Undercover boss buffalo wings and rings ending a relationship

'Satan isn't going away anytime soon'

undercover boss buffalo wings and rings ending a relationship

Undercover Boss () s07e01 - Buffalo Wings & Rings Episode Script. SS is dedicated to The I was made fun of to no end. I tried not to share It clearly impacted my parents' relationship and my mother left the house. I would ask my. featured on CBS television's "Undercover Boss" a few months ago. So the Buffalo Wings & Rings president and CEO promptly stepped out of his disguise to handle the problem. maintain a positive relationship and an open line of communication. At the end of the day, they are both equally important. EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Sneak Peek of the Intense 'Undercover Boss' Season 7 Premiere. Duration: Undercover Boss - Buffalo Wings & Rings (Sneak Peek 1) Christina Milian Has an Emotional Chat With Her Mom About a Past Abusive Relationship Stephen Jackson on Butler leaving T-Wolves, KD.

They start out by blonding her hair and curling it. Shawnon says she wants to go undercover in the cafes to make sure they are on point. She also puts in colored contacts and dresses like a hipster. Her kids laugh and so does her mother. Shawnon asks her kids how to act cool. She goes to Tucker, Georgia to visit a manufacturing plant that makes their icings for their cookie cakes.

She meets Anthony, a production manager. Anthony has been there for 10 years. He shows her cream cheese icing. Shawnon is struggling to keep up and Anthony tells her she has to hurry. He takes her downstairs for a taste test. He tells her how much he likes the product. Shawnon says he has no idea how important he is to her company since the icing is critical. He tells her he has five kids. He talks about how his mom has sarcoidosis and says she needs better care. Anthony takes her to show her more stuff.

Shawnon is not happy to know that the speaker is broken. She also sees that the girl is manning the front counter and the drive thru. A customer orders a vanilla latte and the girl makes it at the Nescafe machine. Shawnon has never worked a drive thru before and is not on her game. She keeps working the drive thru while the other girl works the front counter. Bridgette shows her how to make an iced vanilla latte.

Shawnon says the drive thru made her nervous. She says she moved back here because her doctors are close by. She says she has her illness under control now but had to take a year off when it was bad. How does your management team help you lead? My team provides me with a venue for consistent and clear dialogue, which allows me to help resolve challenges to the company. By taking our values and cultures and instilling them into our team, we've established a common ground to approach all problems that may arise.

I have a team in place that I respect and feel supports the best interests of the brand and our franchisees. Having a management team I trust helps when I have to approach tricky issues in the system or make any tougher decisions. Jim Collins is a favorite. I always pull valuable insight from each of his books. I'm almost finished with Good To Great and it's very inspiring. Another favorite is Turn the Ship Around! What makes you say, "Yes, now that's why I do what I do!

I am inspired any time I see a team member who has gone through a personal development moment.

undercover boss buffalo wings and rings ending a relationship

I take pride in seeing somebody else accomplish a goal and the satisfaction that comes from the achievement. When I feel like I've influenced or changed someone's life, that's my greatest inspiration. Personal What time do you like to be at your desk? I have a specific schedule that I try to maintain, but I leave flexibility throughout the day to leave the office for a variety of activities and conversations to keep things fresh.

Exercise in the morning? I will exercise in the morning before I come to work and I still play soccer on the weekends. I don't drink with lunch--drinks come at the end of the day, after the work is done. I'll socialize with the team outside of the office on rare occasions; it's not on a regular basis. We'll have the occasional happy hour, business dinner, or golf outing. But it's important not to overdo it, and to allow everyone keep the work-life balance strong.

Last two books read: What technology do you take on the road? My iPhone is always with me. I can do almost everything with it. I will also carry my laptop with me sometimes for the end of the night at the hotel if I need some more robust work to be done. I spend time with my family and really like being an uncle to my nieces and nephews.

I enjoy watching movies at the end of the night--non-thinking movies where I can just turn the brain off for a bit to recharge and escape for a bit. I play soccer and occasional golf too.

I absolutely love the beach. I like the clear water beaches. The Caribbean islands are my favorite. Favorite occasions to send employees notes: I make sure to send notes on birthdays and for work anniversaries. Apple and the iPhone. What they've achieved and how they continue to innovate is outstanding. Bottom Line What are your long-term goals for the company? We project that we will reach locations by We are continuing to push toward that goal and would like to surpass units well before the end of the decade--but we want to expand with quality franchise prospects with restaurant experience and an understanding of how to scale to grow the brand with multiple units in key markets.

We've enjoyed 20 consecutive quarters of positive same store sales growth, and that's a streak we want to continue. We've also seen 13 percent average unit growth year-over-year for 8 years, so that's an area where we want to continue. We have several franchisees who came into our system with only one location who are opening their second, third, and even fourth locations now, and we want to continue to give our franchisees the tools to expand their footprint and open more successful restaurants.

undercover boss buffalo wings and rings ending a relationship

We are also planning to keep looking for ways to invest in the communities we serve with more outreach programs, charity involvement, and spread the "Buffalove" across the country.

We've made great strides in our effort to elevate all levels of the brand to create a truly "club level" sports restaurant experience, but there's still more we can do to set ourselves apart from others in the space. We want to be the best, and we want to be a household name in even more markets in the U. How has the economy changed your goals for your company? When the economy went down, we used it as an opportunity to take a pause and focus on our brand.

We created the new G3 Generation Three model design, which has significantly enhanced the atmosphere and experience in our restaurants. We refined the menu and took the time to truly elevate our offerings beyond the typical sports restaurant fare. It can always be better. Which makes it a more important reason that we take care of 'em. Justin's working hard, lots of hours. Sometimes he gets frustrated, gets snippy with our staff.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Sneak Peek of the Intense 'Undercover Boss' Season 7 Premiere

Restaurants run on thin margins. People have a hard time hiring servers, you know. I totally agree with you. But at the same time, it does not excuse certain behaviors.

So it's a two-way street. To get respect, you've got to give respect. I'm also not their friends, either. So that's how I run the business. But staff happiness and satisfaction is an extremely critical component for the success of all of us.

Speak to them with respect and understand the challenges they're going through. Take their feedback and make changes.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Sneak Peek of the Intense 'Undercover Boss' Season 7 Premiere

I have a plane to catch. We will continue this conversation. My staff is my number one priority. It is extremely important that each one of them is treated with the proper respect.

Fran and I will get to a mutual agreement in establishing that culture at every location.

undercover boss buffalo wings and rings ending a relationship

Today, I'm in Bardstown, Kentucky. I'll be going undercover with the kitchen manager. The franchisee is Sean one of our earlier franchise owners. He just opened up his second location just this exact week. With this franchisee opening up his second location, I'd like to learn more about their hiring practices, and are they attracting the right staff? Nader My last job with Amber was difficult. Her challenges with the management staff was hard for me to hear.

I am hoping that I'm gonna have a much better day today. I'm looking for Wes. I'm gonna to teach you everything you need to know - back here, okay? Because when it comes to this, there ain't a [] damn thing that I do not know how to do in these four walls, okay?

Okay, but you've got to do it exactly as I say. So here's your super cool gear, man. Wow, I love it. Change into that, and I'll meet you back up here, okay? Wes Pete is dressed like a dork.

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He's got the scumbag gold chain, the thick nerd glasses, and the shiny bald head. He seems very soft, like grandma's pancakes.

undercover boss buffalo wings and rings ending a relationship

We all know how soft those are. I was a little bit intimidated by his demeanor. He seemed a little woof! What in the is taking him so long?

Wes, I'm ready to go.

Servant Leader: Building a Company, One Person at a Time

Damn, if you're gonna work back here with me, man, you're gonna have to get the lead out of your ass. Let's get you in an apron. You seem kind of slow moving so far, so I want you to pick the pace up just a little bit, okay? Okay, so basically, I am the kitchen manager back here. You're gonna need a really strong fire to win this, and put up with me.