Jane birkin and serge gainsbourg relationship poems

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jane birkin and serge gainsbourg relationship poems

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin shared a unique and exceptional relationship that was undeniably a great love story. Reminiscent of Elizabeth. Exhibition in Calais captures intimate moments from Birkin and Gainsbourg's relationship. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg during an exhibition in Tuileries gardens . Though their relationship ended after ten years together, when.

Under the impression that her co-star hated her, Birkin arranged a dinner with him over which Gainsbourg, 18 years her senior, fell in love.

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Unfortunately, due to the amount of alcohol consumed throughout the date, the first night the pair spent together was in a hotel room A willing companion was, however, found in new love interest Jane Birkin.

Rumours had circulated that the pair recorded some of the more intimate parts of the song by placing a microphone underneath their bed. In actual fact, the re-recording was undertaken in studios in Paris and London where the heavy breathing was claimed to have been meticulously stage-managed by Gainsbourg. Birkin has always denied the rumours of employing the under-bed recording technique The single sold millions and set the tone for what was to come next from the scandalous pair.

Moi Non Plus were sold around the world, the song was still considered too explicit for radio play. It was also banned in Spain, Sweden, Italy and even on French radio before 11pm. It has also been claimed that the Italian executive who permitted the release of the song was excommunicated by the Vatican, and in the US, limited sales and radio play led the single to peak at the oddly appropriate chart position of Writing a concept album about falling in love with a teenage girl, who subsequently dies in a plane crash This was always going to raise a few eyebrows, particularly when you get your young girlfriend to pose as the eponymous teenage seductress for the album cover.

An ultimately tragic tale, the album is now recognised much more for its musical prowess than any underlying Lolita-inspired tones. With strings and arrangements orchestrated by the profoundly talented Jean-Claude Vannier, musicians from Beck through to Placebo and Portishead have cited this album as hugely influential on their work, demonstrating once again how Gainsbourg could overcome a scandal to emerge the immensely gifted hero.

Typical Gainsbourg, always one to go out in style. Casting his girlfriend in the role of the boyish-looking lover of a homosexual man This is what Serge riled people with in Moi Non Plus was a complicated, explicit story following the difficult relationship of a gay man who falls in love with a boyish female Birkinand the sexual problems and emotional difficulties this inevitably leads to.

The film was poorly received in France, and even more so in England where it was shown on only one screen — in an adult cinema in Soho. Embracing Nazi rock Paris, Thirty years after the end of the second world war. This would be a good moment, Gainsbourg thought to himself, to release Rock Around the Bunker, an upbeat concept album about Nazi Germany. The songs were set to swinging two-step beats, a return to a rockier feel after a few albums exploring more orchestral sounds.

This song, combined with other tracks from the album such as Eva and SS in Uruguay led Gainsbourg, provocative as ever, to find himself in trouble for his comical take on a controversial subject.

Jane Birkin's love affair with Serge Gainsbourg

Releasing a reggae version of the French national anthem This has a tendency to incite hatred among your fellow countrymen. A stint in Jamaica was where Gainsbourg recorded his reggae-inspired effort, Aux Armes Et Caeteraof which the title track was a cover of the French national anthem, La Marseillaise.

However, in true Gainsbourg style, the controversy was manipulated to work to his advantage, and the album eventually became one of his fastest sellers. Aux Armes Et Caetera sold more thancopies in France and is considered to be one of the earliest albums to have brought reggae to the mainstream.

Turning his house into a black, fabric-lined museum Gainsbourg claimed to need the calming influence of black at his St Germain home to counter the relentless activity in his brain.

Misspelt Munckey would always send his love in her longed-for letters to me at boarding school. But then one holiday the dread moment arrived that moment when Louis Jourdan cries out in bewildered awe and dawning delight, 'Oh where oh where did Gigi go?

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We were going to one of those ghastly Christmas dances to which parents of our station and generation were wont to dispatch their children. I was 16, Jane Waiting on the landing, I looked up to see a dazzling beauty descend the stairs, her hair piled high, wearing a short turquoise dress.

Jane Birkin, photographed by her brother, Andrew, Having cut my tea-boy teeth on a couple of forgotten films in England, I set my sights on hiking to Hollywood — and Hayley. I bought a 35mm camera for the journey, and after six months of mooning around America, surviving on the proceeds of selling fake Beatles autographs forged as and when hunger struck, I reached my Tinseltown goal. Hayley was there, making a film for Disney, but once it was over she was gone, leaving me to pine for her, for Jane and for English rain.

It was not long before Jane was losing hers to the composer of the piece — one John Barry, better known for his James Bond scores. Jane later told me that John refused to speak to her for the entire flight. Birkin with her eldest daughter, Kate, in Majorca, After working on a film with Hayley — an unhappy arrangement, since she was the star and I still a tea-boy — I got a job as a runner on a mysterious science-fiction film being directed by Stanley Kubrick, For weeks I vegetated in the production office, but following a lucky break he dispatched me to Scotland in a helicopter to shoot alien landscapes, and thence to Africa, into find and photograph locations in the Namib Desert for the opening sequence.

There I got a telegram to say Jane had had a baby, followed by further details in a letter: After a brief interlude working with the Beatles who wryly demanded a share of my forged-autograph spoilsby the following spring I was back with Kubrick, this time on his aborted attempt to film the life of Napoleon. Jane was also in Paris, with Kate, making a low-budget French film about which she complained bitterly.

The man in the film with me. For my part, it was love at first sight. Serge was so utterly different from anyone I had ever met: Serge was no fan of any of these, and doubtless attributed my own enthusiasm to youthful naivety.

But for all his capitalist airs, Serge was a true socialist: I began to gather highlights of his history: Serge lightly recounted how he had spent most of the war up a tree, hiding from the Nazis his sister Jacqueline claims that it was one night at most. Being Jewish, he had had to wear a yellow star pinned to his coat — which his mother would carefully iron, telling him to wear it with pride. Our parents came to visit — it was their introduction to Serge — and as I was by now in the habit of carrying a camera wherever I went, I felt no inhibition about snapping away.

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Not that our parents were exactly good examples of middle-class normality: Our father had joined the Royal Navy during the war and navigated motor torpedo boats across the Channel — without radar on moonless nights — to rescue allies stranded in occupied France. Having suffered appalling eye injuries as a teenager, which had led to permanent pain and double vision, he briefly tried farming before moving to Chelsea, where he took up painting, as well as helping former convicts to rehabilitate.

It was not surprising that Serge should take to this odd family with brazen relish. Meanwhile Jane and Serge had gone to Nepal, where Jane played a hippie in Les Chemins de Katmandou — and where they both got so stoned that they never dared repeat the experience.

Reluctantly I returned to England, where Serge was about to get his first taste of a traditional family Christmas. Jane cautiously produced a demo LP that she and Serge had recorded and played it to us. Only later did she come up to visit me alone, clutching the demo. There was another song on the album, one she had not dared to play in front of our parents: Gainsbourg and Kate in Bladon churchyard, In the new year brought the news that MGM had pulled the plug on Napoleon for good.

To learn something about film editing, I took a job in the cutting rooms at Pinewood Studios, but not before gasping a last breath of freedom in France with Jane and Serge, holed up near Deauville. That night Serge and I played chess, the first of many games. He was undoubtedly the better player when sober, but I had the advantage once the wine began to flow.

jane birkin and serge gainsbourg relationship poems

He liked to play for money, and Jane was less than pleased to note how often he would wind up drunk at the end of a game while I counted my winnings. On the surface we were polar opposites: I was a deeply antisocial socialist, whereas Serge was a gregarious capitalist — or so he seemed. But alone with him, I caught my first real glimpse of his Russian melancholy and essential loneliness, despite his surface gaiety. As Jane later wrote to me, 'Serge has no friends.

jane birkin and serge gainsbourg relationship poems

All the names in his fat address book are business relations or past mistresses — but not one real friend. There was a night shoot in progress, in which Jane seemed to be dancing one moment and being ravaged the next.

Serge had the shoot all worked out. We sought out the Oxford bus depot, deserted at the weekend, and bribed the watchman to turn a blind eye while Serge took to the wheel of a double-decker with Jane at his side. Charlotte with her father, The next day we went to Bladon churchyard as Jane and I wanted to see the grave of Sir Winston Churchill.

Kate was with us, and Serge suddenly conceived the notion of acting out her worst nightmare — a sort of preview of his film Stan the Flasher.