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nura rikuo and tsurara (yuki-onna) depois do quase beijo. Mangá . kawaii desu Yuki Onna, Manga Couple, I Love Anime, Manga To Read. In the story, the first one who like Rikuo is YukiOnna and then second is Kana, but there's no Veronica relationship between Kana and Yura. Most of his relationships started antagonistic but his curiosity and his willpower to achieve his main goal, made him to give many friends on who he can count on. Rikuo has known Tsurara since he was a child and used to play a lot with her.

The whole college was in frenzy, not because of Rihyon but because of his devilishly handsome grandson. The girls had already planned and re-planned their shoes, dresses, make-up, hairstyles and any other thing they could use to grab the year old bachelor's attention.

Kana too had decided to dress up for the occasion though it was nothing fancy. She wore faded, light blue, skinny jeans, a sleeveless pink top that was flared at the bottom, a pink choker for an accessory and red stilettos.

Her usually down, hip-long brown was tied in an untidy bun and she had minimal make-up on. But still out of all the college beauties, the one he'd noticed was her. Their first meeting followed by a couple of more accidental meetings and one date had given way to marriage.

But Kana was young and vulnerable; she'd been absolutely smitten to the young Nura. So when he'd proposed with a diamond ring — a normal proposal, not those down-on-one-knee movie ones — she'd been on seventh heaven and accepted right away. Her parents hadn't objected.

They were a bit anxious though, after all who wouldn't be for their one and only child? But Rikuo's gentle behavior and charisma had won them over too and they too accepted. So the marriage took place in a grand way — they were the Nuras after all — and was attended by many celebrities, politicians, socialites and all other wealthy people. The media was in frenzy.

The heir to an extremely wealthy family marrying a young, college girl? But it didn't bother Kana. Very happy, to say the least. Rikuo was a caring yet distant husband. Suddenly, the equipment in the gym collapsed, causing Rikuo to fall on top of her, and later even initiating a kiss. However, this was interrupted by Aotabou.

Rikuo Nura's Relationships

It is hinted that Rikuo has a crush on Tsurara in the tankobon when he was asked when will he marry Tsurara and blushed. He is not above arguing with him if he thinks Karasu-Tengu's decisions are unnecessary. Because of his small size, Rikuo can easily swat Karasu-Tengu away if he's annoying him. Kubinashi Kubinashi is loyal too, and cares a lot for, Rikuo. She is one of the two most loyal follower the other one is Tsurara of Rikuo.

After Gyuki's attempt to kill him for the sake of the Nura clan, Rikuo learned of how devoted Gyuki is to the clan and his grandfather. Rikuo comes to respect Gyuki for this, no longer being frigthened of him. He trusts Gyuki with guarding the western boundary of the Nura clan's territory. Following in the footsteps of his father, Hihi. Once home he writes the letter that he has been ordered to while Ryota Neko sleeps.

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Upon hearing that Rikuo plans on giving up his position, Ryota Neko, despite being severely injured, heads off to fight. Rikuo, upon seeing this is moved and his night form takes over. After the battle, Yura promise to take down Night Rikuo. Tsurara is nursing him back to health when his friends visit. Kana is confused about the nature of the relationship between Rikuo and Tsurara. During the trip to the mountain Kana is still wondering about the relation between Rikuo and Oikawa. On reaching their destination Rikuo learns that the mountain is the domain of Gyuki - a member of his clan and the one responsible for trying to kill Rikuo.