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We also experience their relationship developing as Kokkuri-san becomes .. Sena met during a shooting, in which Izumi was playing a little girl. be willing to put up with it for all the benefits he has in Omamori Himari. Pop quiz: You' re a year-old Japanese high schooler and you fall back in time. An example is Ikebukuro West Gate Park from by Ira Ishida and Sena Aritou . a bitter History of manga 12 forming a relationship with the woman. and inexplicable the female (and rarely male) lead. and Omamori Himari. or rivals from the female lead's "Manga Recon Roundtable: Personality Quiz" (http:/ / www. results Kouun no Omamori / ありふれた職業で世界最強 7 ドラマCD付き特装版『幸運の お守り』 SACD, Kalevala -Quiz Magic Academy Arrange / Remix Album- LLMS, Love Live! μ's public relations club ~NicoRinPana~ Vol.1 LRSN, Mirai e no Rondo / Sena / 未来への円舞 / 聖奈 / Mirai e no.

In many ways, Dorei-ku The Animation plays games with us too as viewers. We never know what to expect next making Dorei-ku The Animation a greet psychological series from the spring anime season. True Tokyo Ghoul fans know though that what seems normal in the series usually is a front for hidden twists and turns in narrative just waiting to happen.

That would be the ultimate psychological attack on us Tokyo Ghoul fans. When there are times you think you know what will happen, the series does something so against your thoughts that you are left utterly shocked and awed. Are you currently watching any of the shows above and agree or disagree? Expectations were naturally high for We decided to count down every sports anime as a way to round out the year!

These are all great shows, but unfortunately we had to make a cut-off somewhere! A chance meeting with Akizuki Tomoe gets her more invested in learning how to ride her bike. Sit down, relax, and have a peaceful afternoon gazing at scenic Kamakura.

While the overall plot of Two Car surrounds around Yuri and Megumi, really, Two Car is about all of the different competitors. But, for some reason, Aoyama is determined to grit his teeth and show the world his talent for the sport. He cannot for the life of him deal with having even a spec of grime on his body or clothes. Soccer anime have been done to death. He struggles to balance his relationship with her while also maintaining his rigorous training schedule to make it to an Olympic training camp in China.

New Generation is pretty much more of what everyone liked from the past few seasons. One day, he stumbles upon a dance studio headed none other than by Sengoku Kaname, a world-renowned champion ballroom dancer. Tatara immediately falls in love with the sport and desperately wants to command the same level of charisma as Sengoku, so he joins his studio and sets off to become a dancer himself.

Said character goes on to smash all expectations, steadily rising through the ranks and revolutionizing how people go about playing the sport, and the stoic but fiery rival who rekindles their own passion thanks to the enthusiasm that the hero has. The Jabberwocks crush them single handedly, and in their victory mock Japanese basketball.

Kagetora Aida challenges the Jabberwocks to a rematch in a fit of rage, and when they accept, Kagetora sets out to craft a Vorpal Sword to slay the mythical beast. No, seriously, he assembles a team called the Vorpal Swords composing of the entire generation of Miracles to take down the Jabberwocks once and for all.

Finally, after three seasons of buildup, we finally got to see what the entire crew could actually do together! She convinces him into attending a quiz bowl competition, and there Koshiyama discovers a passion for quiz bowl!

Nana Maru San Batsu is the second of the two traditional sports series that came out this year, but has a bit more of a subdued take of the sport compared to the other entry on this list. Hina, the middle daughter, is struggling with some nasty bullying issues at school.

You may not see 3-Gatsu no Lion as a sports anime immediately, but it actually fits into the sports anime mold. And though last season was all about failure and the struggle to find a place, the second season is suitably more uplifting and we finally get to see Rei come into his own, both in the shogi world and as a person.

Please let us know in the comments below! Training for hours, days, and weeks, we must expand our routine, as what was once difficult suddenly becomes second nature. So when this occurs, we devise new methods of practice, often making up drills to drive us out of our comfort zone in order to make room for more improvement. That is why revision and making up new rules for sports keeps games entertaining and engaging. With that being said, as we turn to the world of anime, with many popular sports being spotlighted, we are also introduced to more unconventional ones.

Therefore, listed below are a few interesting sports for us to explore. Actually, Sonora kind of throws this hobby in her face, as Yura finds herself in an unavoidable hide-and-go-seek game with airsoft guns stashed around the room.

After joining the club, Yura discovers new facets of herself; she is more outgoing and personable than she realizes. Additionally, we are introduced to other members of the club, ranging in personalities and quirks. Throughout the anime, we observe these girls enter numerous competitions. What starts as something the girls do for fun, ultimately turns into a serious sport.

While we commonly associate weapons and military strategies with brute force, this anime portrays a light-hearted and cheerful vibe. Moreover, this made-up sport bares a close resemblance to paintball and airsoft gameplay. With a limitless amount of rules specified before the start of a game, the one main goal that is stressed is that the last one standing is the champ. Alongside Kyouju, the Bladebreakers, as they named themselves, tour across the globe to battle against other teams.

With the power of BitBeasts resembling shooting disks, will Takao have what it takes to become a Beyblade World Champion? This action sci-fi adventure really gets your energy flowing and the determination that the Bladebreakers have is absolutely contagious. This made-up sport is very similar to the yo-yo craze back in the 90s.

Four Rhythm Across the Blue follows a girl named Asuka Kurashina who recently moved to a new town and will be starting her schooling at Kunahama High. In her world, flying is a common occurrence, as the invention of Grav-Shoes gives citizens the ability to fly and freely travel about. Here, we watch Asuka blend into her new surroundings, soaring into greatness and joined with a bunch of interesting characters along the way.

It is an all around great show that portrays beautiful, airy animation, a simplistic, yet engaging story, dynamic characters, and the overall message of practicing endlessly, teamwork, the success that follows, and sometimes failure when sports are involved. As we still await the invention of Grav-Shoes in our era, this made-up sport continues to be a dream and fantasy for many of us.

Stride - Prince of Stride: Alternative follows the Honan Academy Stride Club. Striding, in contrast to basic running, resembles the disciplines of parkour and freerunning. In this club, teams of six members compete against others by maneuvering through obstacles to reach the finish line. As manager Nana Sakurai tries to revive this sport, we watch the team transform with a lot of help from dedicated practitioners. Now, get a running start on watching this anime!

A simple story, Prince of Stride: Alternative highlights a sport on this list that was popularized in the late 90s, Parkour, encompassing movements developed and influenced by military obstacle course training. By maneuvering without equipment through complex environments, practitioners utilize speed and precision to make the sport appear all too easy.

However, it requires one to be put to the challenge, physically and mentally. In the world of Flonyard, an alternate Earth, its inhabitants are beings that resemble humans possessing certain characteristics of animals, e. In this world, war is treated as a sporting event where no one is harmed in the process, the winner is awarded riches, and the whole ordeal is a celebratory occasion.

As Cinque agrees to become a representative of Biscotti and the dog-people, he defends the Republic from the feline Galette Leo Knights. With no idea how to return home, Cinque must remain and fight as scientists research his worrisome predicament.

War as a sport is an interesting concept. When Flonyard citizens engage in its enjoyable, social activity, societies can collectively profit.

Devoid of any catastrophe, the war sport shields and protects the citizens, allowing for no casualties. Additionally, in this fantasy adventure anime, we notice that this sport exists to maintain peace.

Displaying vibrant and bright animation and characters, the action and energy in Dog Days is something that must be observed. Angelic Layer is on the rise and so is Misaki.

Using electronic dolls called Angels to battle other competitors, Misaki is knocking out each of her opponents, showing advanced skills and great potential.

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Episode after episode, we watch Misaki grow and enter various tournaments, making her way to the Angelic Layer championship. Misaki starts her battles with little knowledge as a beginner. As she demonstrates her qualities and abilities, we follow her and the other characters as they charge into success and efficacy. The matches that we encounter are an eventful occasion, as many gather in the stadium to watch opponents duke it out with their Angels. Their profiles are highlighted, helping the audience keep track of their stats and gauge the likely outcome.

Angelic Layer tournaments produce a massive following, guiding players and enthusiasts to root for their favorite MVP. The only methods of attack that these ladies can use are … their boobs and butt! The sport of keijo is so serious that there is an institution dedicated to training prospective keijo participants. Sweeping across the country, many young ladies train and participate as keijo players to become the next national champion and win the first place prize!

Probably the silliest on this list, Keijo!!!!!!!! Nevertheless, we can appreciate the creative design of the story and development of this unique sport. Moreover, this anime is reminiscent of many reality competition shows to date, as opponents try to knock each other down in order to win lavish prizes.

It is the Year FC 60, and humanity has established space colonies orbiting Earth. Every four years, a competition exists to determine dominance over these colonies, utilizing Gundam or giant robots to represent each division.

However, Domon has other motives in mind, as the tournament rests behind the other things he needs to achieve. A sci-fi, mecha, adventure anime, Mobile Fighter G Gundam provides viewers with awesome battle scenes and tons of action.

Using robots to fight as a sport, each Gundam is unique and distinct, highlighting a different robot in each episode. Furthermore, the combat sequences are filled with cheesy, yet awesome 90s effects, focusing on original, low-key animation of this time. Lastly, this anime is simple and entertaining, a franchise definitely worth looking into. Even with their recent victory, the Japanese Ministry of Education still plans to close down the school.

So in an effort to keep the school open, Miho Nishizumi and her team must win a match against a university level team. With the aid from other schools, both new and previously battled, their joint operation will help save the school for good. When it comes to ultimate extreme sports, leave it to these girls who hold the big guns!

Disciplined, bold, and dangerously cute, Girls und Panzer displays these ladies competing with massive military equipment effortlessly! The tank battles and the tournament are very engaging and exciting, keeping your hopes up, and leaving you satisfied with the end result!

Simply another made-up sport, Girls und Panzer provides a thrilling viewing experience! Renton, along with his idol Holland Novak, co-pilot Eureka, and other members of Gekkostate, is swept into an amazing adventure that will no doubt shape their futures and the world.

Eureka Seven features a character that has the ability to pilot certain special yet mysterious machines. The best part about made-up sports is that they are fluid, allowing players to think up fun ideas as they come up!

Recently, sports anime has risen in popularity with a handful of said genre airing each season. The same can be said for sports anime movies.

A topic that is not brought up too much. The following are the most popular anime sports films to date. But before he can compete, Onoda will have to prove his worth through a variety of races with his classmates and senpais.

Will Onoda make the team? One factor that a large amount of sports anime share is multiple seasons, with each season having at least 25 episodes. The alternative is a recap movie. Gilda uses it as well, which is weird when you consider they made Rainbow Dash a Bokukkoand Gilda is just as tomboyish as her if not more so.

Princess Jasmine uses this in the Japanese dub. When Iago mimics her he uses watashi to make her sound more girly. Tendonman from Anpanman uses it, though in his case, it emphasizes his hick background by making his words seem rushed and slurred he also uses "zansu", another term that's often exclusively feminine.

Majorina from Smile Pretty Cure! She also can transform into a younger form of herself. Itou and Odagiri in Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. While both are reasonably girly Itou is a bit more tomboyish than Odagiri, thoughthey are still quite hot-tempered and brash.

In Sands of DestructionMorte uses atashi. She may be out to destroy the worldbut she's a Lady of Warnot The Lad-ette. The latter is a Camp Straight man in pink power armor who claims to have the heart of a pure maiden and has a Villainous Crush on Noire. They're the dark feminine to the more sweeter "peppy" villagers who use "atai" light feminine. They're fashion savvy and bratty villagers.

Marge, Lisa, and many other female characters in the Japanese dub of The Simpsons. Anzu and Mai use atashi and they are prominent Ms. The latter also emphasises the power of sexy, confident women. Rei switches from boku to atashi when talking to her crush Judai. Yuzu, Yoko and Ayu use atashi. Yuzu is a girly teenager, Yoko was a former biker gang leader, and Ayu is a little girl who looks on to Yuzu.

A rare male example is Mr. Heart from Fist of the North Starthough he switches to washi and watashi when he's being serious. Sombra in the Japanese dub of Overwatch. Ash in the Japanese dub of Sing. Ahri in the Japanese dub of League of Legends. According to their amiiboatashi is the pronoun of choice among female Inklings in Splatoon. Boys, naturally, use ore instead.

Mimi from Super Paper Mario uses "atashi" to call herself, and "anta" to most people. Pearl in the Japanese dub of Steven Universereflecting how she's the most feminine one among the Crystal Gems. It's also the default pronoun for young boys. In anime, it can also be used by tomboyish girls; these characters are known as Bokukko.

Note, however, that the bokukko phenomenon is a prominent example of how anime dialogue differs from actual spoken Japanese; in the real world, it would be a bit weird for a female native speaker to refer to herself as boku. Female singers and poets may also use boku purely for metrical purposes. Also Akio when in Chairman mode he normally uses ore. One of them has to go. At first they want to be the hero but realize how scary falling down the steps might be.

The other Kyosuke comes in and surprises everyone! So how will they get out of this fix? Because it ends here. And we are left to wonder if this ever took place because subsequent episodes do not show the effect and outcome of this. What a big letdown. Going back in time 2 — This time it is a Christmas event. The good part of playing a multi-branching arc dating simulations is that you get to date different women, right?

And with this concept, Kyosuke goes back in time so as not to disappoint the girl he is going out with for the Christmas party.

Aim for a harem ending!

Daisuke Hirakawa

Get both girls to come with him to the party! But it is ruined when grandpa and grandma pass by showing off their magic and turning it into white Christmas complete with flying reindeer and all. And he ends up right at the beginning of everything. So is he going to redo everything again? Of course when Kurumi pulls off her prank again by turning all the mushrooms blue. Could have almost died! In the midst of the life and death situation, she can still tell him to eat the mushroom?!

Or so she thinks. Because they have no qualms in using their magic freely who is going to watch them? Grandpa also reveals how Takashi and his daughter, Akemi met and fell in love.

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Takashi was photographing in the woods and helped a pet eagle that belonged to Akemi. She was touched by his kindness and they fell in love but grandpa opposed their union because she had powers unlike ordinary people.

To prove his love for her, Takashi had to climb the mountain to get pure snow ice for his whiskey. Grandpa and grandma know their grandson likes both the girls. Grandpa vouches for Madoka while grandma thinks it is Hikaru. If Kyosuke is already this indecisive, this makes things even worse, right? They go all out trying to record this proof.

I mean, they were really cock sure that Kyosuke is an esper despite many refutes from the guy himself. Not that convincing, eh? They even convince Hikaru to act the part in a dangerous stunt so that Kyosuke could use his power. In the life and death situation, Komatsu can really be an ass because he cares more about filming the proof rather than saving Hikaru and Kyosuke who are falling to their deaths. In the end, he had to use his power to teleport them to safety. Why the heck is he still even in school?

In this haphazard film by Komatsu, Jingoro the giant cat monster terrorizing the city while Madoka and Kyosuke are rival jet fighter pilots from different countries trying to take down the monster. There is action, there is drama, there is love, there is suspense, there is even some comedy.

There is even a little heart wrenching scene when Madoka dies due to the stray missile she shot but was backfired by Jingoro and Kyosuke sacrificing himself to avenge her.

Turns out Jingoro the lonely pet came to the city in search for the twins and they gladly leave with him in the end. Nobody else can kiss her darling. Grandpa gave him a watch to stop time and he uses it to his advantage for his tennis match and perhaps to get a little naughty with Madoka.

So when the watch needs to be rewinded, he uses it again and he himself freezes. Madoka was in the lead to do it till Hikaru had to show up and do the honours. Remember when Kyosuke slept upside down he will experience the opposite dreams? So here, if he rewinds the opposite, he himself will have his time stopped.

Yes, she is a girl.

The Love & Relationship Quiz

Sumire is clingy to Madoka to a point she is annoying. All this trouble just because Madoka saved her from delinquents. This girl is bold enough to frame Kyosuke for rape just to break them up. Hikaru suggests to get Sumire off the hook, Kyosuke and Madoka need to put up an act to confess each other. Can they act the part? I mean, can they?

Stammering… Hesitating… Eventually Hikaru thought it was really a bad idea and tried to stop them. In the end, Sumire now chases after Hikaru. Was her love this flimsy? Plus, Kazuya is having tooth cavity and passes the buck to Kyosuke when they swap. This makes Kyosuke looks bad because he had to miss an appointment with Madoka.

Not everything is lost. Never seen one before? So lesson learnt, he rushes down to the bridge to see Hikaru. Thinking she is going to drown herself, he soon discovers she was just drifting her teddy bear away, a symbol of leaving behind her childhood. So, this show he still cares for Hikaru, eh? But will it sit well with Madoka? On a snowy mountain together — A trip to the snow mountains has Kyosuke and Madoka trapped in a gondola for the night due to a slacking operator staff thinking nobody is out there.

Even if Kyosuke did telepathically communicated with him who was somewhat sleeping thenhow did that little kid bring them back when all their friends passed out in the disco? Double first kiss — Kyosuke napping under a tree was woken up by Madoka. The words he said made Madoka remember a promise she made 6 years ago to wait here. This was the place she got her first kiss. That should sound the alarm for Kyosuke. And so courtesy of grandpa, he gets thrown into yet another time slip back to 6 years ago whereby he meets young Madoka whom he thought was a boy.

Young Madoka got into trouble with some football bullies. Kyosuke saves her by using his powers to avoid her from plunging to death. Because he thought she should be more feminine, she takes up his advice. Once more, trouble comes looking for young Madoka. Do bullies always like to pick on young girls? Kyosuke uses his power once more and so angry he was that his power powered up and scared away those bullies. Later he buys her a familiar red hat.

Before they part, she kisses him and makes a promise to meet at this tree 6 years later. Then he is surprised to see the current Madoka.

Back in real time? Grandpa did his prank again and somehow sent Madoka back in time since she was looking for him. Kyosuke reveals he has powers to her and apologizes for keeping it from her.

However, she finds it cool. She also admits the first person she loves is an esper. Also, she will be leaving for America soon as her father is ill. When Kyosuke goes to get something to eat, he had to fall down the stairs to go into another time trip. He too reciprocates by helping her out in her time of need.

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He goes into another time slip when he falls off her bike. On the other hand, Madoka meets her younger self.

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The young one wonders if the older one likes Kyosuke because she would like to grow up to be his bride one day. When Kyosuke reunites with Madoka, the odd part is how Kazuya comes into this time slip to bring them back. Back under that tree, Kyosuke and Madoka hug and kiss. So there you have it, his double first kiss.

OVAs — 8 more episodes after the TV series. She tries to break up Kyosuke and Madoka but gets infatuated with Madoka instead; Kyosuke switches body with a famous idol, Mitsuru Hayakawa. How is it feel to be the attention of girls now? All the OVAs do not feature Yuusaku!!! Where did that guy go? No need for an angry guy like him, eh?

Kazuya is missing too! Whimsical Love… Uhm… How shall I put it? Let me be blunt. For example, take Kyosuke. His indecisiveness is already so annoying. It makes him sound so sissy. And then he had to sometimes go play the hypocrite because he firmly tells his sisters not to use them but he himself uses them for his own convenient.

Like when he played stalker on Madoka just to find out if she is really with some guy, he constantly uses his teleport to get from one place to one place. Another big boo-boo is his indecisive love for either Madoka or Hikaru. Lots of indication points that he likes Madoka. No doubt about that. But yet, he is unable to tell Hikaru that otherwise.

Maybe he wants a harem of his own. Yeah, maybe that feels like it. Where would the fun be then? It might risk his relationship with Madoka too. And it goes to show that if there is another pretty girl daring enough to seduce him, he might just swing her way. He is that indecisive, right? Another annoying character is Hikaru. Sure, her lively and energetic squeals may make her appealing to some but that is also what makes her annoying. Sometimes it feels like she is an airhead, a bully and a very emotional unstable girl.

An airhead because it seems she is quite carefree with her surroundings. A bully because she always makes Yuusaku do her bidding although it is partly that boy to blame for being so submissive to her following his blind love. Being a very emotional unstable girl seems to describe her best and the most annoying trait of all.

You see, just the slight rumour that Kyosuke may be two-timing her, she goes into some shock tantrum mode. She loves her darling again. I mean, come on.

Have some faith in the guy you love! You thought that after a while, she might learn something or two to be patient but noooo. Somewhere towards the end of the TV series, you see her kicking up her usual and furious tantrum again because there were rumours Kyosuke hang out with Yukari. Once more, Yukari and Shu had a quarrel so Yukari had Kyosuke hang out with him the entire night in her room. Thus it boils down to me thinking that if the Hikaru and her best friend Madoka were to ever have a showdown between their love over Kyosuke, it might just end up ugly and bloody.

Imagine, best friends turning against each other because of a guy.