Pete duel and ben murphy relationship advice

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pete duel and ben murphy relationship advice

Pete Duel and Ben Murphy as Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry on Alias Smith and Ben Murphy and Pete Duel in "Alias Smith & Jones' .. Cupid's Pulse: Celebrity Gossip News with Dating, Love, Relationship Advice for Singles, Couples. What if Roger Davis and Ben Murphy were cast for the pilot of Alias Smith and Jones. What if Pete Duel had to replace Roger Davis later on. I think the relationship between the Heyes and Kid with Roger and Ben just wasn't .. |-- Western Sites · |--Writing Tips by Writers or the Art and Process of Writing. Articles on actor Pete Duel (aka Peter Deuel) of the western TV series Alias Smith "Pete Duel & Ben Murphy Confess: 'We Don't Believe in Marriage!' famous deaths and crimes; he also writes legal advice columns for several websites.

He did very well in his career, right from the start. His first television series, Love on a Rooftop, earned him nothing but fine reviews.

Ben Murphy

Hollywood knew, as Pete must have that, by the end of the series, he would be in a position where he could just about have his pick of roles.

Outside of his professional life, Pete was always a very concerned young man, who seemingly placed a great value on life. Ecology was one of his main interests. There is the much-publicized description of his apartment to back this up. He collected, in various corners of his apartment, piles of old newspapers and mountains of tin cans, both to be recycled. He was well-aware that the environment of this country is in big trouble, and that soon it would be in a condition beyond repair.

He was also active in politics, using his influence on those men whom he felt would do the things most urgently required for the safety and comfort of this nation. For example, inPete Duel joined forces with a large group of celebrities, including Mr.

Of course, Pete did not live solely for the benefit of mankind. That would be a very difficult, if not impossible, style of life. The thing that Pete perhaps cherished above all else was his love of Dianne Ray. Although Pete and Dianne never considered marriage, at least not publicly, they did live together quite a bit of the time. Even though Pete did have a fantastic career, an active life, and a fine personal relationship, he, like all of us, had a certain amount of problems.

Pete Duel - Wikipedia

He found it very difficult to comfortably settle into a routine. When Pete first arrived in Hollywood, he was constantly working on a number of series, doing guest appearances.

These were the happiest times of his life. Perhaps it was the great variety of work that he got that he enjoyed. You mean, the person, the actor himself.

Because, around that time, for me, my father was an alcoholic. I had this terrible fear of men having lived in third world countries and been exposed to cruelty and poverty like most people in this country never see. And then, as a person, as you get older, you wonder, well, how much did that actor give that character?

What if the Heyes roles were reversed?

Or how much are you reading into it? So how much of yourself, may I ask, do you give to a character?

pete duel and ben murphy relationship advice

I mean, that goes without saying. The character is only an imaginary thing. What part of Pete Duel do you think he gave to Hannibal Heyes?

And the ease in which Peter lived in his own skin, at least on the outside. Yes, I can say, unequivocally, I liked Peter. And I tried not to let any of that transcend, you know, the fun of doing a television series together.

I enjoyed doing the work apparently much more than Peter did. And apparently you still are. If he were here, he might still be doing it, too, you know. I left it when he died. You know, I had a life to live. I had a career to live. Why then talk to me tonight about this? I share their joy.

I share their love for it. For whatever reasons they have. I share that with them. I saw some old friends back in England. I still hear from them. So … but I give thanks for having been able to go back and share that with people. I mean, we — Ben: For me, he was a light in the dark, though I had no idea his own life was so dark — Ben: So I can see where it would be so impossible for us to really grasp your experience with it, as it is for you to grasp ours.

But if you talk to other women or men, either one, and you go back to some core time in their lives, there was a public figure, especially on television — since we all came of age in television — that struck us. As Peter would have honored it. How would you want us to remember him, having known him? The hours you worked — Ben: There was no time, you know what I mean? But he sure hated it. He was very restive, yes. How does it work then?

You get up at the crack of dawn and you drive to the studio and you — Ben: In my case, I was only two blocks away. I rolled out of bed and so I was there. I lived two blocks away.

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Did you work every day, seven days a week? Includes quotes by teenage male fans in Pete's hometown of Penfield, New York.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship advice

This was sent by Linda and Thorne. Death noticeTime Magazine, January 10, This includes several very interesting quotes from Pete. The writer was the entertainment reporter for the Syracuse Herald Journal, a major newspaper in Pete's native upstate New York. Includes short quotes that Pete had given the writer during interviews. English translation, thanks to Elaine, of the above Spanish article.

The article is somewhat lacking in accuracy--for example, Pete was 31 and his brother Geoff starred in Chisum. Short with Spanish and English included here. Sent by Ana with translation by Elaine.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship advice

Thanks to Linda and Thorne for the text and Kathleen for the photos. Short quotes from Pete published after his death. This is very short, with both Spanish and English included here. Sent by Ana and translated by Elaine. A question and answer from Parade Magazine.