Salim khan and helen relationship definition

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salim khan and helen relationship definition

Helen Richardson Khan popularly known as only Helen (Hindustani pronunciation: In , Helen married Salim Khan, a prominent Bollywood screenplay. Salman Khan's family is the perfect example of a secular country we boast of. With changing times, relationships are getting an altogether different meaning of . Nevertheless, it did not hinder the progress of Khan and Helen's relationship and by the late s, Salim was ready to take it to a new level.

Rajesh Khanna is credited with giving them their first break as script writers. Devar had given him a huge signing amount with which he could complete the payment for his bungalow Aashirwad. But the film was a remake and the script of the original was far from being satisfactory. He told us that if we could set right the script, he would make sure we got both money and credit.

salim khan and helen relationship definition

The Salim-Javed duo were hired by G. Sippy to work for Sippy Films as resident screenwriters. Of the 24 films they wrote 20 were hits. The scripts they wrote but which were not successful at box office include Aakhri DaoImmaan DharamKaala Patthar and Shaan Though they split indue to ego issues, some of the scripts they wrote were made into films later like Zamana and Mr.

India which became successful.

salim khan and helen relationship definition

Salim-Javed, many a time described as "the most successful scriptwriters of all-time", [20] are also noted to be the first scriptwriters in Indian cinema to achieve star status. Until the s, there was no concept of having the same people write screenplay, story and dialogue. Nor were writers usually named in the credits of the film; junior, struggling writers in particular were simply paid and sent away.

Salim-Javed changed this situation. Since their scripts were so successful, they had the power to make demands on film-makers. They not only insisted on being paid much more than what had been the norm until then, but also ensured that their name was on the film credits, and also that they were involved at many stages of the process, including screenplay and dialogues.

While credited under the name "Salim-Javed", the screenplay of Zanjeer was almost entirely written by Salim Khan alone, before bringing Javed Akhtar on board and crediting it under the name "Salim-Javed". Career Helen was introduced to Bollywood when a family friend, an actress known as Cukoohelped her find jobs as a chorus dancer in the films Shabistan and Awara She was soon working regularly and was featured as a solo dancer in films such as Alif Laila and Hoor-e-Arab After that, offers started pouring in throughout the s and s.

salim khan and helen relationship definition

During her initial career, Geeta Dutt sang many songs for her. The Bollywood playback singer Asha Bhosle also frequently sang for Helen, particularly during the s and the early s.

Writer Salim Khan helped her get roles in some of the films he was co-scripting with Javed Akhtar: Immaan DharamDonDostanaand Sholay.

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In Helen was given India's Filmfare lifetime achievement award. Helen officially retired from movies inbut she has since then appeared in a few guest roles such as Khamoshi: I love watching his moves.

I must tell you a secret. I do not know how to whistle. But whenever Salman organises a trial for me; which he always does; I carry a plastic whistle with me and I bring the house down with my ceetis.

I don't know about Shah Rukh. I can't compare us. According to me Salman is ahead of me. In the manner in which his film Bodyguard has got an opening, it has broken all records and today according to me, if there is anyone who is the number one box office star, then that is Salman. I would love to work with Salman. We have a great tuning so if we work together, it will be great fun.

But till the time we don't get a good script, a script that excites both of us, we can't work together.

And I think it should remain like that.

salim khan and helen relationship definition

If we do meet, what are we going to do? They are amazingly nice and gentle people. And I'd like to say I'm sorry. He helped me out before I came into films and I'll always respect him for that. Actually it's all thanks to them that I am where I am! He's like a brother.

He taught me fitness and Rahul Kumar taught me dancing. I had heard so many things about him. But he turned out to be a cool guy.

We really hit it off and had ourselves a ball on the sets. It has been a wonderful experience working with him. I remember Salman's words, " Akshay this is my last film with you.

You arrive early on the sets and just to keep up with you, I too have to get up early and be on the sets. The best thing is, whenever we have met after that we have always picked up from where we left off.

Salman Khan salutes and dances with his mom Helen Khan in Golden Girl Concert 2001

We did that again. We get along well as we are both very straightforward and are honest people who don't care what others are doing.

Salman and I are happy doing our own thing. We don't plan or plot to harm others; that's why we get along. We are very good friends and when he tweeted about my six packs for my film, I take it as a compliment.

Salim Khan

I really love him as he is always himself. I only laugh when I am with him, he is so entertaining. He is a rockstar. He is so good looking.

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When he passes by, you actually stop to turn and look at him. When I saw the promos of Dabangg, I called him and both of us went completely mad. He is a cult figure. Just as the South has Rajinikanth, we have Salman! He helps you whenever you're in trouble, whether thats personally or professionally.

He'll help you with your scenes in the film, with your dialogs and also give friendly advice. I have worked with him in a few films and it's always been great. I'm looking forward to working with him again! Nobody else is a rockstar quite like him and there is simply nobody else like him. Salman is a great actor because he can just transform into anybody.

salim khan and helen relationship definition