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The Flirt Pole: Dog Toy or Life Changer? | notes from a dog walker

There are lots of reasons for a dog to feel stress. You can help relieve pet stress with these tips on using a flirt pole to exercise your dog physically and mentally. What a perfect puppy play toy, the Lexan stick is 23" long, the leather is very soft yet durable chap leather 16" long and the nylon that attaches it all together is. Hills food shelter love logo · Petsmart Charities Logo Pet Grooming · Trust the gentle groomers at our Pet Resorts to give your pet a new 'do for spring.

A common belief about flirt poles is that they are used to increase prey drive or aggression. Based on our experience and the feedback we have received from customers, we think the opposite is true as long as our recommended technique is followed.

Our opinion is that all dogs have a prey drive instinct, some much higher than others. We feel that similar to how exercise releases a dog's pent up energy and makes them more relaxed, working with a flirt pole releases a dog's pent up prey drive energy and makes them less aggressive towards animals they would normally consider prey.

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Every dog is unique and we can't make any guarantees in this regard, but we have yet to receive a complaint. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, send it back within one year for a full refund of the purchase price. How do I change the lure toy on the Flirt Pole V2? The video below shows just how quick and easy it is.

Can my dog get hurt playing with a Flirt Pole? Any activity causing dogs to run, jump, or quickly change direction has the possibility of causing injury.

How To Make a Flirt Pole

However, when the instructions are followed and the Flirt Pole is used responsibly, it is no more dangerous than throwing a ball for your dog to chase. For anyone with concerns about flirt poles being too strenuous on high drive dogs, watch the technique used by one of our customers in the video below. No jumping and no quick changes in direction but still getting a super workout!

I came across your flirt pole posted online and I had a question about it. I noticed in the videos that your pits were playing a bit of tug with the toy still attached and was curious how well they hold up to some tugging while playing? You can choose to pull her in to the shortest one foot length and lock the leash there for crossing roads or crowded areas.

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I made a post on this sub last year about my terribly behaved rescue puppy, Daisy. TLDR for my old post: Google "affordable vet care" or "low cost vet care" in your area. Dogs can get bladder infections. Snap the plastic frames of the door together through the existing screen of your patio door, cut out the screen door, and your dog or cat can easily enter or exit anytime.

You can put them around your waist for hands-free walking, or adjust them shorter for public places. Posted via Mobile Device crock and MysticSpiritus like this.

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Or go to Costco and get Kirkland brand dog food and perhaps a dog bed. That way I can steer where the kibble goes and deliver it at ground level without as much risk for bouncing out of the crate tray.

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You can give your Shepherd a dry bath in cold or rainy weather to keep the dirt and smell down. Coda can do about minutes of frisbee before he is completely exhausted which lasts about three hours.

I tried doing that for quite a while with a normal leash with some success, but whenever something excited her another dog walking by, squirrels, people approaching hershe would go crazy again. Doors, Fences and Gates Lockable screen doors for dogs and cats.

At least that is my belief. And you need it so badly. Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando does good things for dogs.