Guts and casca relationship memes

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guts and casca relationship memes

Berserk meme Mirai Nikki, Akame Ga Kill, Memes, Berserk, Dragon Ball, .. The day Casca's mind is restored and Guts and her can be together I am going to cry like a bitch . Misty didn't leave because her relationship with Ash became too. Berserk is a manga and anime series created by Kentaro Miura and Guts Griffith Casca Guts black and white art cartoon monochrome Related Memes is a nickname given to Guts in reference to his forced relationships with the black . we're in love lol (Not my art) anime love relationship beast berserk guts casca manga Memes, Berserk, and 🤖: I just want a relationship like Guts and Casca.

While Guts and Judeau are snickering like schoolboys in the background, Casca grows more flustered when Charlotte wonders why she didn't mistake her for a man this time around. She [Charlotte] mistook her [Casca] for a woman. There's also the implication that the reason she figured out Casca was a woman right away was because she just had sex with Guts a few days earlier. During the operation, Casca is silently wrestling with her conflicting feelings toward Princess Charlotte, since this pretty much marked the first time that Casca finally has to come to grips with Griffith's intentions toward Charlotte and how she virtually has no future with Griffith, while also having to hear about Charlotte's feelings and physical relationship with him.

When Guts sees that Casca is distressed, he pulls a jerk-boyfriend move by suggesting to Casca that they should hold hands. Casca looks annoyed but laughs it off with Guts, so his gesture helped, not to mention that they do end up holding hands while no one is looking.

Charlotte nearly fainting right after bribing a few guards. Princess Charlotte has quite a uncharacteristic temper tantrum at the thought of not going with the now-exiled Band of the Hawk in order to stay with Griffith. Before the group descends the tower's inner depths, Charlotte begs Casca to kidnap her afterwards so that she could be with Griffith.

Judeau even agrees with Charlotte, pointing out that it could give them leverage over Midland while on the lam, but Casca swiftly silences them all by explaining why such an act would be more detrimental to both parties than beneficial. That alone was a Crowning Moment of Awesome on Casca's part with her deductive reasoning, but it understandably puts Charlotte in a sour mood refer to temper tantrum in above example.

guts and casca relationship memes

On a second thought, Casca is sympathetic enough to let Charlotte stick around long enough to be with Griffith before the Hawks escapes, which pleases Charlotte enough During their descent, Charlotte gets weak in the legs from fright, so Guts begrudgingly offers to carry her on his back.

While doing so, the group starts talking about the legend of Emperor Gaiseric and his doomed city that supposedly rests at the bottom of the tower. Casca suffers a minor case of distraction and bumps her head into a low cavern ceiling, causing her to drop her lantern into the abyss. Shit, it's always us! Who else has to fight these kinda fucked up things?

The way Wyald allways does more damage to his own men then to his targets can be strangely hilarious. Wyald's face when Guts does you know what to him is priceless: Dont go popping a boner over my head now!

During the Eclipse, when Griffith is raised on the hand-like plataform, each member of the God Hand goes on to stand over a finger. Naturally, Slan is standing over the middle finger. In another instance of the EclipseUbik gives Griffith a vision that basically shows how the latter wants to become one of the Godhand out of his own volition. During this vision, Griffith interacts with an old woman When the Skull Knight comes out of the vortex of the Eclipse with Guts and Casca unconscious and bleeding, there's something funny about how abruptly he dumps both of them on poor Rickert.

Once again, the grim aftermath of the Eclipse gets a moment of comedic Mood Whiplash when Guts wakes up in the cave, and the first thing he sees is Erica clumsily trip over herself. Rickert tells Guts to point his new prosthetic arm at a rock outside and pull the trigger, intending to surprise him with its new cannon function, but just as Guts is about to activate it, Godo walks in the door right where he was aiming.

Rickert and Erica nearly faint at what a close call that was! Doubles as a Heartwarming moment as well because this is the first legitimate time Guts is shown laughing on screen since the Eclipse. Puck's first meeting with the deadly-serious Skull Knight. This guy's so terribly lonely, please be his friend!

Chapter of the Binding Chain Puck, finding Guts passed out and being mobbed by ghosts, does a quick bit of mental arithmetic in his head after beating on ghosts with a pair of spiked flowers.

When Guts encounters the Holy Iron Chain Knights for the first time and they are about to apprehend him, Guts tries to speak in his own defense.: I don't recall ever being arrested by Priests. Look, I don't recall doing anything to any priest When Guts is being kept in a cage by the Holy Iron Chain Knights and the demons come out at night, Puck comes in time with the keys - but will only unlock the cage if Guts says, "Pretty please with sugar on top.

But swears revenge later. Does this guy really need anymore reasons to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge? Before that, when Guts sees the demons emerging around his cage, he asks how things could get worse. It's happening in an otherwise very serious battle, and leads up to a nightmarish scenebut there's some Black Humor when Farnese ordered the horse she and Guts rode to let her mount him and the possessed horse answers "Hell NO!

When Serpico arrives to rescue Farnese from Guts, he finds her naked and crying, demanding that he kill Guts to avenge her honor. In contrast to her hysteria Serpico is hilariously mellow, sheepishly stating that he can't fight Guts because he would surely die.

He and Guts agree to let each other go, but when Guts turns his back his eyes shoot open and he attacks Guts with a quick draw, jumping to avoid the Dragonslayer.

The outcome is that Serpico scratched Guts' cheek, while Guts tore open Serpico's boot so that his sock pokes out. After they acknowledge each other's skill, Serpico suddenly sheathes his sword and amicably says goodbye for real, leaving Guts both confused and impressed to have met such a piece of work. He even notices Puck! I've done what I meant to do.

When he does it again to a random soldier later after Farnese was able to see him: Why does that seem familiar? Chapter of the Birth Ceremony Inquisitor Mozgus can be strangely funny when he's not busy dealing with heretics.

Specifically when he gets all emotional and just looks absurd, or does something ridiculous like smash his face repeatedly into the floor. It becomes difficult to take him seriously. Get a load of Bishop Doraemus. Of course, since the sword is probably twice as heavy as Isidro himself, he struggles to lift it and ends up getting stuck underneath its massive weight.

Guts wakes up and effortlessly lifts it off him, saying, "It ain't a kid's toy. It says a lot about Berserk that after the Eclipse some of the most amusing moments are courtesy of a thoroughly brokentraumatized and insane Cute Mute Casca.

A case in point: Isidro, Wrong Genre Savvy kid, is attempting to save Casca and a prostitute named Nina from a cult of pagans planning to sacrifice Nina and rape Casca. He drives the cultists off with rocks, jumps down Casca's response is to wave, at which point he sheepishly waves back.

There's a tiny, easy to miss one as Guts and Casca make their escape on a horse stolen from the Kushan army: Guts is cutting his way through whatever soldiers are in the way, with both hands occupied wielding the Dragonslayer. Casca is clinging to Guts, practically curled up in his lap. So who's steering the horse?

If you look closely, you can see that it's Puck! Chapter of the Holy Demon War Serpico's underwhelmed reaction to discovering who his father is, upon having his Orphan's Plot Trinket recognized by Farnese's father. Deadpan Snarker from childhood.

guts and casca relationship memes

It was rather underwhelming. Serpico lays him out with a well-thrown branch, and—still panting in exhaustion from chasing him—remarks: When it comes to insulting your enemies, this is about as over the top as it gets. Too bad she took it as more of compliment than anything. In fact, considering what kind of creature Slan isthis could plausibly be her official title. Chapter of Falconia Isidro stating that he chose to be what he is now because of the Band of Hawk's raiding commander whose name he can't remember Magnifico's epic fail moment upon trying to announce Roderick and Farnese's marriage to a huge assembly of nobles, including his father complete with Roderick facepalming.

Episode of the manga has all sorts of hilarity ensuing. First, Schierke struggles to bathe Casca while Isidro is tied to a chair to prevent him from peeping in.

When she fails and Casca starts running around the room naked, Schierke then tries to wrap her in a towel A still smoking Guts' response to this is to glance out the window and simply think Serpico and Farnese are taking too long. Towards the end of it, despite his protests, Schierke insists on feeding Guts some soup herself Her face is priceless.

She then immediately spills the whole bowl of soup onto Guts' face, who just sits there calmly. Ivalera's dialogue makes it even more funny.

Go back to sleep. I must be dreaming. Well, take me home, Sir Bed! I'll remember you, Ijidodo! Puck attempted to use Becchi a. Behelit as fish bait. And when the Behelit starts acting strange, he panics and tries to sacrifice Evalera to it.

Guts, Casca and Co. A drunkard approaches Casca, who is busy demolishing a set of sausage linksand asks her to serve him a drink. Guts then nonchalantly kicks him in the face.

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Serpico then asks Guts to remove his foot from the table. In volume 32, after an exhausting but kickass fight with Emperor Ganishka while teaming up with ZoddGuts collapses flat, face first, onto the pavement which is sorta funny in itself.

Then Serpico says that he can't understand Daiba because he's speaking Kushan. Then we realize that it's unlikely anyone in the group speaks Kushan, which means that Daiba's dramatic words might as well just be him talking to himself. We have a new villain who thinks he's making a big impact on the heroes Griffith eating Charlotte's home baked cake. Here we have Femto, conqueror of worlds, betrayer of friends, breaker of cuties, most haughty monster in manga history and deceiver of humanity eating cake Schierke tries to teach Farnese magic.

Lesson one is to focus on an apple until you can see beyond it. The lesson doesn't go well, and Schierke is called away The faces are priceless. Guts, Casca, Isidro, and Schierke arrive to crash a party full of nobles, not at all dressed for the occasion.

Puck's line is what sells the funny. We have acquaintances inside and we came for the free food!

casca x guts

During the subsequent tiger attack, he appears in a frilly noble costume having produced a large Tupperware container for said food: Une soupe, s'il vous plait. After Griffith defeats Emperor Ganishka the first time,saving the city of Vritannis, it's very funny to see Griffith wrestles the command of all the allied forces from everyone, and how laughably easily he does that.

When the nobles from Midland question his authority as commander of Midland, Princess Charlotte comes and appoints Griffith supreme commander of all of Midland's forces, then when Lord Vandimion reminds everyone that Midland is but a part of an alliance, the Pope comes and recognizes Griffith as the Hawk of Light, blessing him.

In two episodes everyone is under Griffith's command. Chapter of Elf Island Isma's Cry Cute moment is surprisingly funny, since it felt like it came right outta nowhere. There's also the many, many, many Male Gaze moments she gave Isidro, which prompted Schierke to go "Guh? Every time Captain Sharkrider makes an appearance is a funny moment.

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He constantly chews the scenery with his card-carrying villain antics, and occasionally chews on the face of his first mate when he gets worked up. The idle threat from the Pirate who was hit by Schierke's paralyzation spell: While it probably wasn't meant to be funny, there's Falconia in Episode You ever wonder what is the size of Griffith's ego?

The story is set in a medieval Europe-inspired land, following the adventures of the protagonist Guts, a orphaned mercenary who wields a giant broadsword known as the "Dragonslayer. History Inthe first Berserk manga titled Berserk: The Prototype was released while Kentaro Miura was a university student. On November 26th,the first volume of the official series was released by the manga company Hakusensha, followed by two more volume in the next two years.

InBerserk began serialization in the seinen manga magazine Young Animal.

Something Monumental Has Just Happened In The Berserk Manga! (Spoilers!)

Premiering on July 1st,the series was poorly recieved by fans due the CGI models, poor animation and disjointed pacing, [26] [27] inspiring several parodies mocking the new series on several communities. On July 2nd, anime reviewer Demolition D uploaded a video mocking the anime series, gaining over 10, views in less than a day.

In MarchGuts won the SaiGar tournament as the most masculine "gar" character in anime and manga.

Griffith's Feelings Towards Guts: Platonic or Romantic?

On May 30th, the Berserk Wiki [8] was created, accumulating upwards of pages over the next seven years. On February 28th,YouTuber lance43 uploaded a video titled "Berserk Outtakes — Griffiths Greatest Singing Moments," containing several dubbed clips of the character Griffith singing various songs shown below, left. On September 9th,YouTuber jessietheh uploaded an edited clip from Berserk, featuring dubbed dialogue taken from a scene in the comedy film Clerks shown below, right.

Fandom Due its status as a long running series, Berserk has gained a significant fandom online.