Relationship names for marie and braden

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After Bea's daughter is murdered on the order of Jacs Holt, Bea kills her by jabbing a pen into her neck and is charged with manslaughter.

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After believing that Debbie committed suicide, it is later revealed to Bea that Debbie was murdered by Brayden Holt, Jacs' son. Hellbent on revenge, Bea concocts a plan to escape Wentworth and kill Brayden for killing Debbie.

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After a bloody fight with Franky, Bea slices her own wrists, as sliced wrists cannot be cuffed, and is transferred to hospital where she escapes after being treated. Bea finds Brayden and holds him hostage in his mechanic shop where she gets him to confess to killing Debbie, after which she kills him. Bea is charged with murder and returns to Wentworth as the new "Top Dog". She maintains a tough anti-drug trafficking policy with inmates. Bea is serving life without parole. Loneliness, the loss of Debbie and the stress of being "Top Dog" over time takes its toll on Bea.

Season four widely focuses on Bea discovering a side of herself she never believed to be there after falling in love with new-inmate Allie Novak.

In the finale of season 4, Bea believes Allie to be dead after she was given a hotshot a lethal amount of illicit drugs by Joan Ferguson. As Joan is walking out of the prison following her release, Bea confronts her with a screwdriver.

After a struggle ensues between the two, Joan gains control of the screwdriver and Bea impales herself onto it 13 times, ensuring that Joan cannot be released from Wentworth and will be forced to remain in custody until her trial. Cormack left the show and Bea died at the end of the scuffle from blood loss.

Franky was sent to Wentworth after she was charged with assault for throwing boiling oil on a television presenter of a cooking show that she was participating on for criticising her food. Franky is a lesbian who has had relationships with some of the inmates and staff at Wentworth. Franky has been paroled and is in a relationship with forensic psychologist, Bridget Westfall. Vera is shown as a timid and shy individual who has difficulty forming friendships and relationships due to having to take care of her mother.

Rather than confiding in her colleagues about her mother, Vera lies about having a boyfriend named Adam. Vera forms a relationship with her co-worker, Matthew "Fletch" Fletcher, however their relationship ends after Vera reads Fletch's journal. In season 2, Vera becomes the progect of Governor, Joan Ferguson where she changes her personality into one that is much stronger and not so much of a shy pushover.

In the season 4 premiere, Vera is appointed the new Prison Governor of Wentworth after Joan is charged with the murder of former inmate, Jess Warner and is remanded in custody awaiting sentencing. Doreen was charged with reckless endangerment for losing her unborn baby after having a car accident due to heavily drinking and drug use. Liz is a recovering alcoholic, who was first sent to Wentworth for the manslaughter of her mother-in-law.

While under the influence of alcohol, Liz drove a tractor over a party setup for her mother-in-law's birthday after stressing that it was not going to be good enough. To avoid running over her daughter, Liz turned the tractor but accidentally ran over and killed her mother-in-law. Liz was the peer worker of the prison, dealing with inmates and the staff if there was an issue.

However, Liz lost the right to be peer worker after she relapsed into her alcoholism.

relationship names for marie and braden

Since then Liz has been on and off with her addiction. Eventually, Liz makes parole and tries to start her life anew once on the outside. Liz tries to reconnect with her children but is too scared to do so. Liz later returns to Wentworth after having broken the conditions of her parole. Fletcher is shown to have previously been a soldier who served in various war zones, including East Timor. His experience with a young girl being shot leaves him with PTSD and nightmares, and he is shown to easily lose his temper under stress.

He attempts to have a relationship with fellow corrections officer Vera Bennett, but it ends after she reads a journal filled with expressions of rage as part of his therapy. He has a contentious relationship with Officer Will Jackson, and it is later revealed that he had a brief affair with Will's wife Meg Jackson; she became pregnant with his child and had an abortion just weeks before her death in the prison.

This leads to the two having a brawl in the boiler room during a prison riot. He is also shown as being transphobic towards Maxine when she arrives at Wentworth.

He has doubts and reservations about Governor Ferguson and suspects her abuse but is initially unable to prove it.

relationship names for marie and braden

During Ferguson's attempt to remove drugs from the prison, Franky implicates Fletch as a potential source for smuggling, causing him to fight with Franky in her cell.

The end of the book had me crying. The way Melissa wrote it was just perfect. That was the perfect way to tell the story. This is the perfect story to warm your heart this holiday season. I read it through three times!! There is lots of humour, rambunctious children, plus the love of family that runs through all the Braden books.

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The ending is so poignant, and made me shed a few tears each time I read itbut it is a fantastic feel good read. Snuggle up with your beverage of choice, and a few tissues, and enjoy the festivities! What can be better than a book about Christmas? A Braden Christmas by Melissa Foster. The Weston Bradens are where the story began and where it continues. What can be better than that. All Melissa Foster fans will enjoy this book tremendously. Dec 15, Terren Hoeksema rated it it was amazing Happy tears were shed in the reading of this book.

A Very Braden Christmas (The Bradens Book 11) by Melissa Foster

A touching novella that warms your heart. From sleigh rides to mischievous cookie eating children and family updates.

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This is a story you will want to curl up next to the fire with a cup of cocoa and read this season. A Very Braden Christmas is a short novella that was intended to be a way to allow the most devoted Foster readers a warm and fuzzy way to check in on the family that we love.

relationship names for marie and braden

Set at Christmas in the Rockies at the home of the patriarch, Hal Braden, the whole family gathers to celebrate the family traditions.