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Connie Nielsen as Lucilla - Gladiator () Gladiator Movie, Gladiator , Ancient . Gladiator Maximus, Gladiator Movie, Gladiator Quotes, Gladiator Arena. In Ancient Rome, General Maximus Decimus Meridius is named heir to the ailing Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who wishes that Rome be restored to a republic with. Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla or Lucilla (March 7, or –) was the second daughter Commodus ordered Lucilla's execution after a failed assassination and coup attempt At this marriage, she received her title of Augusta and became a Roman In the film Gladiator, Lucilla was played by Connie Nielsen.

So, after the failed assassination attempt in Germania, Maximus manages to take two horses and hoof it home in a matter of days — as it appears to us. That seems a bit farfetched. After discovering the bodies of his family, Maximus collapses with grief. He is almost immediately found by a roving band of traders who take him to Zucchabar.

For anyone playing at home, Zucchabar is located in North Africa also, it is incorrectly called a Roman province. It was part of a province, Mauretania Caesariensis.

That means these traders would have had to cross water at some point, and all we get are shots of sand dunes and camels. Not only that, but Zucchabar is located in western North Africa, which means a long journey and more sea time to get to Rome.

The dark red part is Mauretania Caesariensis. Everything else is the Roman Empire. The announcer lets audience know that the Carthaginians are the barbarians. Fair enough, they would have said that.

So why do the gladiators posing as the Roman army come riding out in tricked out chariots, wearing gold armor, and at least one leopard print cape? If I had never seen the movie and somebody turned on this scene for me, I would have assumed the guys in the chariots were from Carthage. A quick note about chariots: Roman chariots would not have been so large and decorated and fitted with blades.

The platform was smaller and lightweight so that the horses could pull it without getting tangled up or slowing down. Maybe it battle they would take a little more time to beef the chariots up, but for a bunch of gladiators in the arena? Oh, you mean the Flavian Amphitheater. The name we use today game about hundreds of years later. Roman naming systems When Maximus reveals himself to Commodus he makes a big scene of it: Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife.

And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. Your praenomen, or first name, was your given name — such as Lucius, Publius, etc.

Your nomen, or second name, was your family name — Cornelius, Julius. Your cognomen, or third name, was the nickname people gave you to distinguish you from relatives with similar names, especially because there were a set number of available first names. Take Gaius Julius Caesar yes, that Caesar. His first name, Gaius, is like Eric or Sally. His second, Julius, is his family name, as he was part of the Julian tribes.

Or maybe Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus. His given name is Publius. His family name is Cornelius.

Applying all of this to the movie, we get Maximus Decimus Meridius. That still leaves us without a family name. From what I can tell after reading movie trivia, you get to hear the name Aelius Maximus at one point. If we take Aelius to be his family name then his name should look like this: Decimus Aelius Meridius Maximus. It would depend on which his family gave him and which is army buddies gave me.

What did Commodus look like? The face of royalty, ladies and gents. However, when you start looking into the life and times of Commodus, the movie diverges much more radically.

I think that if they had tried to stay closer to history as we know, the story might have even been better. Marcus Aurelius was on campaign in Germania when he died.

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He did die in CE. Marcus called for his son to join him on campaign when Commodus was about 13, gave him the honor of full manhood at this time, and had pulled enough strings to make him consul by the time he was Commodus was obviously being groomed to take over when his father died.

He did not have to scheme and plan and worry about succession. Furthermore, he was in battle or in camp with his father for years, not joining him at direct request and traveling in luxury.

In fact, Commodus was the first Roman emperor who was raised in royalty and succeeded his father. All emperors before Marcus Aurelius had appointed men for other reasons than relation by blood. I should clarify here — thanks to a commentator!

Conversely, Vespasian had two sons become emperor, but they were both born and raised by the time their father earned the title. Furthermore, Marcus Aurelius died when Commodus was only Not only he did he have the promise of all the power and position, but he was still young. Why would he kill his father when he could still spend his time without as much responsibility? Also, he was young and inexperienced when he took over, and according to Cassius Dio his lack of guile and lack of great intelligence meant that his older advisers could manipulate him.

What if the movie had started with Commodus as a good looking younger man with a great deal of potential? The first sign of trouble could be his pulling away from battle and returning to Rome.

This way, he gains the support of the army, is thoughtful, but maybe also a coward for retreating from battle. Could he at least TRY to look like less of a douche?

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Maximus could still be a solider — not a general though, he should fly under the radar — who gets forced into slavery for some reason. Perhaps he fights for the other side and gets captured by soldiers. A prisoner of war being sold into slavery would not be unusual. He could now have a great deal of resentment against Rome and want to get back to his family. In truth, particularly in the early days of the Republic, you only had a chance of being in the senate if you were part of the aristocratic patrician class.

The senate was comprised of elected magistrates. Once you became a magistrate, you were in the senate for life. There was only one position for magistrates that dealt directly with the people, and even then they dealt with the Council of Plebs.

This council consisted of roman citizens who were male. If you were a woman or not a citizen, then you had no voice in politics.

Senators largely looked after their own interests, and as the Republic continued they got more corrupt and self-centered. Emperors brought them peace? Bring on the Emperors! But the speech Proximo gives early in the film about buying slaves to profit from their deaths?

Anyone who owned or sponsored gladiators had to put in time to train them, to feed them, to give them medical attention. If they died in the first battle, you lost out on the profit you could gain from seeing them fight time and again.

Not to mention, that these early fights outside of Rome would have been less bloody in history. By this time, gladiator fights that ended in death were largely banned outside of Rome, and sometimes the contestants would fight with wooden weapons to prevent death. The movie could give Maximus the chance to prove himself by winning fights, as this nobody from another army.

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Commodus could still call for more gladiators from outside Rome. The historical Commodus was obsessed with games, particularly gladiator fights.

When he first became emperor he would participate in practice fights in privacy, but as the years wore on he began to insert himself into the arena.

This had mixed results. His ability has an archer in killing animals impressed the Roman people, they ate it up. When he actually fought in the arena against men? Also in-universe, Scipio Africanus and his citizen-levy legions would have had an apoplectic fit if they seen later generations characterise them as the chariot riding, archery using, "home team" gladiators for the sake of historical gloss on a, to them, vulgar execution Republican era gladiator fights of Scipio's era were generally not to the death.

If anything, the fitout of Maximus' men was far closer to Roman Republican legions than the "home team. The more traditional order would likely have been "Decimus Meridius Maximus", but the traditional name structure wasn't always adhered to, especially by people outside of Rome or Italy.

Either way, it's accurate that everyone would just call him "Maximus" anyway. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. Rather than Spanish, he is technically Hispanic as in someone from the ancient Roman province of Hispania, which is now Spainand he is played by an Australian actor speaking The Queen's Latinbut Maximus Decimus Meridius is pretty Badass.

Curiously, in the Spaniard dub of the film, he's called "el Hispano" "the Hispanic"which would have been the correct term at the time. Maximus' legion is implied to be this. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: