Reinventing the inter korean relationship help

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reinventing the inter korean relationship help

as pillar/facade of the bilateral relationship, Xi reinventing the ROK-U.S. alliance approaches to, 67–68 See also Cold War listings; Inter-Korean listings . the inter-Korean rail line, cultivating joint economic enterprises, and military confidence-building efforts — that the United States often has been hesitant to support. It is not the role or obligation of the United States to reinvent the existing. A JoongAng Ilbo juxtaposition caught my eye. Prompting, you might say, a train of thought. The top two stories in Read More.

It was a small but significant step forward, considering that inter-Korean dialogue has been virtually non-existent over the past five years, and that tensions stoked by the North reached a peak in the early days of my administration. The North remains lukewarm on the follow-up dialogue for the passage of workers, communication, and customs clearance, all of which are essential. Furthermore, North Korea unilaterally canceled the reunion of separated families only a few days before the agreed date, breaking the hearts of those who had long been eagerly awaiting it.

reinventing the inter korean relationship help

North Korea then resumed its slander and threats against us. We will stick to these fundamental principles and set the following priorities for future North Korea policies.

Great aspirations: Inter-Korea relations going forward

First, we will pave the way to peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula. My government will maintain a strong deterrent capability, because airtight security constitutes the foundation of genuine peace. From this point, the government will strive to forge sustainable peace through dialogue, exchanges, and co-operation, in order to achieve unification and improve the quality of life of all Koreans. Korea will also work to consolidate co-operation with the international community in this process.

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Unification is certainly a matter for the Korean people to decide, but it should be achieved with the support of neighboring countries, ensuring that unification benefits all parties in the region. North Korea unilaterally canceled the reunion of separated families only a few days before the agreed date, breaking the hearts of those who had long been eagerly awaiting it. To chip away at the deep-rooted suspicion between the two Koreas, we will work to strengthen inter-Korean dialogue and discuss matters prudentially while keeping promises on what is agreed.

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My government will devise various measures to expand the scope of South-North dialogue and co-operation. And we will continue providing humanitarian assistance to the North, as well as maintaining efforts to hold reunions of separated families and to resolve the issue of prisoners of war and abductees who have been kept in the North. In addition, we will increase the transparency of our North Korea policies.

reinventing the inter korean relationship help

Of course, considering the nature of inter-Korean relations, not all matters can be disclosed in full detail. But providing as much accurate information as possible to the public is the best way to ensure firm popular support for these policies and their effective implementation.

Third, Korea will seek denuclearization of the North as a means to pursue joint progress on the Korean Peninsula and across Northeast Asia.

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Indeed, inter-Korean relations can properly progress when the North forswears nuclear development and joins the South in a partnership based on mutual confidence.

However, despite these significant developments over the past few months, it is important to remain cautious about the limits of any inter-Korean rapprochement.

reinventing the inter korean relationship help

During the second summit, Moon was chief of staff to President Roh and helped orchestrate the meeting with North Korea. The key difference now is new leadership.

reinventing the inter korean relationship help

Kim Jong-un is now officially on his public diplomacy tour - with successful summits in China and South Korea, in advance his important upcoming meeting with Trump. Kim has also outlined the importance of economic growth for North Korea, as outlined in his Byungjin policy line, which prioritises a parallel track of nuclear weapons development alongside economic development. Meanwhile, Moon has re-energised "pro-engagement" policies after years of conservative rule in South Korea that favoured a tougher approach to North Korea.

The future of the Korean Peninsula, however, remains opaquer than the ebullience displayed at last month's Panmunjom summit.

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Will these great aspirations turn into reality, or is it merely an intermission from the long-standing security tensions on the Korean Peninsula? The answer to this largely rests on the intentions of the Kim regime towards denuclearisation. Perhaps, Kim has had a revelatory moment and miraculously come to terms with the idea of trading in his nuclear programme for sanctions reduction and security guarantees from the US and South Korea.

reinventing the inter korean relationship help

However, it remains more likely that he continues to be allergic to the idea of giving up his WMD programme and views the possession of nuclear weapons as the ultimate insurance card against a US-South Korean attack. In the regime's mind, it would be suicidal to relinquish that trump card after working so diligently towards those capabilities.

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