Loke and aries relationship quotes

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loke and aries relationship quotes

Mandy Loke Chinese Quotes, Ariel, Life Quotes, Quotes About Life, Quote Life, Quotes On Life, Little Mermaids .. Quotes About Life, Quote Life, Good Morning Quotes, Aries Zodiac, Quotes On Life, Aries Horoscope .. 语言表达Chinese Quotes, Relationship Quotes, Communication, Personal Branding, Wisdom, Words. Loke x Aries is an adorable relationship wether they be just friends or an actual couple. Relationship between Aries and Capricorn is a reflection of their .. Caprico is a fight fought between Celestial Spirit, Loke, and members of The Seven Kin of .. Sign Zodiac quotes Zodiac society Forward My bestfriends are: Capricorn, Libra.

This is an idea for a multi-chapter that I had and decided to give it a shot. This is an AU without magic, so the characters will have some slight changes to adjust for the AU but will still keep their personalities from the canon universe as much as possible.

Miss Heartfilia poured over the paperwork running an apartment complex that was a branch for the company Fairy Tail entailed. Never once did she think that she would be a landlady, had she been told five years ago that she would be her profession when she was twenty-four, Lucy would have laughed.

It was quite ironic, back then she was the one worrying about rent, complaining about plumbing and heating, and annoyed by apartment policies.

Now, now she was the one enforcing them. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Lucy returned back to her work and began to sign away furiously at documents that needed her approval. It was not even lunch time and the paperwork was piled high, soon the phone started ringing. How may I help you," she inquired professionally. It was was a rehearsed speech that she gave on a daily basis.

Lowering the receiver, she called, "Come in. One second, I'm on the phone with a client. It was his job to help delegate tasks to the other employees of the apartment from Lucy and record any notices from the tenants or other staff. It was a rather routine morning so far, but he still needed to report the status for records' sake. He waited patiently as Lucy finished talking with the client. Have a nice day," Lucy returned the phone to the docking station.

Nothing major," he slid over the paperwork. I'm about take my lunch and might be back later than usual. As his boss, she was forced to keep a professional relationship with all her employees, but as his friend she took an interest about his life outside of work.

Also, since it was almost lunch time, Lucy found it okay to have a more relaxed attitude. If you need me here, I understand. She really did not want him to worry, as she wanted the best for her friends. I know you don't to get this 'friend' as often as you like," Lucy said a little suggestively. This happened every time. Watching him leave, Lucy gave a small laugh, she was positive there had to be something going on between him and this friend he spoke so positively about.

Her thoughts were broken by another knock at her office door. The door was pushed open, "I'm not Loke," answered Natsu Dragneel walking in. But what about your work? Loke was driving through the town to meet up with his friend who lived on the other side. The differences between the two parts of town the further down the street he drove. The quality of the neighborhoods was decreasing and he sighed when he reached his destination: He drove around looking for a guest parking stall.

After parking, he walked up a few flights of stairs to his friend's floor. Seemed like someone had beat him to it. There are too many problems in this building and it's not cheap to pay for these renovations. You have a week," the landlady of this apartment, Karen Lilica. She gave a huff before sharply turning around, heading for the stairs. It's been three years," she taunted. I'm just here for a visit. He knocked three times. It took longer than he expected for the door to be answered.

Oh, Leo, it's you. Sorry, I thought you w-were… Never mind. I just saw…" Loke trailed off, deciding to change the subject. It was nothing fancy, just the bare essentials really. It was not big either, it was just her living there. He waited for her answer, sometimes she refused, but when she did accept he was so happy. Was she okay financially?

loke and aries relationship quotes

Her hours at work had been rather short that week. Get your mind off of what just happened. Maybe a good meal will make you feel better. She preferred to pay for her own meal and normally declined his offers to go out to lunch when she was short on cash. He let out a soft chuckle, he knew that she was going to say that, too. It was close by and casual enough for two friends in her mind.

My car is down in the parking lot. He lead her down to where he parked, walking a little closer when some perverted tenants passing by them gave her wolf whistles and cat calls from their cars. It sickened Loke, he hated when such degrading actions happened. Even more so when they happened to Aries, she was shy and not someone who was particularly comfortable with flirting. As a result, he kept his arm wrapped around her shoulders to prevent any other inappropriate actions directed toward her.

Aries only nodded and continued walking with her head down. Finally they reached Loke's car and he opened the passenger side door for Aries to sit and later closed it when she was inside. A few painfully quiet minutes passed before Loke said anything. If she was being sexually harassed, he wanted to know.

The sooner, the better. Aries looked out the window, back to her feet. Yes," she finally answered. The tenants that normally did that never seemed to stay at the complex long, so it was not always the same person every time. It made her hate walking to and from work, and even more so at night. She was just glad Loke was with her this time, because her reports to Karen always seemed to somehow get 'lost' whenever she sent them in.

I-" whatever she was going to say next was stopped when she felt a sudden warmth over her hand. I don't want you facing these problems by yourself. You've already taken a big step in telling me about it. Gemi, Mini, and Scorpio all put in their two weeks not too long ago, so it'll be just me. Ever since he visited her today, it seems like nothing has gone right for her.

His worry was only getting worse with the new information and the events of her rent being raised earlier. I can't take your money, Leo.

I'll figure something out," she weakly said. Let's just have a nice lunch, okay? With a click, the engine of the car became quiet. Loke looked over to Aries, who looked scared out of her wits, "Come on," he began to pull her in for a comforting hug.

Aries returned to the hug for a moment before letting go. She was about to reach for the for the door handle, but the door had already swung open. The shy girl was startled. He waited for her to exit the car before closing the door.

loke and aries relationship quotes

His eyes lazily looked around the parking lot, there were several people here for lunchtime. Families, business people, some college students. Then he spotted one looking Aries up and down like she was some prime cut at the butcher and had his two fingers raised to his lips.

It seemed Aries had not noticed this yet, Loke had casually wrapped his arms around her shoulders. When she returned her attention to what was ahead of her, Loke looked back to that college student who was now looking anywhere but their direction.

He let go of his hold to open the diner door for her, "Ladies first. Table for two, please. Observing the complex, he remembered how just three years ago it used to look so much nicer and did not have so many internal problems. I feel bad about you making the trip across town…" that is what Aries said, but she secretly looked forward to the days when he would come over. You are my best friend after all.

What kind of friend would I be if I didn't check on how you were doing," Loke asked. They started climbing up the stairs. To be honest, he often dropped hints that he wanted Aries to move out this complex and into a nicer one. The door to her apartment was wide open and by the looks of it, opened by force with the handle barely hanging on. He stepped up and threw his arm in front of her, "Stay behind me, Aries. Couch cushions taken out of place, coffee table turned over and broken, books and plates scattered the floor, television: How could someone do this?

He felt Aries's two slender arms wrap around one of his own. He kept walking to the next room, her bedroom. It was no better than the living room, the mattress was taken out of the frame, the drawers of her dresser pulled out as far as they could go, clothes thrown about the room. She was about to object to the idea, but he stopped her before she could say anything. What if he did not stop by today? What if she was here alone when this happened? Who is to say that she would have been fine?

Running his fingers through her hair was more to comfort him than her, just to let him know that she was still there. By raising and lowering her balances, she can raise a person's gravity to immobilize them, or lower it to send them flying. She can also change a person's direction of gravity in the anime. The guys go wild over her when she comes out in the anime. She hardly talks at all, and while she does have more lines in the anime, they're often very short or state the obvious.

Rarely talks and is always serene, and obeys Yukino without question. Scorpio Scorpio Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio JapaneseAndrew Chandler English Scorpio the Scorpion is a spirit with a tail-shaped cannon on his back that can shoot blasts of sand. He is also Aquarius' boyfriend. He is initially owned by Angel until he decides Lucy would make a much better master. He has dark-colored skin in the anime, making it hard to pin down what ethnicity he's supposed to be.

He switches his usual outfit for a trench coat for the Grand Magic Games after the Time Skipthough it's dropped entirely later on, and totally Adapted Out in the anime.

His main weapon is a cannon shaped and positioned like a scorpion's tail that fires sand. Wears a flower-shaped collar that is red and trimmed with gold around his neck. He shoots huge streams of sand out of his tail cannon.

The bottom of his eyes have triangular "cuts" that extend down his cheeks. Despite being owned by one of Lucy's cruelest enemies at first, he's pretty friendly with Lucy for being his girlfriend's owner, and leaves to take Aquarius out to dinner in the middle of their battle, even though this robs Lucy of her trump card and nearly gets her killed. His Verbal Tic in Japanese is "We are!

He's one of Angel's spirits, but ends up with Lucy after hearing good things about her. He has red hair on one half of his head, and white on the other half. He's Aquarius's often-mentioned boyfriend. He has hair on the very tip of his chin, which is present across the anime after he loses it in the manga.

He's the only one who can turn his girlfriend into a pile of sappy mush. Spell My Name with an "S": His Japanese name is actually just "Scorpion".

He seems very fond of the phrase "We are! He wears no shirt except for the collar around his neck. The only time he wears a shirt is when he wears a trench coat in the manga. An anime-exclusive subplot shows Scorpio's relationship with Aquarius on the rocks after she catches him flirting with other female spirits. As it's never brought up again, their status as a couple has become murky.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Voiced by: His key is given to Lucy by the natives of Galuna Island as a reward for helping them. He is straight-faced, Literal-Mindedand calculated in a fight. He doesn't get it as bad as Taurus, but there's rarely a time when he gets summoned without getting taken out of commission or being generally useless.

The guy wears a ridiculous outfit and, in the English dub, says equally ridiculous phrases with a completely straight face. The head part of his costume changes its expressions according to the situation. He can hit any target no matter what their size or how far away they are, even shooting a sniper's bullets in midair.

When asked if he can produce fire for Natsu, he states that he cannot. Only later does he realize that the issue at hand was if "fire could be produced", and proceeds to blow up some nearby machinery with his arrows. Our Centaurs Are Different: Before he's summoned for the first time, Gray pictures the half-man, half-horse spirit to look like a guy with a horse's head, while Lucy just laughs it off. Turns out Gray's speculation wasn't far off the mark.

The Straight and Arrow Path: There exist a multitude of firearms in the series, both magical and ordinary, but he sticks with his bow and arrow. He was meant to be inherited by Lucy from her mother along with Aquarius and Cancer, but due to certain complications with his interim owner Zoldio, his key doesn't come into Lucy's possession for 17 years.

He is a billy goat, so of course he'd have one. Always wears a suit of some sort, and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He wears this suit while possessed by Zoldio. His fancy tailcoat and expert hand-to-hand combat abilities give something to this effect. In the anime, he seems reluctant to say something to Lucy, but she tells him not to worry about being honest. He proceeds to bring up quite a few issues with her weight when he was carrying her in his arms.

He's never seen without them. He can kick ass in a fight, but remains servile and refined at all times. He even has a fondness of poetry in the anime, reciting one of his self-written poems to Lucy. He personally swore an oath to Layla that he would protect her daughter, Lucy.

He finally manages to uphold that promise after 17 years of being possessed by someone who tried to kill her. The Dog Bites Back: He lays the deciding blow on Zoldio after he Body Surfs into Loke, who gave him his Regulus for this purpose. He also gets a hit in on Hades, Zoldio's master, during Fairy Tail's last assault in their battle. He initially appears to be a rogue celestial spirit when he debuts among Grimoire Heart's Seven Kin of Purgatory, but it turns out he simply fell victim to a Body Snatcher.

As a goat man, he naturally has goat horns as well. Becomes one for Lucy after coming under her possession, helping her train for the Grand Magic Games and learn more about her magic. He is called the " Sea Goat " in the Funimation dub as his Zodiac sign is often affiliated with, yet his powers have nothing to do with water. He has a head and lower body similar to a goat, while the rest of him resembles a human.

He always remains calm and composed, except when possessed by Zoldio as a member of Grimoire Heart. To Layla Heartfilia, and then to her daughter Lucy. In fact, when Leo asks him if he will give his loyalty to Lucy, he says he can't because it already belongs to her.

He uses the Japanese pronoun "Meh", which is also the sound of a goat's bleating. This is changed to him uttering the word "Bah! Aquarius Aquarius the Water Bearer Voiced by: She is one of the spirits Lucy inherited from her mother Layla, but hates her new owner's guts and often attacks her instead of her intended targets.

Whenever Aquarius shows up, someone's usually bound to get hurt badly. Aquarius is still a major Jerk with a Heart of Gold in the anime, but she gets a few more Pet the Dog moments towards Lucy, especially in the Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc, which tones down her harsh attitude significantly.

She is Lucy's very first spirit, but has no problem mocking, berating, and attacking her owner. But then comes her Heroic Sacrifice in the Tartaros arc, and it's clear that both are deeply pained over potentially never seeing each other again. The Bus Came Back: By sacrificing Aquarius's key to summon the Celestial Spirit King, she completely severs her connection to the human world.

A new key eventually forms somewhere in Earth-land one year later, allowing her to return briefly in the Alvarez Empire arc before going away again. By the time of Years Quest, Lucy vows to find her key and reunite with her for good. While encouraging Lucy to sacrifice her key, she claims that she's always hated her and won't miss her.

Once Lucy actually does the deed, however, Aquarius finds herself tearing up at their imminent parting. She subjects Lucy to physical punishment for something as small as summoning her in a puddle. One of the few aversions in the series.

Fairy tail episode 32 celestial spirit king

Lucy can't summon her without an existing body of water, no matter how big or small it is. Her attitude towards Lucy is largely because she would frequently summon her because she didn't have any friends in the past, and always viewed her as a crybaby even long after she grew out of it.

In the Tartaros arc, she convinces Lucy to summon the Celestial King by destroying her key. Although this doesn't kill Aquarius, she and Lucy are completely cut off from each other. She returns one year later in the Alvarez Empire arc when her key is restored, but her old contract with Lucy has been voided and she isn't allowed to tell Lucy where her key is, meaning Lucy has to find it before they are permanently reunited. Hidden Heart of Gold: Right before Lucy sacrifices her key, Aquarius tells her she'd be relieved if they never saw each other again, all while trying and failing to deny how heartbroken she actually is.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Although she can be an ill-tempered bitch, her actions in the Alvarez Empire arc show that she truly loves Lucy just like the other spirits.

The urn she carries contains a bottomless supply of water, which can unleash tidal waves, whirlpools, and other aquatic hazards on her enemies, often washing Lucy away with it. She'll usually abandon Lucy at the quickest opportunity, but during the Tartaros arc, when Lucy's life is in clear danger without any of her guildmates to help her, the worst she does to Lucy is call her an idiot for overexerting her magic power to summon her, and she is fiercely protective of her against her opponents.

With Juvia, a fellow water magic user, whom she hits it off very well with during Fairy Tail's stay in the Celestial Spirit World. Scorpio is her boyfriend. Our Mermaids Are Different: She takes the form of a mermaid, but she rarely appears submerged in water and always floats in midair.

Despite being a candidate for biggest Jerk with a Heart of Gold in the series, she has her moments: She is among the rest of Lucy's spirits who agree with her that Leo shouldn't sacrifice his life for a reason they believe not to be right. The anime gives her even more Pet the Dog moments: Her eyes lack any shine, emphasizing she's a spirit.

She often abandons Lucy to go on dates with her boyfriend. With Scorpio, completely clashing with her usual angry Jerk with a Heart of Gold persona. Aquarius is the only one of Lucy's spirits who harbors any animosity towards her under the same contract, and even willingly attacks her.

She acts hot-tempered and bitchy to everyone, especially Lucy, but shows a sickeningly sweeter side around her boyfriend, Scorpio. Later, right before Lucy breaks her key, Aquarius claims she always hated Lucy for being such a naive, crybaby little brat, but admits to herself that never being able to see her again makes her feel sad.

To the late Layla Heartfilia. The main reason she always acts so hostile to Lucy is because she never got over Layla's death and felt her daughter could never hold a candle to her. Not just because she's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold around Lucy; her power is inherently just so destructive that it washes Lucy away with her enemies as well, though according to Aquarius, it's the other way around.

A Shoulder to Lean On Chapter 1: Moving Day, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

With Friends Like These Despite being one of Lucy's trusted spirit companions, she deeply resents her. In fact, not only does she have no trouble attacking Lucy, but she even abandons her for a date with Scorpio at times when she's most needed.

In the anime, she and Scorpio begin having relationship issues after she catches him going out with other female spirits behind her back.

She has aquamarine hair fitting for a water spirit. Pisces Mother Pisces voiced by: Shohei Kajikawa JapaneseJustin Pate English Click here to see their human forms Click here to see their water-affected forms Pisces the Twin Fish are a pair of giant fish who attack their target in tandem.

Their true forms are those of a human mother and child. They are one of Yukino's signature spirits. The mother's human outfit overlaps with Cleavage Windowshowing everything under her neck. Attack of the Foot Whatever: They're giant koi fish who could easily swallow a person whole at full size.

They consist of an Action Mom and her equally skilled Momma's Boy. Yukino only calls them in their human form whenever she needs to "eliminate" someone.