Greek gods family tree zeus and hera relationship

The Rocky Relationship of Zeus and Hera

greek gods family tree zeus and hera relationship

Family tree of the Greek gods. Family Tree Image Map the principal Greek gods, his home in the underworld of the dead made his connection to in the world of gods after Zeus led his siblings to victory in war with the Titans; Zeus, Hera. Hera, the goddess of marriage and childbirth and the ruler of the sky, said no every time Zeus proposed marriage. She was all too aware of Zeus' past and had . Zeus, his wife Hera, and children Ares, Hebe, and Eileithyia. A Heavenly Marriage? Gaia presented her granddaughter, Hera, with a wondrous tree. as the fairest of the goddesses, Hera naturally took the side of the Greeks in the Trojan.

Her cults employed rhythmic, raucous chants and dances, accompanied by the tympanon a wide, handheld drumto provoke a religious ecstasy. Her priests impersonated her mythical attendants, the Curetes and Dactyls, with a clashing of bronze shields and cymbals. Rhea was often referred to in ancient times by the title Meter Theon Mother of the Gods and there where several temples around Ancient Greece dedicated to her under that name.

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Pausanias mentioned temples dedicated to Rhea under the name Meter Theon in Anagyros in Attika, [16] Megalopolis in Arkadia, [17] on the Acropolis of Ancient Corinth, [18] and in the district of Keramaikos in Athens, where the statue was made by Pheidias.

No image lies in it of the Meter Theon Mother of the Godsbut there stand in it statues of Roman emperors. The people of Akriai say that this is the oldest sanctuary of this goddess in the Peloponessos.

greek gods family tree zeus and hera relationship

They allow that she gave birth to her son on some part of Mount Lykaios, but they claim that here Kronos was deceived, and here took place the substitution of a stone for the child that is spoken of in the Greek legend. On the summit of the mountain is Rhea's Cave, into which no human beings may enter save only the women who are sacred to the goddess. Reportedly, there was a "House of Rhea" in Knossos: In it, as storytellers say, Rhea gave birth to Zeus; it is a sacred place an no one is to go near it, whether god or mortal.

At the appointed time each year a great blaze is seen to come out of the cave. Their story goes on to say that this happens whenever the blood from the birth of Zeus begins to boil up.

So where are we now?

The Rocky Relationship of Zeus and Hera

Semele Mother of Dionysus Semele was just some priestess until Zeus took a liking to her. Lucky for Leto that she eventually found a place to hide. Zeus King of Gods You might have noticed that like, half of the people on this list either slept with or descended from Zeus.

If it was sexable, Zeus sexed it. And not always or even mostly consensually, but I get the sense that the ancient Greeks had different ideas about consent than we do today. He threw lightning bolts, defeated the titans, resolved disputes kind of, sort ofand was powerful enough that he could get away with more or less anything. Seriously, more or less every story about her starts with Zeus messing around with or without consent and ends with Hera taking revenge on she-with-whom-Zeus-messed-around.

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Dionysus God of Wine and Parties Most depictions of Dionysus make him either a cool old drunk guy or a the greek equivalent of a glam rocker. He mostly wandered around with satyrs, drank, made wine, made friends, and occasionally got chased out of places. Seriously, Hermes stole his first cows before he was one day old.

greek gods family tree zeus and hera relationship

Oh, and one time someone challenged him to a music contest, and Apollo won and gave the guy donkey ears. She turns into a deer and runs between them, and they both miss her and spear each other.

Athena Goddess of War and Heroes Athena is just awesome. And she only got cooler. Basically every story about a Greek hero features Athena somewhere. Plus, she was the patron diety of Athens, which she won in a contest against Poseidon. Ares God of War Ares is kind of like Athena, but dumber.

Literally every story I know about him involves him getting mad at something and trying to kill it.

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He was born crippled, and thrown off Olympus by his own mother. But won in the end. He made her a beautiful throne that stuck to her when she sat in it, and refused to unstick her. It was only after Dionysus got him drunk that he relented and let her out.

After that, he did ok. He even got to marry Aphrodite. Poseidon and Athena were in conflict pretty frequently, actually, including practically all of the Odyssey. She never married, just cooked food, lit fireplaces, took care of travelers, and basically just chilled out at home.

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I mean, sure, there was the time he kidnapped Persephone, but that at least started as a misunderstanding. Compared to his brothers Zeus and Poseidon? He was practically cuddly. Demeter Goddess of Agriculture The most famous story of Demeter is the one where Zeus offers her daughter Persephone to Hades as a wife. Hades accepts, but has to kidnap her for some reason, and then Demeter throws a fit and threatens to ruin farming forever unless Hades give Persephone back.

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But then Persephone eats a pomegranate seed and ends up in a split-custody arrangement between Hades and her mom.