Richard gutierrez and kc concepcion relationship

Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion in Vienna, Austria |

richard gutierrez and kc concepcion relationship

Friends in Love: Richard Gutierrez KC Concepcion playboy who runs away from serious relationships and doesn't give much thought to the. KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez are open to the possibility that the both of them may enter into a relationship. It's been said though that. KC Concepcion on getting married, being Kris Aquino's personal with the country's top leading men like Richard Gutierrez and Piolo Pascual.

Things get so complicated that Pia's longstanding feud with her dad worsens. Sans Santorini's picture-perfect setting, the two have to face their personal issues here and the challenges that will put their relationship to great test.

In the end, love prevails! The charisma of the two is indubitable, and their chemistry is palpable. But the movie's revelation is the acting of the two lead stars.

richard gutierrez and kc concepcion relationship

Richard is surprisingly very good. The way he delivered his lines and his facial expressions have remarkably improved. He's also given his character transformation, from the easygoing to serious Seth, a smooth transition. His attack is so natural. KC has done well in assimilating her character. She is very good at conveying her emotions.

When she's happy, the viewers will find themselves smiling. When she's an emotional wreck, the viewers sympathize and even cry with her. There are a few times, however, when her voice is almost childlike. But her portrayal is moving. The former is surely a master of his craft. There's this confrontation scene between him and Pia. He doesn't need to say a line to evoke emotions.

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Candy provides the comic relief. Wala siyang eksena na hindi ka matatawa. Her delivery is very good, and her timing is perfect. With her love interest in the movie, Nor Domingo, who happens to be Richard's sidekick, the famous '70s some claim it's from the '90s era line "Pendong ka riyan!

The production and set designs are impressive—Pia's pad, her office; Seth's restaurant and the Villaraza mansion; even the brand new house of Pia's married friends, played by Jake Cuenca and Gee-Ann Abrahan. Richard and KC's wardrobe are cool, except for the office attire of KC during the first part of the movie and the dress that she wore during a dinner with Richard.

The choices do not flatter the slim figure of KC. One thing the movie doesn't have but I sort of expected: An unforgettable line from Pia. Richard has a lot, but I can vaguely recall KC's dialogues. Her scenes back here are very intense that it becomes difficult to determine which moment defines her caliber as an actress.

Is it the emotional reunion with Seth in the mini-bar?

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Is it the confrontation with her dad? Is it the heartrending scene in the car after Seth left? At some point, the story has become a bit dragging. Or it could be that I got so used to hearing quotable quotes from the Sharon movies I grew up with. She admits she has no time for a love life but she appreciates "the chosen few" who visit her on set.

10 Things You May Not Know About KC Concepcion

Hindi ko nga masyado na-che-check ang telepono kasi matutulog nalang ako kaysa naman mapagod pa ang mata ko sa pag-te-text di ba? So 'pag biglang sumusulpot, alam mong nag-research siya, nagtanong sa PA, manager or staff. Mas masarap 'yung 'pag hindi ikaw 'yung nagsabi kung nasaan ka at kung hindi ikaw yung humihingi.

KC wants to get married in five years. Or maybe 30… I've always wanted to be a young mom but I changed my mind. There's so much I can still do. K is for keloidal. Eh ako pa naman ma-motor, ma-jet ski. Ice skating pa lang, nagkakasugat na talaga ako. I have a really long scar on my knee from a motorbike accident. It's been there for 11 years and it gets really red.

richard gutierrez and kc concepcion relationship

KC From Paris to Pinas 8. The LRT reminds her of Paris. Not because the LRT evokes romantic feelings like the City of Lights is known for but because it reminds her of her student days in Paris when she rode public trains.

KC eats dried seaweed for protein and cayenne pepper for energy. An Eastern medicine doctor coaches her on healthy eating and advises her to take cayenne pepper instead of energy pills. She shares the benefits and the art of eating dried seaweed: Basta you have to wash it three times kasi 'pag once lang, lasang tubig dagat. It becomes like seaweed salad. I eat it with tuna siomai that I get from a Japanese store. KC has "come full circle. Now that I'm doing talk shows, this is the most me that I can get.

So if you ask me how I've changed, I've really become more open and I allow myself to feel things.