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Heero Yuy (ヒイロ・ユイ Hiiro Yui) is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam Odin broke off his relationship with Aoi a few years after he assassinated the original .. One of Heero's victory quotes in Gundam Battle Assault 3: Featuring. Quotes from Heero Yuy -Heero. "You're in over your head. Say goodbye." - Heero (to Relena). "Okay .. "Try that again, and you can kiss yourself goodbye. This is sometimes taken as evidence Relena and Heero aren't a "real" couple. ship Heero/Relena, including Blind Target (where it's implied they actually kiss).

While in a park, he met a young girl who was out walking her dog and befriended her. That night, when he triggered the explosives, a nearby Leo was knocked onto an apartment building, crushing it before it exploded. Investigating the ruins, he found the girl's dog, dead. The direction leaves no doubt that the girl died as well.

When he buried it, and possibly the girl, out of remorse, Dekim Barton ordered Doctor J to retrain the boy, saying that emotions, and especially "the humane feeling of kindness," would be a detriment and unnecessary for a "weapon.

This incident left the boy with a great sense of self-loathing and remorse. It also explains why Heero, in the series, displays little to no emotion. The Barton Foundation sent a hit team to assassinate him upon his arrival at one of the L1 colonies.

Doctor J offered the boy three options: Aid the assassination; prevent the assassination; or ignore the whole thing. The boy ended up choosing the second option and saved Darlian's life at least for the time being.

Later, as the boy visited the makeshift grave he had made for the little girl, Doctor J informed him that they would indeed be carrying out Operation Meteor as Dekim decreed it which would have resulted in the deaths of numerous innocent people due to the plan's inclusion of dropping an entire colony onto Earth. Once more, the boy was given three options: Go along with the genocidal plan; kill J and run away; or change the plan altogether.

On April 7, A. As he prepared to depart, Doctor J decided to give him a codename. Picking one appropriate for the mission, J dubbed the young pilot "Heero Yuy," and sent the boy to Earth to free the colonies as his namesake had once intended.

Operation Meteor Heero shreds Relena's invitation. As the Wing Gundam entered Earth's atmosphere, Heero spotted a civilian shuttle in his path, which carried Vice Foreign Minister Darlian and his foster daughter Relena.

While contemplating whether or not to destroy the shuttle, Heero was interrupted by an Alliance patrol squadron, led by OZ's ace pilot Zechs Merquise.


Even with Wing's incredible flight capabilities, Zechs managed to grapple the Gundam with his Leo in free-fall and subsequently vacate his machine, sending both mobile suits smashing and sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Washing up on the beach, Heero's unconscious body was found by Relena and, in an attempt to kill himself, pounded his chest detonator triggering the flight suit's built-in suicide bomb. However, the saltwater damaged the explosive which caused only his detonator to fire, knocking Heero over. Nevertheless, the fizzled detonation gave him a momentary distraction to escape from both Relena and the medics arriving shortly thereafter, hijacking the ambulance and driving away with it.

Heero later enrolled as a student at Saint Gabriel Academy, as a cover for his activities; coincidentally, Relena was attending the same school.

When Relena gave Heero a written invitation to her birthday party, he tore the invitation and threatened to kill her. Heero is held captive by the Alliance. Heero later planned to destroy the sunken Wing Gundam, in order to prevent OZ from getting their hands on it.

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He broke into an Alliance naval base and prepared several torpedoes to destroy his Gundam. However, he was interrupted first by Relena, who had sought him out instead of attending her own party, then by another Gundam pilot.

Duo Maxwell had found Wing and planned on keeping it for spare parts. An altercation occurred where Heero ended up taking multiple gunshot wounds, and both Gundams were damaged from Heero's attempt to destroy his. Heero was then taken to an Alliance hospital under guard. Duo managed to break him out, but as they jumped from the tall building, Heero didn't open his parachute, with the intent of committing suicide. Relena, who was present, called out to him; this caused him to finally open the chute, saving his life, but breaking his leg in the process.

However, he later managed to fix his broken bone all by himself, much to Duo's disgust. After receiving orders to destroy an enemy air carrier transporting Gundanium AlloyHeero secretly stole parts from Duo's Gundam Deathscythe in order to repair his own Gundam and carry out the mission. Heero is confronted by Relena about his mission. Relena, who was present, was labelled a potential risk and marked for death as well.

I'm going to use this gundam to destroy it all! What the colonies really need- is a war. But I'm not the least bit sad. I will now elliminate your colony.

  • Relena Darlian

Sandrock has taught me that. But we must fight to keep our loved ones from sorrow. I was the first to surrender and come out, remember? We can't die yet! He's chosen to fight where he has the least chance of survival [Luxemburg].

That gundam pilot isn't Heero! That's why they must be destroyed. But that guy can do it. That's why I'm gonna destroy it all. Tell them to not get close to me. Otherwise I'll end up killing them. What did I just say?! I'll fight to protect Outer Space. Quotes from WuFei Chang "A warrior will only rediscover himself on the battlefield.

I want to know who you are! What do you want to shoot him for?! I'm right here so come and KILL me!! And the Gundams will soon come to rectify your mistakes! This is the only path I can take. I have made it this far because of you. I am eternally grateful. I previously fought to take it over from the Alliance, and now I'm fighting to defend it.

Rest in peace, my admirable friend. I want to put an end to Triez myself! Right now we must show the people how sad it is here in space. Why am I still so spineless? They're no enemy of mine. Do whatever you want. The 2 exist together and create a pattern of confrontation. My experience in battle has taught me to be cunning like that. Quotes from the Gundam Scientists "You've got to be persistant to get anything out of life. You're wasting good air.

Otherwise you won't be able to survive the Golden Age of the Mobile Dolls. J "Or, if you'd rather, go insane. That's what wars do to people. J "We've been lucky to survive this long! But I gues this ends our lucky streak!

Should Hero and Relena have at least kissed or something in Gundam W???

J "Us [the gundam scientists] being held as hostages isn't going to stop Heero! J "What a way to die. Quotes from Lucrezia Noin "No matter what destiny awaits you, you musn't do anything as deplorable as wishing for the death of your own brother. Noin to Relena "I I'm not moving, Zechs! Even if it means having to kill you. Noin "I'll live my life in the shadows of this kingdom.

Noin [in case you couldn't tell, she's talkin' about the Sank Kingdom] "People think about fighting because they posses weapons such as these. In order to cling to peace which is really as fragile as glass. Forgive us for the country- no- for the future.

I won't try and stop you. Just let me stay by your side. Noin Lady Jekyll and Colonel Hyde! It'll be your last. Triez fell in love with people, and the deaths of people.

And let me continue loving you.

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Triez, one must fight the battle to understand its beauty. Quotes from Triez Kushrenada "God is only an imagination of the people. Without civility battles are transformed into massacres. In which case, the strongest should be the ones to rule the world. It's a fact that people even feel pleasure when they are being controlled by others. It's merely natural for the world to continue fighting.

I'd feel no emotion even if I were to shoot an enemy straight through the heart. It's not that a pure person has no direction it's that their mind is frayed. Free to go anywhere you want. Denouncing battles will not bring peace. Welcom to a warrior's paradise. Nichol "Anything that stand in the way of our ideals must be eliminated, immediately. I can't see everything yet. We've got more important things to do! Why must I die like this? Did they [Gundam pilots] get out of control because they were hallucinating, too?

I'm not goin' down!