Tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship quizzes

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Skitter joined up with the Teen Titans in when Tim Drake set out to find and try to help her. She developed a romantic relationship with Beast Boy and her . The second Wonder Girl is Cassie Sandsmark, an actual Demigod and the daughter of Zeus. . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. But Tim. Tim really grew up during this first relationship. I respeck that. . shown being in a relationship with a future Cassandra Sandsmark. Each Robin has his or her own personality, which also gives them their This drove Tim Drake and Cassie Sandsmark to ruins, but Tim had a.

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) | Revolvy

Just when you think that the writers couldn't possibly make this even more screwed up, she nearly manipulates a drunk Dick into signing marriage papers! It's a good thing he left before any of this could be done. Catalina is a horrid woman, and she doesn't deserve him.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship quizzes

Before we get to number one, I would like to name some DIShonorable mentions: Batman X Batgirl- Ew Can we just forget this ever happened?

Arsenal X Starfire- Honestly, I have nothing against this pairing. I mean, I don't like them, but I don't hate them either.

Wonder Girl

Joker X Harley Quinn These two They just had to be number one on this list. Joker is the most manipulative, abusive, and psychopathic romantic that anyone could ever have. He used Harley, abused her, and even abandoned her more than once!

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship quizzes

And to make this worse, no matter how many times she left him, he always managed to manipulate her into coming back to him! It was only years later, when Harley realized that her relationship is toxic and left his pathetic ass! And good for her!

Tim & Cassie -- Glowing In The Dark

She joined a superhero-worshipping cult in the hopes of resurrecting Superboy, only to be talked out of it by a fellow superhero who had lost a loved one. Cassie continued to become increasingly withdrawn, which caused tension among her fellow Titans. Eventually Superboy was resurrected and after coming to terms with this, Cassie rekindled her relationship with him.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship quizzes

Red Robin Tim and Cassie started out as just friends, but after Superboy's death, both were left in a fragile state. Tim tried cloning Superboy, but because he was already a clone of Superman, the procedure was a failure. Cassie gave Tim a shoulder to cry on and they wound up kissing.

When Superboy comes back, Tim and Cassie keep their distance. In the New 52 universe, Superboy and Wonder Girl were never in love and most of her intereactions are with Red Robin, hinting at a possible romance.

Tim Drake/Cassandra Sandsmark

Tim and Cassie have even shared a few kisses, though this is yet to be elaborated on. Tim Drake and Damian Wayne have both proven to be as effective as Batman is at keeping up with super-powered teammates, but when you have people who can shoot fireballs, use magic, transform into animals, have super speed, and use super strength, a utility belt is only going to get you so far. Just like Batman, Nightwing also has the uncanny ability to keep secrets from his teammates, and when the truth comes out, it usually means bad things for the future of the Titans.

He has secretly aligned himself with Deathstroke on several occasions, including the time Slade agreed to spare the Teen Titans if Dick trained Rose Wilson. In Titans, Nightwing became the unwitting spy of H.

As a result, the Titans have had a hard time trusting their leader. The only problem was that to take charge of the group, he actually had to kidnap his future teammates.

tim drake and cassie sandsmark relationship quizzes

That means he attacked and hurt the likes of Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Kid Flash before any of them would work with him, which is not the best way to start things off. From that point on, his teammates were afraid of him and resented him for what he did to them.