Hinamori and hitsugaya relationship poems

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hinamori and hitsugaya relationship poems

A poem about what Momo's feelings towards Aizen would be if she wanted Hinamori's thoughts on her relationship with Hitsugaya, set during the SS arc. Both for your beautiful drawing and kind words Hitsugaya and Hinamori in your drawing, I'm close to screaming and jumping up and down, I'm so happy. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship poems

But then her eyes caught his, and that small, meek and feeble smile slipped out and all his worries disappeared. Hitsugaya - Complete Deceiving and Growing by onlyfrequency reviews Burn, or become ash. Hinamori comes to terms with Tobiume, herself, and the recent events in Seireitei. Spoilers up to end of Karakura Arrancar arc. Hinamori - Complete Eating Thistles by Kuroeia reviews [Aizen x Hinamori] No one but him knows what tomorrow will hold for her, and he's not telling.

Hinamori - Complete Disgusting by brandeee reviews Momo really just wants to be weak. Character death, as well as a few other warnings inside Bleach - Rated: Hinamori - Complete Identities by Ante Down reviews Hinamori wasn't certain Hitsugaya was a murderer when she confronted him. But she convinced herself of it anyway. Hinamori's thoughts on her relationship with Hitsugaya, set during the SS arc.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship poems

K - English - Angst - Chapters: Distinguishing dreams from reality is the only thing that eludes her. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Aizen - Complete Hinamori disposes of some hollows. T - English - Chapters: Aizen - Complete burning for you by incandescens reviews Hinamori, after the apocalypse. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Kira - Complete The day Hinamori died by jwg reviews Hinamori kills herself.

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Hinamori - Complete Hinamori centered. She was forever playing that child's game. Read to find out. Hitsugaya - Complete How could you! Will their relationship survive?

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Hinamori - Complete Agateophobia by rottenapples reviews From the moment she lost everything, Momo Hinamori had always thought she would never be happy. That she was the only unhappy one. Until she moves in with her freakishly optimistic uncle and a strange boy full of surprises. And a deep, dark secret.

Hitsugaya This Bittersweet Life by rottenapples reviews Fortune tellers are full of crap.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship poems

Or that I that I was seemingly living my life as a freak of nature without realising it. But at least she'd warned me about the biggest turn of my life Bleach - Rated: Hinamori Destined To Be by mininjas reviews She is a famous singer with an alias.

He is a famous soccer star with millions of fangirls.

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Are they destined to be? Can the famous doctor help her out? Now Complete Bleach - Rated: Always open for suggestions. A peaceful field of roses far from the killing and betrayal, who wouldn't love it? Hinamori and Hitsugaya want to run away and leave it all behind, follow their own destinies and be different, just like the white rose.

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Hitsugaya - Complete Will you change for me? Well, to Momo, yes! Can she really be loved by him; or will his teases hurt her so much that death might be next for her? To him, she was sweet addiction. Hitsugaya Glass Rose by larkinlover reviews H i n a H i t s u fic.


Birthdays, prezzies, sake, kisses, rainbows, and glass roses. Fluff-masochists, this is the story for you.

hinamori and hitsugaya relationship poems

HXH Bleach - Rated: A new student starts in Hinamori Momo's school, the shortest guy she had ever seen! Hitsugaya Toushirou was his name, and the first guy she ever got a crush on.