Hans hubermann and liesel relationship test

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hans hubermann and liesel relationship test

You will have a 50 questions multiple choice test on Charlotte Doyle and give How did Hans Hubermann's Christmas gift to Liesel reveal the depth of his feelings What do you think is the relationship between Max and Hans Hubermann?. SPELL. TEST. MATCH. Upgrade to remove ads. Only $1/month. Liesel Liesel is traumatized by her brother's death, but Hans proves to be a calming foster father; in the Hubermanns' basement, and falls in love with Rudy Steiner, her best friend. . His relationship with his son is ruined despite their former closeness. Rudy was one of six children in the Steiner family, who lived next door to Rosa and Hans Hubermann. Rudy and Liesel became friends after Liesel blocked.

They must write to one friend, and somebody who is not in their class. Liesel chose to write to Rudy and her Mama, who she has not seen since the day she was dropped off on Himmel Street to live with the Hubermann's.

Feb 16, Liesel's Birthday Today is Liesel's 10th birthday, but this year she didn't recieve any presents. Mama was still bitter and angry because Papa gave Liesel two books for Christmas when she told him to only give herr one, and save one for her birthday.

Feb 19, Rosa Notices Money is Missing!

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After Liesel collected money for the laundry, she used some of it to mail the letters she wrote to her real mother. Rosa noticed the missing money and asks Liesel what happened to it. Liesel admits that she had spent it.

Rosa starts beating her, but immediately stops and apologizes when Liesel says that she mailed her letters. Liesel realizes that she will never see her mother again and remains on the kitchen floor, unable to move. He never returns again! The residents burn books, anything from post WWI and propaganda of German enemies. Here Liesel teals another book, "The Shoulder Shrug.

hans hubermann and liesel relationship test

In the pile of ash Liesel noticed some unburned books. She manages to reach one of the books that she could see before the men ushered her away.

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Apr 20, Liesel finds out that Hitler is responsible for taking her mother away. Hans meets Liesel at the church steps. Liesel just heard a man give a violent speech condemning Jews and Communists. She asks him if her mother is a communist.

Hans lies and says he does not know. Liesel asks if Hitler took her mother away, and Hans, finding it impossible to lie, says yes. Liesel hates Hitler for taking her mother. Hans forces Liesel to do a proper Nazi salute and say "Heil Hitler. Liesel is angry she cannot admit her true feelings about Hitler. Liesel boldly commits her first act of defiance against the Nazis by stealing a banned book in public.

This move triggers Liesel's motivation for reading and stealing books. She will continue to do this as a rebellion and vengeance against Hitler. Apr 23, Liesel becomes afraid to collect laundry from the mayor's house When Liesel stole the book, "The Shoulder Shrug" someone had seen her. She thought that it was the mayor's wife, Ilsa Hermann. Now Liesel is both afraid and reluctant to gather the laundry from the house of the mayor.

May 28, Liesel falls in love with books after seeing Ilsa's library Ilsa Hermann, the mayor's wife, had seen Liesel steal the book from the fire. Weeks later, the right opportunity presented itself, not to punish Liesel like Liesel suspected, but to introduce Liesel to the library. Liesel fell in love with Ilsa's stunning room with rows and rows of books and words lining the walls.

Liesel would return often to read passages from those books. It would further develop her appreciation for words and her understanding of literature.

Jul 21, Rudy and Liesel steal food Liesel and Rudy, her best friend, are both poor and starving. Today they met a group of older boys who were in the theiving business. Liesel and Rudy got in with them and stole fruit from local farmers. Liesel and Rudy knew what they were doing was wrong, causing internal conflict, however they were starving and desperate to eat. They have now been observing Otto Strum biking the same route for a month.

Every Friday he carries a basket full of food to the church. Liesel and Rudy decided that Otto's basket would be an excellent target to steal. They create an ice patch on Otto's path.

Otto hit the ice patch and crashed his bike, allowing Rudy and Liesel to steal the basket of food! Today Max arrives at the door of 33 Himmel Street, seeking help from the Hubermann's. He is feeling selfish for showing up at their door asking them to risk their lives to save his.

This incident caused Max to move and sleep down in the basement, instead of in Liesel's room. Feb 16, Liesel is given a book for her birthday! Max didn't get her anything, because he did not know it was her birthday. Liesel is special though, and would have gotten something for her if he had known. Feb 23, Liesel is given "The Standover Man" written by Max When Max had nothing to give Liesel for her birthday, he took it upon himself to make her a book about his own life. Max called this work of art, 'The Standover Man.

She excitedly tells Max. So the only way he can express these emotions to them is to say thank you and I'm sorry.

It made their friendship stronger and kept Erik alive for Hans every time he played Erik's instrument. In this same way, Max and Liesel shared a love of words, which too drew them together in friendship, during the horror of World War II.

This bond was unbroken by the book Max left for Liesel, after he had to leave the Hubermann household. They never forgot one another and were fortunately reunited after the war. You taught me to read. No one can play like you. I'll never drink champagne. She has found his body next to Rosa on the street after the bombing. She can only thank him for all that he has done to make her life filled with love and words.

She knows love and words can make her life filled with joy and satisfaction. It is sad and yet right, that she is able to get the chance to one last time thank him, for all he has done for her.

He has given back Liesel's book to her and she is with her family and friends once again. Death is constantly being followed by the souls he has taken. Rosa doesn't like her job and it definitly contributes to her personality in the book.

We meet a few of the clients she works foir and realize that they are very wealthy and she doesn't like them at all because of theuir attitude.

hans hubermann and liesel relationship test

The Kiss A Childhood Decision Maker Himmel Street was full different charaters each of them with different personailities, however they did have one thing in common. They were all poor and seemed to get along. One of the main characters we are introduced to is a boy named Rudy Steiner. He is a neighbourhood kid, Liesel's bestfriend and her partner is crime, He has boney legs, sharp teethblue eyes, considered crazy by the other kids and is one of six children in his family.

Liesel and Rudy played soccer and Liesel was better then him. They made a bet and if he won he got to kiss her, yet she one and didn't want to be kissed so instaead Liesel and Rudy walked around the town showing us different locations.

One of the one that was poined out was The Road of Yellow Stars. It was where the jewish people of the town lived and there was the star of david painted on their doors. When Liesel goes home that night she gets in trouble from Rosa because she was covered in mud from the soccer game and is washed in a bath where Rosa is scrubbing very hard against Liesel's gentle skin. The Jesse Owens Incident The Jesse Owens Incident has been mentioned in previous chapters and as readewrs we didn't really know what it ws until we read this section.

The Other Side of Sandpaper In this chapter we learn that Hans does not support Hitler and his government, but we don't know why yet. Also in this chapter Liesel is having bad dreams and wets the bed which embarasses her. Hans helps her clean up but while cleaning up her bed he found her book "The Grave Diggers Handbook". Liesel could not read, and Hands couldn't read that well either but he tried to so that it could help her sleep. The other side of the sandpaper that they found was used to help Hans teach Liesel lessons about reading so that one day she could read.

He taught her the alphabet and every night when Liesel had a bad dream Hands would teach her. Classes were called "Midnight Classes". One night Hans and Liesel were talking about how learning to read was more important then delivering ironing's for Rosa. They practiced reading, but on the way they did have to deliver Rosa's ironing.

The Heavyweight Champion of The School-Yard The war had just begun in this chapter and is a very popular topic among the people. Liesel was reading the Grave Digger's Handbook on her own and she was very eager to learn more so that she could keep learning. She wants to read The Digger's Handbook and not the provided section. This was hard for her as she couldn't read the section. She was made fun of and became angry. She then punched a kid by the name Ludwig and was known as the heavyweight champion of the school yard.

In the chapter the narrator is talking about information about thee book theif and how stealing books triggered some kind of emotion. We wonder if Liesel was stealing the books that were no illegal in Germany and keeping them for herself.

Liesel stole a book called The Shoulder Shrug. The Joy of Cigarettes Liesel was adapting to the life on Himmel street and was "happy" to some degree. This would make her happy and make life here tolerable. On December 17th they finished the book but still Liesel was very anxious to keep reading.

She wanted to steal another book from school but she didn't, but she did get 2 books for Christmas. On Christmas Hubberman's kids showed up and it seemed like a happy time in the household.

The Town Walker Rosa is was now losing customers as people could no longer afford her services. Also in class one day, Liesel is writing letters and she wants to send one to her mother and she eventually sends it. When Rosa found out she was very angry because she didn't want Liesel to keep in touch with her mom.

Liesel never gets a reply and wonders if something happened to her mother. Dead Letters Liesel sends 4 more letters to her mother and never gets a reply allowing her mind to wonder what had happened to her mother. Her birthday comes again and she does not get a present. Knowing that Hans and Rosa are poor Liesel doesn't mind not getting any presents. One day during the time Liesel had to deliver the ironing's she took some of the money from the client.

Rosa didn't find out. Christmas came and Hans son and daughter came for dinner. Hans and his son never got along as his son was a Nazi and Hans was against the party.

Hans and his son get into an argument and Hans Jr. Liesel goes to the Hitler Youth bonfire. Hitler's Birthday, Liesel still checked the mail box each day to see if her mother sent her a letter.

The foster system had lost all contact with her mother and had no idea what had happened. Hitler's birthday was on its way and a huge ceremony and fire were to be held. The Hubermann family couldn't find the flag and this was a huge concern as it was a huge tradition to have a flag hanging from your window during the time of The Further's birthday.

The Hitler Youth groups were in charge of this event. Liesel didn't steal the book she thought she could take but instead helped injured Ludwig get out of the crowd.

In this section we figure out that communism has something to do with her brothers death and that it was planned. Liesel now thinks Hitler took her mother away for reasons that are still unclear. Liesel and Hans were having a conversation and she screamed out that she hated Hitler.

hans hubermann and liesel relationship test

In reply Hans slapped her across the face and told her never to say that. Book of Fire Liesel and Hans are still at the square where the bonfire took place. Hans sees his friend Wolfgang Edel and ends up talking to him for awhile.

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Liesel walked over the the remains of the bonfire and sees 3 unburned books. She takes one of the books and put it underneath her shirt. A Hitler Youth member walks over and burns the rest of the material and Liesel doesn't get caught. The book she took is called The Shoulder Shrug and someone saw her take the book. Liesel was still in pain from the burns as she walked most of the way home with the burning book strapped to her stomach.