Megatron and starscream relationship tips

megatron and starscream relationship tips

Megatron banished Starscream from the Decepticons after realising he has feelings for him. Starscream has been gone for a year and Megatron is miserable . you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. Ok, the TV series is a little old, but do you like the Sarcastic Schemer (Starscream ) or the OG Villain (Megatron)? Tell me who you think is the. Also, Megatron and Starscream have in incredibly antagonistic relationship, so I'll make Megatron his caring lover and father of his robot babies.

Someday, he figured, he would rule, and spit in the face of the one who broke his spark. Usually at the end of the day he was angry, or sometimes if he was alone he just broke down and cried. Rarely, though, did he go to into stasis feeling happy.

Everything changed when they had the sparklings. They didn't have them on purpose. Megatron was pretty abusive to Starscream—and, apparently, they had some kind of masochistic 'facing going on. Only when the little twins were conceived did Starscream have to admit this, and he was more terrified than overjoyed when Moonbeam diagnosed him. And when Starscream told Megatron that he was going to have offspring, well, that had just resulted in another beating.

Eventually, though, Megatron decided to be involved in his children's lives, rather than ignore them, which he knew meant he had to be gentle with their carrier. So by now, Megatron had actually turned half of his office into a bedroom for the little twins, because they didn't need to live in Megatron's suite, where Starscream now resided. Starscream finally felt safe with Megatron, knowing how he truly felt. Megatron was not one to express his "feelings"…in fact, he wasn't sure he actually had any.

Not until he met Starscream, that is. The first day they met, he had become fascinated with the young Seeker. Even then Megatron remembered trying to keep his eyes off the perfectly proportioned body, unique color design, flawless wings, glowing red eyes, and smirking face. The jets annoyed Megatron for the most part—they were…different, at the least, sometimes stupid, often tricksters or just plain weird, almost always extremely horny.

Digging his talons into the berth and moaning wantonly, he tried to press his valve into Megatron's faceplates more. With his glossa half-way in the thigh opening, the tyrant withdrew it slowly and the seeker groaned unhappily at the retreating appendage. Circling his legs and locking his pedes behind his leader's helm, Starscream tried to draw Megatron's mouth to his valve once again.

Even though seeker's legs were extremely strong, the Decepticon Lord's frame was even stronger and Starsctream's efforts were rendered useless. All of a sudden, Megatron's glossa buried itself in the Starscream's valve again and the seeker's shriek of pleasure could be heard through half the Nemesis. Legs tightened around Megatron's helm so much it almost started to feel uncomfortable. However, he paid that no mind and continued his slow pace with his glossa.

Starscream wailed in pleasure and his wings fluttered on the berth, scrapping their sharp edges on the hard surface creating a screechy sound which finally captured Megatron's attention. Immediately the servos on the seeker's waist moved up once again and found the place where those pretty wings connected with the seeker's back.

The tyrant dug his fingers into the seams of the base of the wings and the jet screamed in pleasure. Seeker wings were extremely sensitive and if a mech knew where and how to touch they could overload a seeker just by caressing their wings. During the past several Earth weeks Megatron managed to gain quite a lot of experience.

megatron and starscream relationship tips

Sliding his pointy fingers along the lower edges of the wings and tracing them all the way up to their pointy ends made Starscream moan and trash his dark helm from side to side while bucking his hips and valve into the tyrant's skilled glossa.

Seeing as the seeker won't last much longer, Megatron withdrew his glossa and moved his servos from his second's wings to his shaking legs, spreading them even further apart.

Fan Fiction Friday: Starscream and Megatron in "The Miracle of Life" | Topless Robot

Starscream was panting hard, lip components slightly apart and begging to be kissed, optics wild with desire and anticipation. Primus, the sleek jet, sprawled on a berth, moaning and trashing, arching his back and shaking his legs was the most arousing sight that Megatron has even witnessed.

The leader sat back on his pedes and finally retracted his interface panel, giving a satisfied grunt as his spike started to pressurize. He moved his hips flush against Starscream's valve in such a position that while his spike continued to extend it was doing so directly into the seeker's slick opening. Both mechs groaned when the appendage fully pressurized, stretching the valve nicely.

Megatron leaned closer to Starscream, hooked his right arm at the seekre's leg, braced himself on his left one, positioned near the jet's spark chamber and buried his face into the other mech's neck cables.

Fan Fiction Friday: Starscream and Megatron in “The Miracle of Life”

Inhaling deeply the sweet addicting aroma that was coming from the seeker's neck, the tyrant drew his spike out and slammed all the way back in. Starscream shrieked and flung his arms at his leader's neck and started scratching his back and helm in ecstasy while his lips frankly searched for Megatron's. After several trysts, the larger mech removed his face plates from the seeker's neck cables and kissed along his helm vents, cheek and finally his lips.

megatron and starscream relationship tips

The jetlocked his pedes behind his Lord's back and dug his heels in his aft, drawing a surprised grunt from him. Megatron picked up the pace and ground their frames together even harder. The berth creaked loudly under its current occupiers' added weight and sudden movements.

Tough Love -- Megatron & Starscream

Megatron decided to let go of the seeker's leg in favor of touching his wing again. Repeating his path from earlier, he run his finger all the way up to the very tip of the wing and started massaging it lazily but firmly. He could already sense Starscream's overload approaching and thrust even harder and faster.

Every motion of his hips elicited sweet moans of pleasure which only grew louder and louder. After several grunts and groans Megatron slammed home and pinched the seeker's wing simultaneously. As he predicted it became too much for the smaller mech and he howled in ecstasy, his body went rigid against Megatron while his talons dig so deep into his leader's back they drew energon.

The seeker's contracting valve squeezed the tyrant's spike sweetly. That proved to be too much for Megatron and he overload almost instantaneously after Starscream, grunting in satisfaction while burying his face into the smaller mech's neck and rolling his hips a few more times. When Megatron came to his senses again, he was squashing his lieutenant under his frame.

megatron and starscream relationship tips

Not that the smaller mech paid any attention, he was soundly recharging with his arms laid on each side of his beautiful helm. With his faceplates relaxed and lips slightly parted, Starscream looked content and almost innocent. Megatron drew out and re-pressurized his spike back in its housing eliciting a light moan from the sleeping seeker.

The tyrant smirked at the sound and hooked his arms behind the smaller mech's waist, rolling on his back and pulling the seeker half-way on top of him. The Decepticon Lord inhaled Starscream's sweet aroma one more time and drifted in recharge. This was an amazing improvement over the usual treachery that he expected from his second. Megatron could definitely get used to this.

For the first time in a long long time he didn't regret letting his seeker live. At first, the telepath had managed to ignore the arousal coming from his leader's quarters but as the activities between Megatron and Starscream grew hotter and hotter after each week, he found it harder and even impossible to ignore his own arousal.

Awkwardly he moved his fingers to his already heating interface panel. Others may say he was emotionless all they want, but even he couldn't stand this much stimulation without having to do anything about it.

Hope you enjoyed it! His sparklings… The thought itself was almost too good to be true. His own little Seekerlets. My face is melting off in anger.

What is the relationship with Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave in DOTM?

Hook had confirmed two months ago than he was expecting mechs, and Seekerlets as well. A trine of flyers like their mommy. But the bad side was than being pregnant was a real pain on the aft. He ad trouble moving around, and was forced to stay on bed or sitting all the time, now.

Thanks for your consideration. Signed, The Written Word That was starting to drive him crazy. Being denied, even for the sake of carrying sparkling, was a real torture.

His slender and sleek forms were history as well… He was dying to recover his handsome frame as well as his fly capability. The door of the quarters was opened and Starscream lift his optics to see his mate coming in.

As soon as Megatron saw him on the couch and not on the berth as he would have been, he frowned and came closer to him. Which is, of course, why I mention it. He knows what he is doing. Come on; go back to bed, love. It just makes sense, dammit! Megatron offers him his hand and Starscream took it with a defeated sigh.

If he could, he had rolls his optics.

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He knew he was moody and difficult, but he had all rights to be like that! They didn,t have the slightest clue about what he was going through. Megatron took his hand and lift him to his feet carefully, taking much of his weight on him by snaking an arm around his waist. By doing so, he brushed against Starscream oversensitive abdomen and sent shivers of arousal through his frame.

Well, Screamer had get horny as well as moody along his pregnancy… The slightest touch could turn him on.

He gasped and moaned lowly in arousal as well. Megatron is wearing tights? And the tights are sensitive? Now this is just getting weird.

Seriously, why are the Transformers wearing tights? Turning a little to have a better access, Starscream let his glossa follow a path down the broad chest of his mate and traces the Decepticon Insignia engraved here, making him shiver and moan in pleasure. Because making Starscream a female would just be so totally absurd.

Moaning his approval so wonderfully, Starscream thrusts his hips up on the touch, impaling himself deeper on the probing digits. Withdrawing his digits, the silver warlord leaned up to the open port and thrusts in until he was sheathed to the hilt. I was about to call out the author for the unbelievable stupidity of the robots getting so hot they cause the air to condensate, but then I remembered this is a story about a robot fucking a pregnant robot.

Once they were done, Megatron withdraw and lays beside Starscream, draping his arms around his frame as best he could with his huge abdomen on the way.