Star wars luke and leia relationship quizzes

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star wars luke and leia relationship quizzes

One scene that makes most Star Wars fans cringe is the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke and Leia kiss. It's definitely creepy. of the force. How much do you know about Luke Skywalker? Read More. Scroll to Start Quiz. hint. 1. . What relation is Princess Leia to Luke? Girlfriend Darth Vader was on Endor, and he had the Death Star's defense plans. The Death. It's an awkward moment that Star Wars fans still struggle with all these years later. In order to make Han Solo jealous, Leia plants a kiss on Luke.

That story was so exciting that it's a shame it's something that fans will never get to see on film. For those who haven't read the comic, though, find it now: That means that Luke and Leia did not know that they were brother and sister. In that issue, the two were stranded on an island, trying desperately to get a message to the Rebellion to find them.

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While stranded, they, fortunately, did not kiss again, but spent a lot of time bonding in other ways. Leia spoke about losing her home planet, and they shared stories about their childhoods.

star wars luke and leia relationship quizzes

When Leia and Han realized that their son, Ben who would later become Kylo Renhad inherited the Skywalker talent for the Force, they decided to send him to the Jedi Academy run by his uncle, Luke.

This means that Leia spent very little time with her son while he was growing up. Instead, Ben grew up on the island under his uncle's tutelage. Deleted scenes that fans wanted to see might turn up later on a DVD release or the Internet, and often, these are scenes that flesh out the story told in the movie. The scene showed Luke having learned about Han's passing from Rey: The scene then shifts to one of Leia in a similar pose, also grieving for the passing of Han.

Bloodline reveals that Leia found inspiration in her mother. Part of the reason that Leia chose a career in politics, rather than become a Jedi, was because of her mother's work in the Senate. Having Darth Vader for a father certainly could do damage to their reputation, especially since they had become the heroes of the galaxy and had helped save their world from the evil Empire, under Vader's leadership.

This was a secret that the twins held very dearly, but in the novel Bloodline, that secret gets out. A Senator comes across the truth about Luke and Leia's parentage and makes it public. This puts Leia at a disadvantage in the Senate and destroys her reputation, in spite of her previous work to save the galaxy.

This happens in the comic book Star Wars: Crait was once a Rebel outpost, mentioned in previous Star Wars novels, with white sands and red soil. That Rebel outpost was initially set up by Leia's adoptive father, Bail Organa.

Lucas' initial plan for the Star Wars franchise was to have Luke pass away at the end of Episode 9. This would have happened after Luke trained Leia. Granted, the general consensus is that the Skywalker story will come to an end with Episode 9, which goes along with Lucas' original plans.

star wars luke and leia relationship quizzes

There is one scene that showed that Leia was as sensitive to the Force as her brother. In Return of the Jedi, Luke asks Leia about their real mother and if she remembered her. Although many thought she was referring to her adoptive mother, that is likely not the case. Instead, Leia referred to Padme Amidala, her birth mother. This means that Leia knew that she was adopted, a detail later confirmed in the novel Bloodline.

One of the most famous lines about the Millennium Falcon has to do with the number of parsecs that it took the make the Kessel Run. Only a true Star Wars nerd will know the answer to this question! Question 7 What planet does the Empire destroy using the Death Star? This weapon is a giant space station that houses evil armies, sith lords and a massive laser that is capable of turning moons into dust! There is a reason for the space stations name after all. In Star Wars, the audience plays witness to the terrible destruction that is wrought by this cruel creation.

What planet does the Empire destroy using the Death Star? Certain characters are really famous for their specific lines at certain, key plot points in the movies. Princess Leia is an example. During the first of the Star Wars films, Leia sends a message through a droid that is known as R2-D2. She appears in a hologram, pleading for help. The Jedi who adopts Anakin is named Darth Vader. True False Due to the long period of time that the Star Wars series covers throughout its many different movies.

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There are over 18 films, so we get a ton of scope into specific characters and their backstories. One of the most interesting stories is that of Anakin Skywalker. Chronologically, we first meet Anakin when he is a little boy, living as a slave with his mother on a desolate planet ruled by thugs.

He exhibits the use of the force and is adopted by a Jedi who becomes his teacher. Question 10 What is the other name that Queen Amidala goes by in the second installment of Star Wars movies?

star wars luke and leia relationship quizzes

She protects her planet in the harshest of times, facing down invasion and near-certain defeat. Played by Natalie Portman, Queen Amidala is a more complex character than one may first think.

She is not only just a bright young queen, but she is also another character altogether as she has an alias that she and only one other person know about. What is the other name that Queen Amidala goes by in the second installment of Star Wars movies? Question 11 Who was the voice actor behind Yoda in the original films? George Lucas Frank Oz Kevin Clash Of all the Star Wars characters that have pulled the heartstrings of the audience through the years, none do so better than the universally loved and cherished Yoda.

This little green bundle of wisdom is the leader of all Jedi and proves that big things really do come in the most small of packages. Only a few feet tall, Yoda makes up for his small stature with the power of the force. The strongest and smartest Jedi knight, Yoda also has an unmistakable set of vocal chords.

Who was the voice actor behind Yoda in the original films? Question 12 Which of the following four names is used to refer to the ship owned by both Boba and Jango Fett? This father and son team is totally feared throughout the galaxy and makes their living collecting bounties that are out on poor souls throughout the galaxy. Armed with super cool armor and a variety of weapons, this tandem also rides in a pretty unique spaceship.

In the Star Wars films, which of the following four names is used to refer to the ship owned by both Boba and Jango Fett? Question 13 True or false? Ford got the part as Solo by acting as a stand-in during the auditions for the film. True False Star Wars is a super dense and compact imaginary universe that spans light years and generations. There is some additional interesting folklore outside of a galaxy far, far away and closer to home here on planet Earth.

Harrison Ford is perhaps most well known for acting as Han Solo in both the original movies as well as the new films. He is supremely wise and is a great teacher to young and old Jedi alike.

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Yoda is known in the movies for constantly hurling bits of real-life knowledge to anyone who will listen. One important tidbit he is known for explaining is what a good Jedi does NOT want. According to Yoda, a Jedi craves not what? Question 15 What actor played the voice of Vader in these films? He was not always so evil, however! The second installment of films allows Star Wars fans to get a glimpse into the life of Vader before he was, well Originally an innocent young boy, life turns Vader cold and he is corrupted by evil forces.

In the Star Wars films, Vader has a super cool voice-probably only second to Yoda. What actor played the voice of Vader in these films? Question 16 Which co-star did Fisher have said affair with? Mark Hamill Alec Guinness Harrison Ford This next bit of Star Wars fan trivia did not actually take place in a galaxy far, far, away but occurred a little bit too close to home!

The late Carrie Fisher is the actress who was well known and respected for playing Princess Leia in the original films. Unfortunately for those involved, Fisher admitted to having an affair with a co-star during the filming of the very first Star Wars movie. Which co-star did Fisher have said affair with? Question 17 Who played the Sith Darth Maul?

That is not to say, however, that these films are not worthy of watching and are not favorites among true Star Wars fans. This is just to say that the films were not as groundbreaking as the original set of three were at the time of their release in the late 70s. One aspect that the second installment of movies is credited with doing quite well, however, is creating a super mysterious and terrifying Sith Lord to play the villain.

Who played the Sith Darth Maul? Question 18 What is the animal that he uses to keep Luke warm? Wookie Womp Rat Jar Jar One thing that is clear from watching the Star Wars movies is that if one wants to make it in outer space, they gotta think on their feet.

In the original movies, this fact can be seen quite clearly when Han Solo saves the life of Luke Skywalker. After an attack from a Yeti on the frozen planet Hoth, Solo finds Skywalker freezing and, barely clinging on to life.

Thinking on his feet, he slices open a nearby animal and stuffs Luke inside to ensure that he does not die from the cold. What is the animal that he uses to keep Luke warm? Question 19 What was the Empire based on? The Japanese Empire Nazi Germany Ottoman Empire Although the Star Wars universe is set in a galaxy far, far away, there are certainly some real-world implications and connections that can be seen if one looks closely throughout the movie series.

star wars luke and leia relationship quizzes