Gwen and duncan relationship

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gwen and duncan relationship

I love all I generally like both couples, though I'm more of a gwuncan fan. The thing is they all fucked up. Courtney and Duncans relationship was. Contents[show] Total Drama Island Gwen and Duncan got along moderately not to break up Gwen and Trent, a romantic relation between her and Duncan will . And other fans said that Gwen deserve Duncan more because they are both a .. Duncan-Courtney relationship Gwen relationship.

Later while Gwen is stressing over Trent's sudden odd behavior and blames herself, Duncan tells her that she is giving herself too much credit. He also points out that Trent's mild insanity over his obsession with the number nine could very well be the fact that the four letters in Gwen's name plus five in Trent's equal nine overall, which horrifies Gwen.

While this later turns out to not be the case, Gwen still comes to believe Duncan's word. Gwen angrily says that she heard that while getting ready to jump.

The Chefshank Redemption Duncan tries to "interfere" after Gwen is eliminated, but it almost backfires on him.

Duncan and Gwen

While most of the Screaming Gaffers are suspicious of Gwen's behavior due to her guilt over the nature of Trent's elimination and subtly trying to throw the challenge for her team in this episodeDuncan is one of the few who is not suspicious of her at all and stands up for her.

At the end of the episode, Gwen is eliminated, but Duncan is one of the two, along with DJwho did not vote her off. As she is handcuffed by Chef Hatchet and taken to the Lame-o-sineDuncan stops them to offer himself in her place, as a way of saying that he really wants to be out of the competition this may also be interpreted as his standing up for her and sacrificing himself for herbut quickly assures them that he was kidding as soon as Chef attempts to actually take Duncan instead.

Gwen tells him that he won't get out of the competition that easily and wishes him good luck. Duncan smiles while he watches her leave. One Flu Over the Cuckoos When the team is talking about the side-deal Gwen had with the Killer GripsDuncan said he still couldn't believe it and he "didn't know she had it in her," appearing to be more amused or impressed by her actions rather than embittered or betrayed. II Gwen making fun of Duncan for gushing over Courtney.

Gwen and Duncan's relationship was one of the major topics in this episode when Gwen appeared as a guest speaker. When Geoff told Gwen that her former teammates may not like her anymore, Gwen points out that Duncan didn't vote her off, after which Courtney exclaims that it was only because "she had her goth girl hooks into him.

After Gwen made fun of Duncan for openly gushing over Courtney, Duncan compensated with friendly roughhousing, which resulted in Duncan accidentally knocking Gwen to the ground, with Duncan soon landing on top of her and he said 'ooh' in a way that may have meant he liked it or that he had won. The two laugh, but then awkwardly pause and stare at each other as the video is paused and no further footage is shown.


Duncan and Gwen after the two wrestle to the ground, in a hidden scene from The Aftermath: It is noted by Geoff that their lips were in very close proximity at the time, as if they were about to kiss at any moment, which enrages Courtney even more.

She then says that nothing happened afterward, and that they picked themselves up, stole everyone's underwear and strung it up the flagpole together. This infuriated Courtney, but Gwen insisted that nothing happened and that she and Duncan are still just friends. It is worth something that the anvil did not fall on Gwen after saying this, and it wasn't simply forgotten as Geoff brought the anvil to the audience's attention.

One Million Bucks, B. Duncan and Gwen's friendship is brought up again when the recently-returned Courtney, during the prehistoric challenge, accuses Duncan twice of cheating on her with Gwen.

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Duncan says his relationships are none of her business. Later in a confessional, Duncan says that he never hooked up with Gwen and is still crazy about Courtney.

gwen and duncan relationship

Million Dollar Babies Right before battling Courtney in the ball pit, Duncan says in the confessional that he knows and feels sorry about what happened to Trent and Gwen, calling it ugly. While in the ball pit, Courtney pins Duncan down and Duncan fears that their relationship would end up being like Trent and Gwen's. Duncan needs to make himself not throw any challenges for Courtney so he repeats "Trent and Gwen Mutiny on the Soundstage Duncan reveals that he knows many things about Gwen, including her favorite band, what kind of car she wants, and what kind of guitar her brother has.

Unfortunately, he is unable to answer the required question about Gwen; the name of her pet lizards Angus and Vampyra. IV Gwen asks both Duncan and Beth a question on what they would do with the money to help the environment. Duncan says he'd give it to Green Peace, which impresses Gwen.

gwen and duncan relationship

She also most likely voted for him to win, despite saying that she refuses to be predictable. Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special At the beginning of this special, it shows that Duncan and Courtney break up at the beginning of the episode, and they don't want to even look at each other on the red carpet.

During the blogging war between Heather and Gwen, Heather makes a comment dressed in a Gwen wig saying "I wish Duncan was here so I could kiss him, even though I'm too scared to tell him I love him because I'm too cool," showing that Heather is one of the many people who thinks Duncan and Gwen are together.

Meanwhile Gwen reveals during one of her blogs that she is getting tons of letters and emails that are asking Gwen if she likes Duncan, that they would make a great couple, and also that she deserves Duncan more than Courtney.

Gwen denies it and says that he has a girlfriend, not knowing that Duncan and Courtney already broke up. Then the two hosts of Celebrity Manhunt show her blog after she found out about the break-up.

gwen and duncan relationship

Gwen comments that she couldn't believe that Courtney let a guy like Duncan go, as he was the greatest thing that ever happened to Courtney, but when Gwen tries to explain why, she accidentally reveals that she thinks Duncan is hot.

They are also the only couple who did not reach the final two together. In their respective finale, they are the tough contestant, competing against a goofy contestant. This is the only couple in which both members made it to the final four more than once. In the season where they reach the final four but did not reach the finals, they were ranked fourth. This couple, along Duncneyis one of the only couples on the show in which both members compete in four seasons.

Despite their relationship, both indirectly caused each other's eliminations in Total Drama World Tour. Duncan is technically responsible for Gwen's elimination in Picnic at Hanging Dork. If Duncan had never thrown the dingo at Cody, then Cody would have been able to vote for Courtney like originally planned and there would have been no tie-breaker challenge leading to Gwen's elimination.

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Gwen and Courtney's fights were one of the reasons why Duncan had quit the game. Also, in African Lying Safari, Heather telling Duncan that he caused Gwen's elimination caused Duncan to get distracted, which led to him being voted out. In an interview, it was confirmed that Duncan's voice actor, Drew Nelson, actually prefers this relationship over Duncan's relationship with Courtney.

In Total Drama Online interactive feature Get the Look, it is revealed that Gwen and Duncan went to the same salon, unknown to the both of them.

This relationship was in a love triangle with Duncney. This couple along with Duncney forms the first love triangle of the series. This is the second couple from the original cast to have both members make an additional cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island; The first being Ozzy.