Positive negative and inverse relationship example

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positive negative and inverse relationship example

A relationship refers to the correspondence between two variables. In this example, we assume an idealized positive relationship between years of education and the salary On the other hand a negative relationship implies that high values on one variable are This is also sometimes termed an inverse relationship. Jul 15, Explore the relationship between positive and negative correlations. variables have a negative correlation, they have an inverse relationship. Jun 27, An inverse correlation, also known as negative correlation, is a contrary In financial markets, the best example of an inverse correlation is probably First, the existence of negative correlation, or positive correlation for that.

positive negative and inverse relationship example

You get 12, but if you subtract 7, you'll be left with the 5 with which you started. The inverse of addition is subtraction, and the net result of adding and subtracting the same number is equivalent of adding 0.

A similar inverse relationship exists between multiplication and division, but there's an important difference.

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The net result of multiplying and dividing a number by the same factor is to multiply the number by 1, which leaves it unchanged. This inverse relationship is useful when simplifying complex algebraic expressions and solving equations.

positive negative and inverse relationship example

Another pair of inverse mathematical operations is raising a number to an exponent "n" and taking the nth root of the number. The square relationship is the easiest to consider.

Negative relationship

If you square 2, you get 4, and if you take the square root of 4, you get 2. This inverse relationship is also useful to remember when solving complex equations. Functions Can Be Inverse or Direct A function is a rule that produces one, and only one, result for each number you input. The set of numbers you input is called the domain of the function, and the set of results the function produces is the range.


If the function is direct, a domain sequence of positive numbers that get larger produces a range sequence of numbers that also get larger. An inverse function behaves in a different way. When the numbers in the domain get larger, the numbers in the range get smaller. As x gets larger, f x gets closer and closer to 0.

positive negative and inverse relationship example

The concept of negative correlation can be explained clearly by means of a scatterplot, as shown below. In the above diagram, you can see that the variables are grades and absenteeism.

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That is to say, the more the absenteeism, lesser the grades. In Psychology To understand why and how the above concept seems to be related to psychology, you need to understand correlational studies, which are often used as a measure to find out the relationship between variables in psychology.

So, when you deal with a situation, you first understand and classify the variables. Then, you have to collect data and observe and detect patterns. Post this step, you will be able to conclude and establish what kind of relationship they share. Consider an example for negative correlation. Let's say, a comparative study is being done among a group of individuals who consume alcohol. From this group, there will be people who drink very little to those who consume a lot per day.

positive negative and inverse relationship example

Of course, this may be a very random assumption; after all, every one handles the effect of alcohol according to their drinking habits and body constitution, and other factors play a major part in determining health as well. As you note down the data and compare them, you may notice that more the alcohol consumed, less healthy the individual is.

Conversely, the lesser the alcohol consumption, the healthier the individual is.

positive negative and inverse relationship example

This is what negative correlation is. This may be true for all individuals or a select few. If the former is true, it is an example of perfect negative relationship If the latter is true, the variables may be weakly or moderately in a negative relationship. A value of Two variables are said to have a strong negative relationship if the correlation value is between And, a value between Examples Example I The weight of a car and miles per gallon.

If a car is very heavy, you will observe that it travels miles for every gallon of gas.

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If it is lightweight, it can cover more distance per gallon. It is one of the most practical examples of negative correlation in real life. You GPA depends not only on your academic excellence, but also on your involvement in extra-curricular activities. If you tend to remain absent from these activities, you will lose out on a lot of extra credits.

Thus, the more absenteeism from school activities, the lesser your GPA will be. Example III More vaccinations, less illness. The more you are vaccinated for a disease, the lesser your chances are of procuring the same. Example IV Increase in height, decrease in temperature.