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Caught up in work Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyousuke who are He was a vision of beauty and as always Daisuke couldn't help but be . of our relationship because there aren't any reporters and photographers following us around. I trust your word since you are the expert when it comes to. Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven He said: "Our relationship gradually developped and we slowly became the real. Mao has a very close relationship with his own older brother and as far as I Tags:!hamao kyousuke,!watanabe daisuke, takumi-kun series, translation: gen Daisuke, trust me, I never let blinking get in the way of a Takumi and Gii moment.

This collection will explore times when Merlin surprises people with skills they do not expect him to have. Hard-working Merlin - Rated: What happens if someone threatens their relationship? Yeah cliche plot but trust me, it'll be worth it to read Maybe rated M later But I must be strong to full fill my promised to someone really important to me.

Specially when his new family really protected him for 'something' When will I be saved' The sword plunged into me and blood dripped slowly down my chin, but I smiled. Arthur, Merlin, and the loyal Knights of Camelot still have their hands full keeping the kingdom in line, but what's life without a little variety?

But loyalties and friendships are soon put to the test when a series of events begins to reveal the deepest secrets of one of the most trusted knights of the Round Table; secrets that could change everything. The war was finally over and he was going back to Hogwarts to be a teen for just one year.

Takumi-kun/Daisuke Watanabe/Kyousuke Hamao

But as usual, things never go as planned when Harry is involved. The Death Eaters are still at large. Harry has started having dreams again. And something is going on with Ginny. Will Harry ever have an easy year at Hogwarts? He knows he has holes in his memories that he cannot fill and the nightmares only torture him more.

What happens when Light starts to believe he might really have been Kira? Rating is at M starting at Ch. Death Note - Rated: Tenshi reviews After a boozy Christmas Party with friends, Daisuke and Kyousuke wake up together in bed half naked. And that would be great What would have happened if something came up and ruin it? Will they still be able to spend it happily?

Will he be successful though? K - English - Chapters: Everyone has else had graduated. Even Misu seems so far away. Further now that an old friend from home has arrived at Shidou to reconnect with Shingyouji.

It is recommend you read it first. This including there schoolmates and families. Will they be able to obtain the happiness they deserve or will it all come tumbling down? Please read and review! And then this spiraled out of control I hope you can enjoy my lame attempts at humor otherwise. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Nor could they have suspected that Takumi's parents wanted a place in their son's heart they had never earned to begin with.

"wiwit eka volkova" hamao kyousuke love daisuke watanabe (takumi kun ~an0 hareta a0z0ra) :'(

In that department, there was a group of elite detectives. But within that group, there is a member with a dark past, dark secret and a desire for revenge. What will happen to this elite group when a rookie joins? But even so, preparations for Yule festivities along with some unforeseen circumstances result in Merlin taking on too much work. Unfortunately nobody notices until it's almost too late.

What could be his problem? Watanabe Daisuke enters a small store to run from the heavy rain there he will learn some very important words and the meaning of remembering someone isn't always bad. K - English - Romance - Chapters: He's a big fan. The threatening gun and a tight arm around him stilled the teenager, but he continued to shake and cry.

The elder hugged him, rocked him, promised everything would be all right and prayed that wasn't a lie. It's okay, I've got you and we're going to be okay.

You might even enjoy your time with him. Let's just say he's rich enough to get whatever he wants. Daisuke's only experience with fans had been with excited girls, but some guy obsessed enough to kidnap them had to be dangerous.

I've got to protect Mao, I've got to get us out of this. What's wrong, even Gii can't make you feel better?

Are you thinking of Big Brother, Takumi-kun? He sat up and glared with a coldness his character had never attained. Don't call me that, I'm not - " Lightning-quick, Suzu had poured something onto a handkerchief, pulled Kyousuke back into his lap and was pressing it to his mouth and nose. Held back, Daisuke could only watch and shout protests as the boy's struggles diminished, until he slumped in a drugged sleep. Suzu took this opportunity to slip a hand under the unconscious boy's shirt, but Masa ordered him to give the boy back to their other captive.

Daisuke wrapped protective arms around him. At worst, he'll wake up with a headache. I told you, the boss doesn't want to hurt you. You'll be surprised how much he likes you. Hope you like your character, kid, it'll be easier on you. You'll see, there are worse lives than the ones you'll have. Anyway, say good night. Daisuke was gathered in a large rehearsal room with the rest of the new Tenimyu cast, talking to Tomo who he'd liked immediately.

He could see why some people were put off by the dry-humored younger actor, but Daisuke liked his eye-rolling and deprecating quips. I'm actually going to audition for the sequel, are you going to be in it? If I have to play one more fucking uke I'll end up shooting up a shopping mall. You're going for Gii? I wonder who your Takumi would be. Too bad, you might have been interesting to grope," he laughed. Did you meet them all yet? Gah, I think they're all younger than me too.

Why am I always the old man? I'm not doing any baby-sitting, I hope that's understood Scanning the room, Daisuke's eyes had landed, and froze, on a boy talking to a castmate. He was very young-looking, slender, still growing and not tall, with glossy dyed-brown hair and unusually big, lovely eyes.

He was smiling a bit shyly, laughing nervously, and Daisuke had never seen or imagined anything so heart-achingly beautiful. Did I just think that? He's a guy, and a kid on top of that. I can't look away. What's wrong with me? That's Hamao-kun, or Mao, as he prefers to be called, the aforementioned cast baby. Don't tell me he's the reason your jaw is scraping the floor.

I'm not - " "Uh-huh. Let's get this over with. Come here a minute. The boy quickly approached them, politely bowing to each. Daisuke wasn't sure he'd be able to even form words. The kid was even prettier up close, glowing with health and vitality and anxious energy.

He offered his senpais a shy smile. This is Watanabe Daisuke. I look forward to serving on your team. Call me Dai-chan, or Buchou as everyone else is doing. He bowed again and murmured a pleasantry before dashing off, and Daisuke felt his heart stretching thin with every step the teenager took.

This is bad, this is so bad, I'm not only gay, I'm a pedophile. Tomo, ever helpful, was snickering beside him. What are you going to do? You're still staring at him. He's practically a baby. Why not be his friend, and in three years you can ask him out? They had already been driving for almost an hour when Daisuke left the main road and turned into a rather narrow side street and within minutes the couple was surrounded by nothing but grassy fields and trees. Only a short while later the older man stopped the car on the narrow side strip of the road, near the entrance to a small country lane that was leading further into the wilderness and turned off the engine.

Shrugging his shoulders the younger man followed the other's command and allowed himself to be led down the field path. I can't see anything around here but natural terrain and lots of it. Our destination lies right behind it. Unlike me you have been here before," the so addressed man sighed which made the other chuckle lightly in response.

With that silence settled once more between the two lovers as they continued on their way, Kyousuke's excitement and curiosity growing with every step that brought him closer to the clumps of trees his beloved had pointed out only a few minutes earlier. The field path that wound through the trees became narrower, but after Kyousuke had followed it for a short while the trees suddenly gave way to a rather spacious clearing and once he had entered it his jaw dropped to the ground at the sight in front of him, just like a couple of hours before.

There, surrounded by majestic trees and bushes stood the ruins of an ancient building that, from the looks of it, seemed to have been some sort of residence once. The stone walls were partly covered with twines of ivy and patches of moss as were the stairs that led into the inside of the ruin. I'm not sure if it is enchanted though, but who knows…" "Whether it's enchanted or not, this place is absolutely beautiful and very romantic," the ebony-haired youth sighed dreamily.

For a long while the couple walked around hand in hand in the remains of the ancient castle and in an especially beautiful spot of the ruin they finally sat down in the soft grass.

I stopped the car near the spot where it is parked now to have a look at the map when I noticed the field path leading away from the road. I wasn't pressed for time, so I decided follow the lane and take a little walk, thinking that the track would eventually lead me to a farm where I could ask for directions, but I ended up here in this ruin instead. I often see couples wearing the same kind of ring, necklace or any other accessory that shows everybody else that they are an item and belong together.

In those moments I always wish that I could do the same thing and wear something that shows the world that I and my heart belong to you. Returning the smile with equal affection the brown-haired actor took a deep breath before he spoke up again, his warm baritone voice trembling slightly.

I even brought it with me to Okinawa, including this trip and after what you just said I think this is the perfect time and place to offer you this little present.

Ever so carefully he opened the box and once he had laid eyes upon its contents he gasped out, his chocolate-colored orbs beginning to cloud over with tears. On a black, velvet cushion sat a filigree, golden necklace with an intricate, beautifully shaped 'D' pendant that was adorned with a couple of small, clear gems.

Thank you Dai-chan, thank you, thank you!

Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven

I would love to wear an 'M' necklace, but that would probably be a little too obvious," he explained in a soft, velvety voice that had a slightly apologetic undertone. With a sweet sigh of pleasure escaping him Kyousuke closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around Daisuke's neck as he eagerly returned the other man's kiss.

Encircling his partner's tiny waist the older actor began to nibble and suckle the ebony-haired youth's lips in a playful, yet sensual manner, not hesitating to deepen the kiss when they slightly parted in response. The young man allowed his lover to take the lead, moaning softly as he felt Daisuke's tongue swirling erotically around his own in the most seductive way. When the lovers finally pulled away to fill their lungs with much needed oxygen they gazed longingly at each other and smiling sexily at his boyfriend the elder of the two shifted his weight before pushing the other gently down onto the grass.

He nipped, licked and bit the soft, sensitive flesh while he skillfully unbuttoned Kyousuke's shirt, coaxing sweet moans of pleasure out of the young actor.