Sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

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sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

Spouse(s), Sundar C (m–present). Children, Avantika, Anandita. Kushboo Sundar is an Indian film actress, producer and television presenter who has acted in dance number "Sare Ladkon Ki Kar Do Shaadi" had become a major hit, and is still popular at "Ladies Sangeet" and marriage functions across North India. He wanted men and women to live together in relationships of Kushboo later married director and actor Sundar C with whom she had two. Khushbu opens up about her troubled relationship with her father, . to the recommendation of actor and Sivaji Ganeshan's son Prabhu. In fact, Prabhu and her husband Sundar are working together now on film projects.

Reading the sexually explicit fan comments over the net about her is an embarrassing exercise for any woman. The most favoured video clips starring her have her dropping her pallu and heaving her considerable bosom in a suhaag raat scene. But while it is acceptable for her to drape herself around panting heroes in clingy cholis it is definitely not for her to speak her mind about very obvious contemporary realities.

Also, over the last 70 years it has worked to erase the critical faculty of individuals. So it will create deities out of actors and also crash them to the ground on small grounds. Kushboo started out small in Bollywood, doing bit roles and then moving to Chennai in the 80s to test her luck at Kodambakkam studios. With her plain Jane face and packed figure she reached the top pretty quickly.

She mastered Tamil pretty quickly and was fondly referred to as pooshnikai pumpkin for her buxom looks. The one incident that marred her stardom was her alleged affair with a much married Prabhu, the actor son of Sivaji Ganesan.

sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

The stormy relationship ended on a very acrimonious note with the star pushed to a hard corner by the Tamil film establishment. She was in love with a married man. Her relationship with Prabhu was widely reported, and began early in her career. The first time she met him, she was still doing Telugu and Kannada movies. She was once passing through Dr. Nair Road in Chennai with her make-up man, and as they were driving past the office of Devar Films, her make-up man spotted Prabhu, and insisted that she meet him.

The meeting would help her land a role, but also lead her down the path of love. She started seeing Prabhu inand by she was blindly in love with him.

sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

But the relationship did not go down well with the family, and init was on the front page of a popular Tamil daily. She lost 5 film projects that day, and the industry came down hard on her.

For the sake of respect and dignity, she broke off the relationship. But she does not want to talk about it today.

There is no point talking about it. We have grown up, and all our families have respect for each other now. We are cordial with each other, so I want to let bygones be bygones. Those were tense moments in her life, when no one in the industry stood by her, with some exceptions like director K Balachander and actor Karthik.

It was her close circle of friends who kept her going. For Khushbu, Ubin was more than just a hairdresser, she was her pillar of support. More importantly, it was due to her encouragement that she would fall in love with and marry actor-director Sundar. And along with her career, her personal life was in for another surprise.

He narrated the script very half-heartedly. We had date issues and he even wanted me fired! His tall lanky figure walked past me and Ubin aunty told me I should settle for a guy like him. I just laughed it off.

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But I suspect aunty and Sundar had some deal then. One day, someone from the crowd spoke derisively about Khushbu. Sundar chased him through the streets of Pollachi and beat him up. Another day, they went to Coimbatore to watch a movie. When the crowd realized she was in the movie theatre, she was mobbed.

sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

Sundar took her hand and led her out to safety. Khushbu with Sundar in Khushbu was beginning to like him. She was still 25, and still reeling from a painful relationship. She is a well known actress in tamil film industry. At present apart from acting she has involved in producing films, television serials, she has even hosted many reality shows.

She has also entered in to the field of politics tackling all the tamilnadu politicians. She often get caught in controversies while giving her opinion on any topic.

sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

She is still making her best moves in all her endeavours. She has many faces by profession. She was able to balance everything with optimum output results. Sundar C Kushboo was married to south indian director, actor Sundar C.

sundara c and kushboo relationship advice

They were married in the year They were blessed with two princess as daughters. Sundar is a innovative and successful director in tamil film industry. Before having an affair with Sundar she had a live in relationship with Prabhu who was the son of the legendary actor Shivaji. They started to date each other while they were shooting for a movie together. Later due to the interruption of the legendary actor their relationship came to an end.

After some years she had a chance to work with Sundar C.

Khushbu Sundar

This meeting made them to fall in love with each other. Later they revealed their marriage proposal to the media. As of now they were living happily. Both are encouraging each other in their career growth.