Liesel and max relationship tips


liesel and max relationship tips

The relationship between Liesel and Max demonstrates true friendship whilst in hardship. Furthermore . The tip of its ear touched his throat. Met kennis, actualiteit, tips en meningen. She has a love/hate relationship with Rudy Steiner, steals books, fights boys in lower school and paints Max and Liesel become friends and Max decides to make her a book. Discuss how Liesel's relationship with Rosa changes by the end of the novel. Compare and contrast the lives of Liesel and Max Vandenburg.

Their most intimate parts touching. Rudy tried to ignore it. The girl of his dreams was seducing him!

liesel and max relationship tips

I couldn't tell you all the inappropriate things he had in his mind. It was too dirty. Oh the things Rudy wanted to do with her mouth. She buckled her thighs against him. You have to stop. Doesn't he want her. Doesn't he feel the same?

I don't want to make you hate me and leave. Their lips so close, yet not close enough. To hell with it. Saumensch was going to get what she asked for.

liesel and max relationship tips

Rudy locked her in his arms and kissed her hungrily. He could feel her smile into the kiss and when she sucked on his bottom lip. His body was awaken with adrenaline that bolted through him. They made their way to dry soil so they could continue. If Rudy wasn't already not wearing a shirt she would have liked to rip it off. She went on top of him again but before she knew it she felt her hand reach her strap and the tables were turned. He was now on top and her bra was off.

He buried his face on the crock of her neck and breathed in her scent. Her hair smelled of Roses and the dirt which she was lying on. His hand stayed strictly under her breast until she touched herself and placed his hand on it.

They were soft yet firm like jelly. He had a nice handful and his hands were pretty big. She suddenly pushed his off forcefully before getting on top of him. She made her way down trailing kisses down his body. They were both panting. She continued to do so over his underwear shorts and when she was directly above his 'thing' she stopped and looked at him. Rudy looked down at the girl. It was Liesel but she was so different.

It was the girl he loved but it was also someone he could see doing 'fantasy' things with. She looked back at him with innocent wide eyes making him groan in misery. Rudy could say nothing but give a slight nod. Erik and Hans were friends and that was all that mattered to them. The fact that Erik, unknowingly, saved Hans' life added another item, to the list of objections he had towards the Nazi Party. He owed Erik to not forget him or what he had done for him.

He also owed Erik's son and he would do everything he could to help save Max. This is why despite wanting to leave he stays in the basement, because he knows what awaits him if he leaves.

He carries with him the guilt of leaving his family behind in Stuttgart and the guilt of jeopardizing Hans, Rosa and Liesel. So the only way he can express these emotions to them is to say thank you and I'm sorry.

liesel and max relationship tips

It made their friendship stronger and kept Erik alive for Hans every time he played Erik's instrument. In this same way, Max and Liesel shared a love of words, which too drew them together in friendship, during the horror of World War II. This bond was unbroken by the book Max left for Liesel, after he had to leave the Hubermann household.

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They never forgot one another and were fortunately reunited after the war. You taught me to read. No one can play like you. I'll never drink champagne. Moreover, Max and Liesel also bond over the trauma that has been inflicted upon them by the society they inhabit. Liesel witnessed the death of her brother on a cold winter night at a train yard and constantly experiences nightmares due to this. Similarly Max has nightmares about fighting Adolf Hitler.

What do you see when you dream like that? Both Liesel and Max have had an immense amount of emotional trauma inflicted upon them by others. The trauma that has been inflicted upon Max and Liesel hangs over them throughout the book, and has a very negative effect on their lives.

Due to Max and Liesel discussing what haunts them during the night, Liesel became able to get through nightmares without the aid of her foster father.

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At this point, the nightmares start to have a lesser effect on Liesel and she begins to sleep for longer periods. Although many unfortunate events fall upon Liesel and Max, together they are able to use the evil around them to create a lasting friendship.

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Secondly, on multiple occasions Hans Hubermann has shown a great deal of empathy and kindness to Jewish people within the harsh societal climate of Nazi Germany.

Despite facing harsh punishment if caught, Hans gave bread to an old, weakly Jewish man as they marched by.

liesel and max relationship tips

This simple act from Hans shows a great deal of empathy for his fellow man despite later facing intense punishment and scrutiny for this action. Hans takes the evil of the holocaust and makes an example of how fellow humans should be treated.

Max and Liesel; How Max Plays an Important Role in Liesel’s Life

Hans also shows empathy and kindness towards Jews by taking Max Vandenburg into his home. Due to this history, Hans takes it upon himself to hide Max in his home for the duration of the war. Also, much like Alex Steiner, some of his most loyal customers were Jewish.

Hans is able to see past the religion of people and judges them on their strength of character and morals rather than labeling them.