Rajinikanth and silk smitha relationship

First person: The Silk Smitha I knew

rajinikanth and silk smitha relationship

Mix - Rajinikanth & Silksmitha Superhit Song - In Debbaku Debba Telugu Movie YouTube · S.V. Ranga Rao Extraordinary Scenes | S.V. Ranga. Silk Smitha seduced Malayalam cinema like no actress ever has. Anthony Eastman, the She was then acting in Mr Pandian with Rajinikanth. I was on the next. But usually the suffix 'superstar' is only for Rajinikanth and Krishna. History says not many have revealed their affairs with Silk Smitha and.

Her striking looks burdened her with uninvited attention, and her family married her off at a very young age. Her husband and in-laws treated her poorly, yet she stayed with them even though they were the reason for her suicide [4] [5] Career[ edit ] Smitha started as a touch-up artist for an actress and soon got a break in small character roles.

Rajinikanth loved Silk Smitha's way

He changed her name to Smitha and took her under his wing; his wife taught her English and arranged for her to learn dancing, [6] [7] though soon, due to her marked sex appeal, she switched to roles of cabaret dancers and vamps and inevitably found herself typecast.

Her dance numbers and bold performances in films like Moondru Mugam made her the ultimate symbol of sensuality in South Indian cinema. Her item numbers in films like AmaranHallimeshtru in Kannada were also celebrated at the box office. Some film critics, historians and journalists have referred to her as a "soft porn" actress. Her acting prowess did not go completely unnoticed, and in her rare non-sexual roles she impressed critics and audiences, such as her portrayal of a wife hurt by her role in her husband's rape of their maid which she passively allowed by not preventing him from entering the maid's bathroom and standing "guard" during the shameful act, to prevent embarrassment to their family and when she poignantly admitted her mistake in her confrontation of her husband in Alaigal Oivathillai Reshma Ki Jawani, too, acquired cult status.

She was an introvert and did not make friends quickly with anyone.

rajinikanth and silk smitha relationship

She is also known for her short temper and straightforwardness, which some mistakenly took for arrogance. If Rajinikanth was over the top and brilliant, Chakravarthy did not exactly struggle to keep up. The sequences between the superstar and character actor, who could keep up, came in for much praise and contributed its bit to the success of the movie, which ran for days in many theatres. Over the years, critics would be hard pressed to explain why audiences embraced Chakravarthy.

True, he was a natural in front of the camera. His acting style, even in the s, by which time he had slowly managed to gain a reputation, reminded you of the classicism of earlier years.

rajinikanth and silk smitha relationship

And, in due course, the actor managed to upstage hundreds of character actors in Tamil. But it was his acting style that would limit him in coming years. The actor was never able to lend a contemporary feel to any of the characters he helped bring alive. Vinu Chakravarthy died on Thursday, aged He was in and out of hospital for the last few months and had been ill over the last three years.

rajinikanth and silk smitha relationship

He had been diagnosed with diabetes, which was complicated by his high blood pressure. He also had other age-related ailments. He is survived by his wife Karnapoo, son and daughter. He lived in Saligramam, an area favoured by the industry bigwigs in Chennai. If you see the short and portly frame of the actor and his rustic face, with the forehead often adorned with a kumkum dot, you would mistake him for someone whose ticket into the industry was bought for him by lady luck.

The man who found Silk Smitha: Vinu Chakravarthy reminded us of the classicism in cinema

You may be excused for thinking that Chakravarthy knew acting and little else. The actor was often cast in roles that had a touch of innocent charm. Though the actor was not good looking, he kept landing roles as the audiences readily identified with him. He could gain their sympathy with ease.

rajinikanth and silk smitha relationship

The actor was a scriptwriter in Kannada before facing the camera. Ironically, he debuted in a Kannada film before making his transition to Tamil, where he would find his audience.

But it was in the s that the actor become widely known for his roles in films like Annamalai, Nattamai, Veera and Arunachalam. In Annamalai, the actor is cast in a tense scene with the superstar. The actor believed that superstar Rajinikanth considered him as his lucky charm.