Georgia. And so I think that the president's move to Russia after his U. And they fear that any sign of weakness is an encouragement to President Putin.

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Thank you so much. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. Ever since President Trump landed in the U. One hour, he's criticizing the prime minister directly for how she's handling the U. The next, he says Prime Minister May can manage Brexit however she sees fit. I don't know what they're going to do.

But whatever you do is OK with me.

us and uk relationship news articles

Whatever you're going to do is OK with us. Just make sure we can trade together.

us and uk relationship news articles

That's all that matters. There are protesters lining the streets of London who say otherwise. NPR's London correspondent was out in those demonstrations.

Will intelligence leaks sink US-UK relationship?

He is back in our studios now and joins us. Frank Langfitt, thanks for being here. So it was a pretty civil press conference, all things considered - I mean, especially in light of the harsh words President Trump had for the prime minister in The Sun newspaper interview. How big of a divide is there right now between the U.

It would seem pretty big. Despite the civility of the press conference, remember President Trump, overnight basically in this interview that came out in The Sun newspaper tabloid here, said he didn't see a free trade deal between the U. And this is very difficult for the United Kingdom. They're leaving the European Union. They're on their own.

They're feeling quite lonely. This is their closest ally. And Prime Minister May had really been hoping for much better word. So there's also a real difference, I think, on the trade issue of - Prime Minister May needs to keep some contact with the European Union not to devastate the U.

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What about President Trump's remarks on immigration? He said that immigration has changed the culture of Europe and not in a good way.

us and uk relationship news articles

The prime minister, then in this press conference, seemed to take issue with that characterization. Let's listen to what she had to say. Over the years, overall immigration has been good for the U. It's brought people with different backgrounds, different outlooks here to the U. I mean, this is so awkward. She said that when Trump was standing right next to her. And - you know, it's interesting.

I think that this should get a lot of attention. Even though it's not newsmaking, it's two different visions of an incredibly important issue that is roiling the Western world. We're seeing it in the United States. We see it here in the United Kingdom.

us and uk relationship news articles

We see it across Western Europe.