Oberon and puck relationship quizzes

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oberon and puck relationship quizzes

However, Oberon and Puck watch as Hermia flees from Demetrius, he is the only one in a relationship whose objet d'amour is not just not. King Oberon and Queen Titania's tumultuous relationship is often described as the ultimate "battle of the sexes." Like Kate and Petruchio in Shakespeare's The. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Oberon's servant tells Titania's to be sure to keep Titania out of Oberon's sight.

Helena is confused; Hermia is angry.

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After the high jinx have commenced, Oberon tells Puck to set everything right, which he does. Part of the plays popularity is its structure as a comedy of errors. There is a great deal of activity going on in one location that was bound to cause chaos when all these factions crossed paths.

But what is the meaning of all the craziness that commences? So if love causes so much strife in all of their lives, why are they so dogged in their pursuit of it?

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Because you cannot fight a naturally occurring phenomena. By portraying love as personified, this takes the control of love out of the hands of the characters.

oberon and puck relationship quizzes

In the case of our young lovers, this task befalls the main male fairies. The potion proves highly effective… Shakespeare also suggests that other substances from "Dian's bud"--variously identified as a species of wormwood Artemisia spp. Oberon uses the different flowers to get what he wants from Titania. Yet he also uses it on Demetrius, which produces a welcome effect for Helena, as well as happily for Lysander and Hermia who now can marry.

oberon and puck relationship quizzes

This is shown by his quarreling with wife Titania. Their squabbling is trivial The king and queen are only reconciled through Oberon's subduing Titania to his wishes, and it seems that masculine hegemony is as traditional in fairy-land as it is in the human world.

This… is even more ironically exact when Oberon accuses Titania of an improper interest in Theseus; while she in turn accuses him of harboring base thoughts about Hippolyta… Oberon's and Titania's quarrel is comic and private.

The jealousy that arises between them shows that they still do care for each other, despite the bickering, lack of compromise and fits of jealousy. That the fairies are as susceptible to these petty traits of marriage normally attributed to humans demonstrates that they are natural to all relationships in general. It is fitting that the quartet of young people cannot resolve their love issues within the confines of the city. It is not possible to do so.

But formalized structures and attributes rarely help in matters of love which typically are irrational. In this and other scenes, how does Puck feel about his mistakes?

Puck has no compunctions about any of his mistakes. Do the characters in this scene know that they are funny? The characters in this scene have no idea that they are funny, in fact Bottom wishes the audience to be informed that he is Bottom to put them out of fear.

Show how Titania's fairy daintiness affects the humor of the closing part of the scene. That the dainty fairy Titania could love the monster Bottom with the body of a man and the head of an ass adds much humor to this scene, especially when she calls Cobweb, Peaseblossom, and Mustard Seed to wait upon him.

Explain the confusion of the lovers here; how is it to be straightened out? Oberon told Puck to put love-in-idleness on Demetrius, instead he put it on Lysander by mistake, then he puts it on Demetrius; both men see Helena on first awaking and scorn Hermia.

Oberon tells Puck to put them to sleep when they go to fight a duel and put something on Lysander's eyes to break the charm. How far is Bottom turned into an ass, and how far does he remain his natural self? Bottom is turned into an ass only in the shape of his head and what he wishes to eat. He still thinks as the Weaver Bottom did.

Love, Nature, and Fairies: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Is the hunting party a good addition to the play? The hunting party makes the awakening of Lysander and Demetrius seem more natural and helps straighten out the confusion of the preceding scene. When Bottom wakes, how much does he remember? Bottom remembers that he thought he was an ass and had ass's ears. Is Quince's prologue nonsense because of the way it was written, or of the way he recites it, or both?

Quince's prologue is nonsense because of the way it is written and the way in which he recites it. What absurdities of stage-management occur in the mechanics' play? The wall making a speech, and later showing a chink by holding up two fingers; the man with lantern, the dog and bush of thorn representing Moonshine; and Snug's announcement that he is not a real lion are a few of the absurdities.

Which of the actors makes the funniest blunders in language, and what trait of his character leads him to make them? Pyramus makes the funniest blunders in language; his bombastic and dictatorial manner causes him to do this.

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Do the comments of the spectators have any effect on the actors? The comments of the spectators have no effect upon the actors so intent are they upon their play. What popular beliefs are connected with Midsummer's Night? Some of the popular beliefs are that whatever is wished on Midsummer's Night will come true; that after night-fall the fairies are all-powerful; that they often steal new brides, or turn cowslips sprinkled on the doorstep into flames to burn those who have harmed them.

Whose dream is meant — Titania's, Bottom's, the lovers', or the reader's? See lines to in Act IV.