Rinoa and seifer relationship with god

Rinoa, the Roundheels? [SPOILERS]

rinoa and seifer relationship with god

About a year before the events of Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer started a romantic relationship with Rinoa Heartilly, a girl working in a resistance group to free the. Short tale about Rinoa`s life after the events of Final fantasy eight,I know I am that you were so perceptive about the aspects of a long term relationship" Rinoa and Seifer walk away and have a chat for a few seconds,they soon over this,I`m so ashamed,oh God, Edea will kill me and I`ll lose my job". Final Fantasy VIII, a best-selling role-playing video game by Squaresoft, features an elite .. Seifer escapes, kidnapping Rinoa and bringing her to Adel. Afterwards, she maintains a more informal relationship with the other characters as a fellow member .. She shares her name with the Japanese god of wind, Fūjin.

Why do people insist that she is? And as for the person that posted below my previous post, get your facts straight. That person named "Leon" is still Squall Leonhart. If you bothered to pay attention to the story if you even played the game, that isyou would know that Squall changed his name to "Leon", because he felt that he was weak for not protecting his home Hollow Bastion aka Radiant Garden from the Heartless many years ago.

He didn't want be weak anymore like his "former self" who couldn't protect his homeso he changed his name to "Leon". Yes, she's a primary character, but she is still one of three arguably four heroines. I've changed it to "primary character," which should stand well as a neutral means of referencing her.

They are heroic but I wouldn't call them heroines because the game doesn't focus on them, Edea's possessed for alot of the game and Ellone is absent for much of it on the White SeeD ship. Keep her article as heroine and put the others as primary characters, making them important since she's more important storywise?

I don't want an edit war. I just wrote heroine because it simplier to spell and takes up less space. I'd use simple words for the same effect, regardless of whether it is "encyclopedic". Plus it is not original research. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.

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Articles must maintain encyclopedic language, and "heroine" is not encyclopedic as it stands. I've altered the article to use "heroine" but instead as heroine. We must think similarly.

Feel free to choose or suggest a new idea. I'm suggesting this so no one is shoved aside but Rinoa is the heroine to emphasis her importance in the story as the female lead. Are you ok with this? I also think we should also do this with the guys too Squall, Zell and Irvine. It is not appropriate for an encyclopedic article. I made a few tiny edits, but overall, a job well done. Mahanga Talk to me It does not seriously violate the MOS for writing fiction, but the article could be improved in that area.

Thanks Deckiller for working so hard on it. Here is what I think should be added to the article: Sheila's site about Rinoa. I normally don't like fanlistings and they usually shouldn't be in articles but I think there should be an exception for this one because it is exceptionally well done and the author doesn't use her opinions very often. Rinoa's Asian looking features. That is my opinion. Firstly, the ethnicities of the characters in FF8 are never explicitly stated anywhere, so if we say Rinoa's asian that'd be original research and opinion.

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Secondly, does it really matter whether Rinoa looks asian? I just noticed that she looks a little Asian, at least her eyes do. I hesitate to add that as of yet because I don't have a proper citation for it in front of me, though.

Are you gonna try to find one? Rinoa is not Asian. She's meant to look European as are her parents. My site also has never mentioned that Rinoa is Asian, ever. Nomura describing all of the main FF8 cast design along with sources listed is translated here. On top of this racial issue, it all seems terribly relative. As a Chinese person, I view most of Square-Enix's CG'd characters as having distinctive Japanese style and features, even if they aren't intended to be Japanese, per se i.

Is there an external reliable source that mentions how people find her annoying? Though nothing was ever officially stated by Square-Enix, is it worth mentioning the relationship and the possible in-game references?

I was surprised to see no discussion about it on this page and no reference to it under Ultimecia's profiel or Rinoa's. Solomon Ring and Doom Train and Squall's ring is named at the beginning of the game Griever and the name carries to Ultimecia's final summon.

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The person who has the ring during the game is Rinoa, who is given the ring and its copy by Zell and never returns it to Squall during the game.

Both the Guardian Forces as well as Ellone control memories. The control of a Guardian Force is never quite there, since it merges with its user. It sits in the part of your brain where memories are stored and eventually these memories are erased if you keep using the Guardian Forces.

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We spent half of the game with quasi-protagonists because of this. Flat characters who lost every sense of identity. The game lacks character development and has often been critiqued for this, but it also makes sense that the party members remain superficial. They are broken and forgot their actual dreams and their childhood.

What seems angsty and dumb in Disc 1 gets meaning when replaying the game: When you write a story about six broken characters with memory loss, who are not aware of their mental illness there is only so much you can do. She can live in a pocket dimension of her own. If she compresses these different time lines through magic, the sorceress can exist beyond time and space and thus live forever. She wants to hold onto time and live forever in a dimension of her own, but time is fleeting.

rinoa and seifer relationship with god

It cannot be controlled. Reflect on your… Childhood…Your sensation… Your words… Your emotions…Time, it will not wait…No matter how hard you hold on…it escapes you. Her words strike me.

rinoa and seifer relationship with god

They are not only about herself, but also reflect what happens to our characters. Their memories were erased by the use of guardian forces. They lost their childhood and their identity. Though they gained ownership over some of the past again, it was a difficult struggle. Ultimecia is the perfect nemesis for them. They can, however, never change the past, and can only observe it.

They cannot communicate with the people that they observe, but share their consciousness. People in the past notice it when they are inhabited by someone from the future. Still, you can never truly communicate with people in the past, if you are send there by Ellone.

The only one who changes is you, the observer, by what you have seen in the past. Squall changes, for instance, because he meets his father Laguna. Still, Ellone has more power than she gives herself credit for. Eventually her powers bring the party to the future, which eventually leads to the time paradox in which Squall makes his own time line possible.

Perhaps the right question is: Some translations outside of the official game though called Ellone a sorceress, but in Japanese, this was never stated.

In fact, the story emphasizes how she is unlike a sorceress.