Iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

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iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

But throughout the course of Iron Man 2, Tony takes a couple steps back Not only is Tony Stark well, Iron Man, but Pepper Potts is a force to. Sure, the two did end up fighting side-by-side in Iron Man 2 in a long-awaited team-up, but this time Tony Stark has always had a colorful personality. But all of that was undone with Pepper being alive, and Avengers: Age of Ultron and Civil War had to .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. This quiz will test your overall knowledge of superhero lron man. In , the " Iron Man" story "Demon In A Bottle" established Tony Stark's difficulties with 2. In the story "Iron Man", where is Stark Enteprises headquartered? Pepper Potts Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship?.

Everyone naturally got excited when they saw Bruce Banner on-screen. But sadly, the excitement lived and died in that moment, when the scene only played out the joke of Banner falling asleep while listening to Tony's story. It's only sad that it was such a wasted opportunity. Instead of a joke, we could have been treated to a quick glimpse of Stark asking Banner for help to work on his newest project, Ultron, setting up the Avengers sequel and the two of them already aware of the idea of Ultron at the start of Age of Ultron.

And for the first half of the movie, our introduction to the Mandarin was perfect. Introduced throughout a series of propaganda videos, we saw the supervillain as the maniacal and dangerous threat we all hoped him to be. He was a character shrouded in mystery, the movie choosing to scale back on his scenes in a bid to create a strong amount of buildup for his arrival. These propaganda videos were well-made and promising, highlighting a villain that was true to the core concept of the first two movies.

He was a terrorist with a strong network behind him, and he hated everything that America and Tony Stark represented. The reveal heard 'round the Marvel fandom world.

But, as it turned out, he was a lie. After the promising propaganda videos that teased us a pitch-perfect interpretation, we came to learn that the Mandarin was a creation of Aldrich Killian. Simply a role, played by an actor named Trevor. Widely seen as a disappointment, this twist made it so that the Mandarin we had hoped to see was never meant to be.

The result is a crazy explosion that completely decimates the house. Pepper survives the attack, but barely. This is a great example of a red flag.

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Any man who puts you through this much danger, intentionally or by way of being a superhero, is the kind of man you should probably leave. Sorry, Tony, but a man committed to the regular putting down of bad-guys had best work alone. Relationships thrive on the company of others. You need to have people in your corner, rooting for you.


We have done the math. They would have approximately 1 hour per week to do have a date night, maybe tack on 30 minutes to that if Happy drives. He is, after all, a master behind the wheel. Granted, this is a point of contention for Pepper and Tony during the events of Iron Man 2but come on.

Nothing like some good old competition, am I right, Tony? No right-minded person would let this slide. What IS unimaginable, is that he would put on his Iron Man suit, make an embarrassing speech while stumbling around, and fight one of his best friends. Talk about a bad night! I am positive we have all seen people breakup over much less, but Pepper stays with Tony, a mystery too ridiculous to solve.

There is a battle. She falls into fire. You should have done that two movies ago. While there is some truth to the spark of love being important nobody wants a boring affairtumultuous and volatile relationships burn out as quickly as they start.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

So, we can be pretty sure that Obadiah Stane qualifies as a pretty bad friend to Tony Stark, despite his past loyalty to Tony after the young genius's parents met their ends in a "car crash" AKA, an unfortunate run-in with the Winter Solder.

Why did Stane originally have Stark taken?

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

Question 4 Why did Tony Stark decide to put another piece of technology in his chest in Avengers: The Iron Man suit only worked when he had the tech in his chest It turned out he still needed it to keep his heart working He missed the extra energy the tech gave him He wanted to be prepared for alien invasion One of the most defining aspects of Tony Stark's appearance is the Arc Reactor in his chest.

The goatee is cool, and we're certainly not ones to frown at those deliciously brown eyes, but it's the Arc Reactor that really draws the eye when Tony Stark first enters a room. We mean, it's a glowing piece of technology plopped right in the middle of the guy's chest.

It's pretty hard to ignore. Well, until he had it removed in Iron Man 3, that is. But at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, we find out that Tony reinstalled some tech in his chest. Question 5 What is the name of the new AI that is in charge of Tony's suit? Jarvis Friday Colleen No, it's not Jarvis.

Although Jarvis is still around well, depending where we are in the chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the Avengers created Vision, Jarvis's consciousness was incorporated into the new being's mind, and Jarvis ceased to govern Tony Stark's many technologies. But, given that Vision's fate is rather unclear at this point, Jarvis could be gone for good.

Either way, there's a new AI in charge of Stark Industries, and we are big fans of hers. What is her name?

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Question 6 When did Tony Stark get approved for the Avengers initiative? It all seems so far in the past now. But there was a time before Avengers Tower and Thanos.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

There was a time when Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk were all perfect strangers, going about their extraordinary lives without knowing a single thing about each other. During this time, Tony Stark was going about his usual business AKA, staving off a coup from his dad's bestie and fighting off a Russian genius intent on his personal destruction.

But at some point in all that fun before the Avengers met for the first time, Tony Stark got approved for the Avengers initiative.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

When did this happen? Question 7 How did Tony Stark stop himself from getting poisoned by the palladium in his chest in Iron Man 2? Nick Fury provided him with a final cure He underwent surgery to remove the shards in his chest He created a new element to replace it He changed the palladium more often to avoid poisoning At the end of Iron Man, we see the egotistical billionaire Tony Stark started out as beginning to turn into a better man key word: Being trapped in a cave and tortured by a ring of villains is a good way to get a little perspective, apparently.

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But throughout the course of Iron Man 2, Tony takes a couple steps back for every step forward he took. The main cause of this struggle is the fact that he's slowly being poisoned by the Arc Reactor that he needs to survive in his chest. So, how does Tony stop this from happening, in the end?

Iron Man 2 Avengers: Age Of Ultron Ah, love. It's hard not to love it. Especially when the two characters loving each other are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

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These two are the ultimate power couple. Not only is Tony Stark She becomes the leader of Stark Industries, taking over the entire company and leading it into a prosperous era of sustainable energy and Arc Reactor technology.

But there is one movie in which Pepper and Tony are broken up. It's part of her job, after all. She's a spy, and when one is a spy, one has got to be good at selling one's cover, whether that means posing for a photoshoot as a model or nearly knocking out Happy Hogan in a boxing ring. When we first meet her, she's undercover, playing a part while trying to judge the character of Tony Stark.

At least with villains like Obadiah Stane, Thanos and the Vulture, one can tell they've got a sense of purpose. Heck, one can even respect them, to a very small degree. But Justin Hammer is about as respectable as a rat on Morag. He's a slime ball, trying to trick his way into outcompeting Stark Industries in weapons development.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship quizzes

He breaks Whiplash out of prison to get him to build something very specific. When Iron Man 3 opens, we see him taking stock of his demons and reckoning with a lot of different anxieties that have been plaguing him since the aliens invaded Manhattan.

Given that he's normally so self-assured, it's certainly a change to see Tony Stark struggling so much. But there's one specific way in which he struggles the most. What does he suffer from in Iron Man 3? An Arc Reactor A note with his location A cellphone A lock of his hair Although they engaged in a pretty hefty civil war, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are friends first and enemies second.