Kirsten prout and matt dallas relationship

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kirsten prout and matt dallas relationship

Meet Twilight Newbie Kirsten Prout! By Cosmo surely were taken by Vampire Lucy played by Kirsten Prout. (Matt Dallas in Kyle XY and all. Matt Dallas and Kirsten Prout star together on "Kyle XY". Georgie . See more. Kyle xy, Matt Dallas and kirsten prout Kirsten Prout, Matt Dallas, Tv Shows. Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas, Kyle XY Jessi and [his girlfriend ] Amanda [Kirsten Prout] when the show returns next year.

This is clearly going to be a problem for his relationship with Amanda. Kyle is torn in his choices, because he knows there's a consequence for leaving Amanda, at a time when she needs him, to go after Jessi. Amanda's already starting to question her relationship with Kyle, so his decision is really difficult.

But he knows that he's here for a purpose and he has to fulfill his destiny. What exactly are Kyle and Jessi looking for? C'mon, give us a hint. Let's say someone from the past shows up unexpectedly. We learned recently that Kyle and Jessi can get inside each others' minds.

Does that have any payoff? Jessi gets into Kyle's head and accesses information. And then something pretty shocking happens. What are the Tragers — Kyle's adopted family — going through tonight? They're starting to question who Kyle is, because he's become more and more suspicious.

He's distancing himself from the family, not intentionally, but because he's struggling with his dual identity: It's especially hard for Nicole [Marguerite MacIntyre], who's poured so much of herself into this boy and feels rejected by him. Is there danger in the episode? There's a fight sequence and a cliff. That's all I'll say. Sounds like we can expect, quite literally, a cliff-hanger.

What can you tell us about the second half of the season? The first episode of the back 10 is huge. And that part was Declan. Of course I'm disappointed not to have landed the part of Kyle, but, thinking of it, it was not really made for me What do you enjoy the most playing in this show?

There's really a great atmosphere here. Even if the rhythm of work is extremely sustained, everything takes place in the cheerfulness and there's no competition between us.

Generally, actors don't take the time to speak to technicians between two scenes. It's not the case in our show. We're laughing together, there's no clan. It's a great pleasure to work in such a good atmosphere. And what's the most difficult? I'm from Los Angeles, and all my family and friends live there. So it's not very easy for me to work 9 months a year in Vancouver.

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It's long, but I try to go back home everytime I can. Then, about the show, I admit it's sometimes very frustating not to know before what's going to happen to our characters in the coming episodes. I'd love to know every answers right now, to know what's going to happen to Declan, but it's not possible because the writers often change their minds during the seasons What would you like to happen to Declan in the next episodes? I'd like us to learn more about his past.

During the first two seasons, we learnt he was coming from a wealthy family, and that he didn't get along well with his father. But we never heard of his mother. I'd like to get into this aspect of his life deeply, and plunging into his past. I think that, sooner or later, we'll learn more about Declan. Can you share your opinion about the scripts? The best thing with our producers and writers is that they allow us to give our opinion on the lines of our characters.

If I don't agree with a line of Declan, I just have to call the writers team in Los Angeles and inform them of my suggestion. OK, they're not always taken into account, but, at least, I can share my opinion! On the shooting of the show, it's like the favorite pastime of everybody, but yeah, in fact, I have a certain number of hoaxes to my credit. My favorite is when I faked being one of the producers and I called Matt to make him believe the rolls of the episodes we shot had been lost and that we had to shoot them again.

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It was at the end of the Season 1, and he was completely panic-stricken, because he just signed contracts somewhere else. He was almost crying on the phone: Probably the one when Kyle plays basketball with us. We shot during a whole week on a basketball court, and as a huge sport fan, I had a great time.

kirsten prout and matt dallas relationship

For this episode, we didn't have the time to go back to our dressing rooms between two scenes. There was no moment of respite. I enjoyed it a lot! Do you get along well with April Matson? She's an amazing girl, very smart, and full of humor. Besides, my wife was a little jealous of her when I started shooting the show! April is a good friend with whom I can talk about everything, but there was never any ambiguity between us.

As I said in another thread, I'm going to translate the interview of April Matson now So it will make you wait a little more! Talented actress and musician, April Matson has already everything to be succesful.

Even if she may look like a teenager, at 27, April is no more a kid. But this doesn't prevent her from being Lori Trager with pleasure. And this character is strangely familiar for her. Isn't it weird to play a teenager when you are 27? At the contrary, it's actually quite funny.

Sometimes, I really would like to play an adult version of Lori, but the fun in being a high school pupil is that it allows me to live again things I've experimented by myself before. For example, when I was younger, I had a relationship which looked like the one between Lori and Declan.

At that time, I didn't really understand why I was attracted by a guy like that, even if it was stronger than me. I had different kinds of feelings, even some violent one, and it hurted me! Playing again these situations in front of cameras helps me to understand who I was at that age. We met for the first time at LAX, Los Angeles Airport, while we were about taking the plane to Vancouver to shoot the pilot of the show.

We passed totally by chance, and, weirdly, we recognized each other despite we never met before. I went toward him and I said: He was totally surprised to see I knew who he was! That's how we became friends.

Then, when the show was picked up, we decided to rent a house together. It was totally natural for us seeing how we got along so well! So, is Matt a good co-renter? Does he participate in the domestic tasks, for example? Yes, for that, Matt is a great co-renter! For example, when I invite friends for diner, he always suggests washing up to let me rest.

But Matt and I are not really fussy with the housework We like everything's to be clean in the house, but we don't spend our weekends dusting or hoovering Do you think one day a love story between Lori and Kyle could happen? When we shot the pilot, I immediatly thought writers were going to invent a story between Kyle and Lori. Besides, at that time, they admitted to me that they were thinking about it.

But they finally gave up this idea. They're united by something very pure and innocent, and they will probably never end up together. You sing in the show, and you get by pretty well. Did you ever think of trying to start a career in the music industry? I've always loved music. I've played guitar and I've been writing songs since I'm From now, I never serioulsy considered going this way. I was frightened when I thought I had to sing in front of a camera for the show.

I felf like I wasn't able to do it. I succeeded in overcome my fears though, and now, I plan to record an EP with my compositions. If it works, it's great, but if I get it all wrong, I could say I tried How do you see the future of Lori in the next episodes?

kirsten prout and matt dallas relationship

I would like to see Lori becoming completely independant. I know she's now ready to enter the adult world and behave like a woman. I think Lori will be very different in Season And except that, you're going to hear new songs of Lori in the next episodes, and I will compose them! The producers gave me carte blanche and it was an opportunity I couldn't refuse! What do you do in your free time? I have a big passion for horse riding.

matt dallas and kirsten prout from KYLE XY

Whenever I can, I go for a ride with my horse. There's nothing better for getting fresh ideas Generally, I'm very close to nature, and I'd rather spend my time in a wood than in a mall. That's why I'm very happy we're shooting the show in Vancouver. Around here, there's everything: I really feel like in my element!

But, at the opposite of her character, Chelan Simmons is not a diva at all, and she distinguishes herself by a simplicity and a great kindness How was your audition for the part of Hillary?

But I was so enchanted by the script that I did all I could do to go. I've never read a so schemer script before. As the TV viewers who watched later the episode, I couldn't stop wondering where Kyle was coming from So, I make profit of a little quarter of an hour break during the shooting of the movie to go and do this audition.

Everything happened so fast! It seems April Matson was also there the day you auditionned Yes, April had already signed her contract. And as, in the show, Hillary is supposed to be the Lori's BFF, producers wanted April to be by my side to see if a real alchemy could exist between us.

Luckily, it was the case!

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We immediately became friends. I wanted Hillary's part so much that I was completely released during the audition. I made producers laugh a lot, and I think that's why I was taken on too.

Did you feel some kind of affinity with Hillary? Generally, I'm quite the opposite of Hillary. She's the kind of girl who doesn't not stay silent or quiet when something goes wrong. In my case, it's rather the contrary. Let's take an example: But the waiter made a mistake and bring me a steak. And I hate red meat! I didn't dare make him realize it. I didn't say nothing and I tried to eat my steak! Actually, I think I'm too polite. In this case, it's different.

If the writers really do wrong things with my character, I would be such irritated that I could not do something else than inform them of my dissatisfaction. Fortunately, it never happens.

I'm very satisfied with the evolution of Hillary. In the Season 2, she's not anymore the girl who only looks for drawing attention to her. She's more mature and deeper. She knows now what she wants to do in her life, and she's also devoted to the happiness of her close friends and relatives. But it doesn't prevent her to have sometimes the behavior of a diva.

I'm looking forward to know what she's going to become in Season 3. Can you talk about your future movie projects? I finished the shooting of two movies. It's a thriller produced by George Clooney and the scenario gave me goosebumps. Well, OK, I'm the kind of person who is afraid for nothing. I am Lindsay Lohan! I think she's not going to like the movie and she won't feel like meeting me later, but I had a lot of fun! I was very young, I think I was 4. My parents told me that one day, I was watching an advertising on TV and I cried out: So my mom gave up and registered me in a child model agency.

For my very first advertising, a boy had to kiss me on the cheek. I almost ran away, I found that very disgusting! It had nothing in common with what I saw on TV and what gave me the desire to do this job! That's the kind of movie I'd like to play in. To spice up the show, the producers had the great idea to introduce in the Season 2 the female alter ego of Kyle.

On the screen, Jessi XX is played by Jaimie Alexander, a 24 years old young and beautiful actress who completely blossoms being this half-angel and half-devil girl I think you have a very funny anecdote to tell us about your audition for Jessi Yeah, well, that was not very funny for me!

At that time, I was injured at the nape. One of my vertebras was completely moved, and I had a cervical collar. When my agent asked me to do this audition for the show, I was not really feeling in shape to go there. And moreover, with my cervical collar, I was thinking producers were immediatlely going to say me no.

But I forced myself to go to that audition. I read the scene without being able to move my head, and that made the responsible for the casting laugh very hard. It seems that he thought that my inability to move my head perfectly suited to the character of Jessi and that it lightened her strangeness. So I got the part thanks to my cervical collar! I watched two episodes, including the pilot, and I loved them. I remember I was very touched by some scenes which almost made me cry.

Didn't you have problems to integrate a group of people who have already known each other for a year? It was one of my fears, but they welcomed me warmly.

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With my experience, I know that sometimes some actors are wary of the arrival of a new actor in a show. Jealousy can set in, but thanks God, it hasn't been the case.

Very quiclky, Matt and the others invited me to their traditionnal barbecues and so I've been able to get on well with everyone. I can't have worked with much nicer people. We don't take us seriously, and I never saw any ego conflicts. What do you like the most in Jessi? It may sound weird, but, for me, Jessi is a completely normal being.

Like us, she's a mix between good and bad, a multi-facets person. We all have a dark side in ourselves, some kind of violence, and Jessi shows that. It's impossible to get bored with a part like that, because it's very rich I'm really happy, because, compared to all the other characters of the show, I think Jessi is the most interesting and the most complex.

I play something new in every episode. And for an actor, it's like heaven! How would you like you character to change in the next episodes? Honestly, I'd like Jessi to become totally evil. He could try to be good, he never managed to erase his diabolical side, and it always reappeared in a violent way.

Sometimes I'd like Jessi to show more often demonstrations of violence, like when she kills the hunter in the first episode in which she appears. During the Season 2, we even shot some rather violent scenes but they had been finally cut off during the editing.

As the show airs on a family channel, we can't cross some border lines.