Kurt and blaine relationship

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kurt and blaine relationship

The biggest insult to the queer community is that the show pushes Kurt and Blaine's relationship as a healthy one, despite how toxic it truly is. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are one of the most-loved couples on Glee. And even though they hit a Trace Klaine's relationship from the beginning ahead!. Kurt has a close relationship with his father Burt, who openly The Kurt–Blaine relationship has been well received by critics, and.

However, in the episode " Original Song ", Blaine realizes his true feelings for Kurt, and they share a kiss. The attendees greet Karofsky's election as Prom King with great enthusiasm, but a stunned silence falls when Kurt is declared Prom Queen due to having received an overwhelming number of unwanted write-in votes in the secret balloting.

Humiliated, Kurt flees in tears, but is able to calm down and return for his coronation; his comment—"Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton "—garners applause that swells into an ovation. The traditional dance between King and Queen is next, and Karofsky is faced with having to partner with a boy in front of his classmates. He rejects Kurt's suggestion to come out at the prom, and abandons Kurt on the dance floor as the music begins; Blaine dances with Kurt instead.

Kurt and Rachel sneak into the Gershwin Theatre where Wicked is playing, and from the stage they sing " For Good ", a song from the musical. They both decide to come back to New York after graduation. New Directions finishes in twelfth place at Nationals, and upon Kurt's return to Ohio, he and Blaine declare their love for one another. Kurt and Rachel decide they want to apply to a top school for the dramatic arts in New York City, NYADA, but are intimidated when they meet some of their competition and decide their applications need to include more accomplishments: Rachel proposes that McKinley do West Side Story as the school musical so she can star in it, and Kurt runs for class president.

He nevertheless loses to Brittany, and Rachel is suspended from school for cheating. The same day that Kurt loses, his father wins a special congressional election against Sue.

Sebastian convinces Kurt and Blaine to go with him to a local gay bar—he supplies the fake IDs—and spends half the night dancing with Blaine.

kurt and blaine relationship

When they leave, a drunk and aroused Blaine urges Kurt to have sex with him in the back seat of the car. Kurt refuses, and Blaine walks home. He later tells Kurt that he was just nervous about the possibility of their first time, and that he cares nothing for Sebastian. They kiss onstage in the empty auditorium, and Kurt proposes that they go over to Blaine's house for the night, where they have sex together for the first time. Sebastian, who has been unsuccessful in his attempts to steal Blaine from Kurt, throws a slushie laced with rock salt at Kurt, but Blaine jumps in front of Kurt and is badly injured by it; the cornea in his right eye is deeply scratched and requires surgery.

The two hit it off instantly with their common interest of moving to New York after high school. Kurt begins texting Chandler quite often soon after that. Rachel thinks he's being in the wrong that Kurt is cheating on Blaine instead of talking to Blaine about the rut they are in. Blaine finds out about Chandler and is extremely hurt. Eventually after having a talk in Emma's office, the two make up and are stronger than ever. Kurt reassures him that they will be okay as a couple.

After the encouragement of Blaine and his father, he decides to sell his car and fly to New York, where he finds a loft in Bushwick for him and Rachel to move into. Kurt applies for a job at Vogue. Early on, she leans on his support, and then quickly returns his support when he decides to give Rachel a makeover in the Vogue closet.

Instead of being angry, she loves his idea to do a musical makeover for the website and joins in the makeover. Kurt becomes increasingly busy with his job at Vogue, and Blaine cheats on him in Lima. He comes to New York to tell Kurt what happened, and they break up. Kurt continues working at Vogue throughout the season, and Isabelle encourages him to try to forgive Blaine, and at Thanksgiving, she brings her friends over to their loft and throws him a "kiki.

Later, when Kurt is at the Winter Showcase to support Rachel, she sees him moved by Rachel's piece, and announces that he will be auditioning after the intermission. Though he initially panics, Rachel convinces him that he doesn't need his bells and whistles to perform, and he chooses to sing "Being Alive" from Company, which impresses the NYADA audience, and he later gets a letter telling him that he has gotten in.

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At Christmas, Kurt elects not to go back home, and so his father comes up to New York to set up his Christmas tree and spend some time with him. At this point, he tells Kurt that he has prostate cancer. He also has brought Blaine with him, who tries to win back Kurt's trust, but the trip is uneasy. When Kurt begins at NYADA, he struggles initially to find his place, and meets a student named Adam Crawford, a senior who wants to recruit him for his own show choir, Adam's Apples, and also seems interested in Kurt himself; Kurt eventually asks him out for coffee.

While at Will and Emma's wedding, Kurt and Blaine hook up, leaving their relationship in a question, since Kurt is dating Adam, but not exclusive. When Kurt returns to New York, there is a snowstorm, leaving Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Adam stuck together in the loft watching movies together.

kurt and blaine relationship

Santana strongly hints about Kurt's hook up with Blaine, and after they are back at school, Adam asks Kurt about his feelings for Blaine.

Kurt says that he is desperately trying to get over Blaine, and Adam invites him to find their own romantic movie. When Santana moves in with him and Rachel, Kurt tries to keep Santana from telling Rachel about Brody prostituting himself. But Santana tells Rachel anyway, much to Kurt's dismay. Later, Kurt and Rachel confront Santana for working at a club dancing and try to encourage her to take a dance class from the extension school of NYADA to keep her skills honed.

Still working at Vogue, Kurt is put in charge of a ballet gala, and invites Rachel and Santana to help. He and Rachel reveal that they both had experiences with ballet as children, and Kurt started ballet at the age of three years when his mother decided to take him. He bribes Santana to go with a designer dress, and once they are at the gala, she admits she was in ballet as a child too and loved it. When Kurt returns to Lima, it is to be there for his father's doctor's visit, and his anxiety is apparent throughout his interactions with his friends.

However, in the doctor's office, Kurt, Burt, and Carole learn that Burt's cancer has gone into remission, and Kurt takes his father to the Glee club to sing "Sunshine of My Life" to him, which Kurt says Burt used to sing to him when he was little.

Emboldened, Blaine decides to ask Kurt to marry him, which he does in an extravagant proposal at Dalton Academy, in the spot where the two met. He then returns to Lima in " The Quarterback " for his stepbrother Finn's funeral and subsequent memorial, and he grieves with his parents and friends.

At the two's insistence, Kurt and Blaine get married alongside them.

Adam-Kurt Relationship

Inthey are still married and are a celebrity couple. Rachel is pregnant with their child who is assumed to be a girl. Characterization[ edit ] The scene where Kurt comes out is taken verbatim from the life of Glee creator Ryan Murphy pictured. According to Colfer, Glee's creators initially "were leaning on [Kurt] being overly flamboyant".

However, the actor stated that he did not want to take that approach "because it's so overdone". Instead, he decided to portray the character as "more internal and superior. He's a tough guy in designer clothes. If God is kindness and love, make me believe in God.

kurt and blaine relationship

The scene in which he tells his father was taken verbatim from Murphy's own life. Murphy felt that the scene was "a great thing to put on television", because, while gay characters are often isolated and attacked, audiences have rarely seen an openly gay character who "wins and triumphs".

It's about happy endings and optimism and the power of your personal journey and making you feel that the weird thing about me is the great thing about me. I've done other shows with gay characters, and I will say that in many of those cases, the gay characters didn't have a happy ending. And I thought you know what? He explained, "I think it's probably the first time a character's sexuality has been respected and almost dignified in a way, and I think that's really important, and there needs to be more of that on TV.

Glee's costume designer Lou Eyrich said in an interview with the Seattle Times that Kurt is one of her favorite characters to dress: He's a perfect doll to dress because he'll try on anything. As the series progresses their relationship continues to grow stronger.

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Colfer has credited his off-screen relationship with O'Malley with improving the quality of their scenes together. The first occurrence is initially alluded to in the episode "Acafellas", in which Kurt tells his friend Mercedes that he does have feelings for someone.

Mercedes mistakenly assumes that Rachel, the glee club's lead singer, is the object of Kurt's affections, and although he later tells Mercedes that he is gay, he does not reveal to her that he is actually in love with the club's male lead, Finn. The episode in which Burt defends his son against Finn's name-calling prompted a response from Eric Goldman of IGNwho declared it "one of the heaviest scenes Glee has ever delved into".

However, Sam's storyline was later adjusted to pair him with glee club member Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron after producers observed the chemistry between Overstreet and Agron. Murphy was unsure at first whether their relationship would become a romantic one, and stated that he wished to gauge public response to their friendship before planning future developments.

While Kurt is decorating Pavarotti's casket, Blaine asks him to help practice the song he's chosen for their duet: Candles by Hey Monday, which he chose because he wanted something a little more emotional than his usual Top 40 choices. He admits that he had a surprise revelation after being moved whilst listening to Kurt sing Blackbird. He's realized what his feelings for Kurt are. He reveals that he fell for Kurt while the latter sang "Blackbird.

After being shocked for a few moments, Kurt grabs him and kisses him back with passion. When they break for air you can clearly see both of them are blushing. They then keep kissing. Mercedes unleashes her original song, Hell to the Nowhich gets a positive response from all the Glee-clubers. Yet, Will's not sure if it's Regionals material. Pointing out that the greatest songs address some kind of personal pain, Will encourages the students to tap a great hurt for their tune, and the students realize that Sue has been the source of their greatest torment.

When Finn says that Sue's torture tactics hurt at first, but ultimately "make you want to win," Will thinks they may have just discovered their original song. Rachel then approaches Quinn because she wants to know if she and Finn are dating, which Quinn confirms.

They both think that Finn should be with them, so Quinn tries to make Rachel forget Finn by telling her that he will only keep her from becoming a star. But Rachel doesn't want to hear it. She says that their relationship isn't over yet, but Quinn yells at her that it is. Quinn then wants to gt back to songwriting, but Rachel has decided that she wants to write the song on her own. As the day of Regionals arrives, Sue admits to Will that she had lied about her connections to "My Chemical Romance," and also, that she chose Aural Intensity 's set list with the judges in mind.

They are introduced in the scene that comes right after their talk. Next up are the Dalton Academy Warblers. Kurt is nervous about singing a solo in front of a competition audience for the first time, to which he gets comforted by his new boyfriend. They open with the duet, Candlessung by Kurt and Blaine. The latter follows up with Raise Your Glass and the audience responds enthusiastically, including the New Directions. At the end of the song Kurt rushes up to Blaine in a hug.

Blaine Anderson

The Warblers are all smiles after what they think was a winning performance. Finn approaches Rachel before she goes on stage to sing her solo in order to wish her good luck. She reminds him that the last time they were here he told her he loved her. Finn simply replies that her song is really good before Rachel goes on to the stage to sing her solo Get It Righta song reflecting on the past failures in her relationship with Finn and expressing her deep desire to reconcile with him.

She looks over to him during the number, Finn smiles while Quinn looks on with concern. It ends with the group throwing slushie cups filled with red confetti at the audience. Finn and Rachel share a hug and Quinn looks on, disheartened. Following the performances, the judges then discuss which club they think should win, not without touching several other subjects. A drunken governor's wife then announces that the New Directions are the winners.

The team celebrate while Kurt and Blaine look on disappointed, but conceding.