Ncis la kensi and callen relationship quiz

NCIS: Los Angeles - Rage - Review: "Callen's Journey Through the Past"

ncis la kensi and callen relationship quiz

List of episodes that highly focus on the romantic relationship between NCIS . Throughout the episode, it highly focuses on Deeks and Kensi's relationship and One Russian kills another in the LA area; G and Sam quiz Arkady; Sam and. Kensi Marie Blye is an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Office of Special that´s was in Season 4 of NCIS Los Angeles and not NCIS: The original series season . Callen and Kensi's relationship would be best described as brother/ sister. Kensi and Deeks are sent in undercover to uncover the truth behind his death. But can I've been a fan of NCIS: LA for a while now so I'm excited to be getting into the fanfiction community here. I'm sure It's a retreat center for couples whose relationships are struggling." "Has the . "Here, I'll quiz you.".

He was agile, graceful, and yes, with his wetsuit on she could see how in shape he was.

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Sometimes he would notice her watching him and do a trick. When he succeeded, she would cheer for him. Cheering was so unlike her, yet she found herself doing it every time. Must be the effect of the sun. Many times she would find herself over at his house after his surfing.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship quiz

She would dig through his pantry while he showered to find something with sugar or pop some popcorn and once he got out, they would watch a movie. It was surprising how. Kensi prays he doesn't feel the shudder traveling down her spine. The grin he's wearing tells her he does.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship quiz

Hetty was right, he was a cheeky bastard. Deeks hand curls around her waist, giving it a little squeeze. She is going to kill him later. Kensi lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. As they near their cabin, Kensi knows exactly which bathing suit she is gonna wear.

She allows a smirk settle on her face. Revenge will certainly be sweet. Most of what she packs is her clothes from her whole married op, which she still hasn't completely unpacked from. She absent-mindedly grabs for a bra, and pauses when she picks up a pink one. The bra from his sock drawer. She purses her lips for a moment, considering, and then tosses it into her suitcase. Okay, um, tell me about yourself.

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Nothing we haven't done before. You know that right. Most of the issues you will have to discuss are going to need to be real. Nell keeps studying her. The lines between your alias and yourself will be fuzzy at times. I know Hetty will give you this talk too, but I wanted to tell you as well. I don't think you would tell Hetty that. I promise I will not tell anyone. No, Nell is not the problem. Kensi knows she can trust her, knows she will not accidentally slip up to Eric or Callen and Sam or even Hetty.

The problem is that admitting her feelings for her partner go far beyond what is professional or appropriate means admitting it to herself. And she cannot let herself do that. A smug smirk is set on her lips. Deeks will definitely enjoy this. She is wearing a black halter bikini with a small golden ring in the middle.

The bottom is fairly modest, but she admits to herself that she doesn't need to look sleazy to make her partner drool. She ties off the braid with an elastic band and grabs her cover-up, a thin dark purple dress that goes down to her mid-thigh.

Slipping it over her head, she gives the mirror one more glance before stepping out of the bathroom. She's prepared for his face when he sees her. What she's not prepared for is the sight of him in blue swim trunks, shirtless. Her eyes roam down his tanned and defined chest, and her mouth quirks when she notices the tan lines his wetsuit leaves behind from his surfing. She should not be affected like this. She has seem him shirtless before many times.

Maybe it's the angle of the sun hitting his abs in all the right places or the way his biceps are.

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His look matches hers, and for a moment she swears his eyes go a shade darker, as do hers. She clears her throat, breaking some of the tension that has erupted between them. Deeks keeps staring at her, his lips slightly parted. She tries not to dwell on how natural it has become for them. She bends over to pick up a towel and can feel his appreciative gaze on her. They make their way to a footpath that will lead them to the lake, not being able to meet each others' gazes.

She'll pretend she didn't. His breath did not catch because that statement cannot affect him in any way. Not fait to the other guys. She doesn't know whether to be smug or petrified. This cannot happen, this conversation should not happen. Deeks must have pulled himself together pretty fast because he grabs the other side of her waist and pulls her into him, his lips mere inches from hers.

Because you're all mine," he murmurs, his breath mingling with hers and making her brain go fuzzy. It's part of the cover, that's all it is. Kensi repeats that over and over in her head as he returns them to their half-embrace and continues walking down to the lake.

Kensi remembers Bianca from her file. An exotic dancer turned ballet instructor with a unique lineage- half Polish and half Filipino, twenty-six. She has long, wavy brown hair and large blue, almond shaped eyes. She's beyond gorgeous, which Kensi guesses gets her into trouble with her boyfriend.

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She probably attracts way too much unwanted attention. Craig Blakely is a high school Physical Science teacher, which Kensi finds odd, considering the background of his girlfriend. His record was totally clean, ableit a few speeding tickets here and there. Kensi wonders how he managed to find a girlfriend like Bianca. Bianca and Craig had been the first ones to welcome them to the retreat and were very friendly people.

Kensi and Bianca had talked a few times before, but only in passing. Kensi notices she too is in a swimsuit, a barely there golden bikini and a transparent black cover-up. She manages to send him a quick glare before falling beside Bianca as they walk. Even worse, they try to act like they know you! Can you believe it? He wants to, uh, take the next step.

He thinks I'm pulling away from him so he got me to come to this. I thought why not, might even do us some good.

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But now I see how stupid this whole thing is. I think we're all wanting to forget it, but it's hard. Kensi lured their suspect into a bar to introduce him to Callen, aka, Canadian, Gordon Taymis.

Gordon needed more money, seeing he had a wife and kids back home to support as well. Callen had an opportunity to find out who was behind his shooting, in Pushback E In Random on Purpose E09they entered a law firm acting as if they were both filing for divorce. The tension was high between them and they performed this act brilliantly, in order to rescue Abby Scuito from a psycho killer.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship quiz

She entered an abandoned hospital with Callen, to help rescue Dom. Callen, Sam and Kensi were trying to stop a Turkish ship from leaving port with a terrorist onboard, in Hunted E They pretended to be drunk, to knock the guard out, so they can enter the ship and find their target.

Kensi kissed Callen on the cheek and undid a button, revealing more flesh for the performance. Not knowing who he was at the time, Callen knocked on the door, dressed as a taxi driver to take her somewhere. Deeks arranged with his contact to help the team get inside an elite club, in Fame E They were looking for a missing socialite, who was the last to see a dead Naval Officer, whose body was found in her vehicle.

ncis la kensi and callen relationship quiz