Raheel sharif and nawaz relationship

Pakistan's apolitical army chief seen as Nawaz Sharif's best coup hedge - The Economic Times

raheel sharif and nawaz relationship

Bajwa, 57, on Tuesday took control in a ceremonial hand-over with his predecessor, Raheel Sharif, no relation to the prime minister. By appointing Raheel Sharif as COAS, Nawaz Sharif proved his Nawaz Sharif's relationship with the Pakistan Army and former Generals. Gen Raheel Sharif, new #Army Chief,commissioned in Oct 76 in battle hardened 6 FF meer-bezoekers.info brother embraced Shahadat/earned NH in same unit.

raheel sharif and nawaz relationship

There are top four generals in the race, and Nawaz Sharif wants to be able to make his own choice. The power play over the army chief's succession could now, with the threat of Indian military aggression, shift in favour of Raheel Sharif. When a journalist asked Nawaz Sharif in London about the issue, just after his address at the UNGA, the prime minister evaded the question. Ask anything else, he said. In light of Pakistan's activism over Kashmir, New Delhi had hinted it could boycott the summit, but a final decisions had not been made.

Even if one of eight countries decides to stay away, the SAARC charter says the summit cannot be held.

The Powerplay Between Raheel And Nawaz Is Key To Reading Uri Attack

Since political activity in Kashmir begins to freeze by October-end, there could have been a winter thaw in India-Pakistan relations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi could have gone to Islamabad, Nawaz Sharif could have toned down his rhetoric on Kashmir, and there could have been promise of resuming dialogue. As was clear with the Pathankot incident, which took place just a week after Modi's visit to the Nawaz Sharif home in Lahore, the Pakistani establishment does not desire Nawaz taking peace initiative with Modi.

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  • Pakistan's apolitical army chief seen as Nawaz Sharif's best coup hedge

Especially given that the issue of the army chief's succession may not be resolved by November, a Nawaz-Modi handshake at the time may have been imprudent from the Pakistani establishment's perspective. On the contrary, New Delhi is mobilizing support with Afghanistan and Bangladesh to boycott the summit, to embarrass Islamabad.

This is an outcome the planners of the Uri attack would have calculated, again explaining the timing of the attack.

The future of India-Pakistan relations now rests heavily on how the succession battle of the Pakistani army plays out.

raheel sharif and nawaz relationship

It's a movie we have seen before. When Nawaz Sharif picked General Musharraf over the senior-most general inMusharraf proved to be a bad choice. He surprised Nawaz Sharif with his adventurism in Kargil, the next year. When Nawaz Sharif tried to sack Musharraf, he responded with a coup.

Second time he faced the wrath of his hand picked army chief General Pervez Musharraf now retired who engineered a coup against him in October Musharraf had thrown both Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif in jail at first, then forced them to live in exile following a deal. Gen Raheel Sharif is the younger brother of one of Pakistan's most brave soldier's Shabbir Sharif who died fighting India in In fact, he fought in too. The younger Sharif is the only person to have been awarded both the Sitara-e-Jurrat and Nishan-e-Haider, although they were given on separate occasions.

Nishan-e-haider is the highest gallantry award in Pakistan. Gen Sharif will replace year-old Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani who is going to say goodbye to Pakistan's armed forces two days later on Friday after serving Pakistan's powerful army for six years.

Maryam nawaz sharif VS General Raheel sharif

He was also the military secretary to former President Rafiq Tarar. Mahmood, considered to be one of the trusted lieutenants of outgoing General Kiyani, comes from the Baloch Regiment and had served under General Kayani as ISI deputy director general. He is scheduled to retire in April, but may proceed on leave as per past traditions.

General Raheel Sharif

Many say the newly appointed Army Chief of the Pakistan Army will strike a balance between Pakistan's powerful military establishment and Sharif's civilian government. They argue that Gen Raheel Sharif has a good rapport and inroads into the elite politicians of Pakistan, especially the Sharif family. Keeping in view the track record of Pakistan's powerful army establishment which has toppled democratically elected governments many a time in the past, it has always been an aspiration of Prime Ministers to appoint a trusted General as the Army Chief to minimise the threat of a coup.

raheel sharif and nawaz relationship

But, sources close to Nawaz claim the present decision was purely on merit, devoid of any personal interest or favour. He is a four-star rank armed force general, right now serving as the fifteenth Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army.

raheel sharif and nawaz relationship

He got hitched inside family and has three children, two sons and a daughter. His sons too are in Army with enthusiasm to serve the country like their other relatives.

He was born in the city of Quetta, Balochistan. His father belonged to a Rajput family with backgrounds in Punjab in the settlement of Kunjah, Gujrat. General Raheel Sharif has a conspicuous soldierly upbringing. His father was Major Rana Muhammad Sharif late. Likewise, he is additionally a beneficiary of Sword of Honor and holds an extraordinary respect of having gotten the three most pined for honors of Pakistan Army.

Shabbir Sharif is viewed as the most enhanced officer of Pakistan Army. The Nishan-e-Haider must be granted to individuals from the Pakistan Army for the most astounding demonstrations of uncommon fortitude in face of the foe in air, land or ocean.

Albeit some think of it as identical to the British Victoria Cross and the United States Medal of Honor, it is remarkable in that it has so far been granted just after death. Of the ten Nishan-e-Haider beneficiaries to date, nine have been from the Army and one from the Air Force.

JI | PM Nawaz Sharif appoints Raheel Sharif new Army Chief

General Raheel Sharifis the youngest sibling amongst three brothers and two sisters. His another brother, Captain Mumtaz Sharif, likewise courageously served in Pakistan armed force and for his valiance he was granted Sitara-e-Basalat, yet got an early retirement because of medicinal causes. He moved to Pakistan before it got to be autonomous inliving in the town of Ladian, Kharian, Gujrat. There he enrolled with the recently framed Pakistani Army and was appointed to the Punjab Regiment in As the organization authority, Major Bhatti advanced his unit under steady terminating from Indian tanks and mounted guns.

For at least three days he abandoned rest. He opposed for five days and evenings safeguarding a Pakistani station on the vital BRB waterway.

raheel sharif and nawaz relationship