Father and son relationship vine

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father and son relationship vine

These statements express the basic Christian beliefs that The Vine church leadership consider to be foundational for teaching, fellowship and God the Father. Well, “some kid” is underselling it: Gavin is the 5-year-old nephew of Vine star Nick Mastodon, a year-old from Minnesota who was one of. The Son is the true vine (a, 5a). In the Old Testament Israel is sometimes spoken of as a vine, and sometimes as a vineyard, and that is.

The imagery may have followed from some incident, or custom, or remark, now wholly unknown to us. It was, as in the case of the Good Shepherd, familiar to them from the Old Testament, and would have come to their minds from any slight suggestion.

It seems to have been expressed also in Rabbinic precepts, e. And my Father is the husbandman. The thought here is of the owner of the vine, who himself cultivates and trains it. Pulpit Commentary Verses Incorporation of the disciples into one personality with himself. The image of the vine may have been suggested by some visible object. Either of the hypotheses of place would furnish a reminder of the nature and culture of the vine. Thus around the windows of the guest-chamber the vine may have thrown its tendrils, or on the slopes of Olivet the vineyards may have been prominent objects, or the burning heaps of vine-prunings may have suggested the idea.

Again, if they were pausing in some apartments of the temple-court, the golden vine, the image of Israel, upon the gates may have supplied the point of departure.

But our Lord needed no such help to his imagination, and it is by no means necessary to find an occasion for his imagery. The fact that he had the fruit of the vine before him, and had already made it symbolic of his sacrificial death, may have brought the thought nearer to the disciples.

But the most simple explanation is that the vine was the image of Israel. The prophets and psalms abound with this reference Isaiah 5: Here Christ says, "I;" but we see from Ver. The failure of Israel to realize the ideal leads our Lord, as the true Israel of God, to say, I am the veritable or, ideal vine, including as the context shows in the idea of his complete Personality all the branches that derive their life from him. I with the branches, I involving my relation to the branches, and theirs to me - I as the Life-principle of humanity, together with those who are living in me - constitute and are the veritable vine of prophecy, the true Israel of God.

So that this passage, from Vers. The branch that bears fruit is the Christian who is growing more like the Lord Jesus. Even such vines need to be pruned or cleansed. Just as a real vine must be cleaned from insects, mildew, and fungus, so a Christian must be cleansed from worldly things that cling to him.

The cleansing agent is the word of the Lord.

father and son relationship vine

The disciples had originally been cleansed by the word at the time of their conversion. Just as the Savior had been talking to them, His Word had had a purifying effect on their lives. Thus, this verse may refer to justification and sanctification. We must abide in the Son In this passage there is much about abiding in Christ.

What is meant by that? It is true that there is a mystical sense in which the Christian is in Christ and Christ is in the Christian. But there are many—maybe they are in the majority—who never have this mystical experience.

It is completely pure.

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But our mind is still programmed to react in the old ways. We have to, as Paul says in Romans This is an on-going process.

father and son relationship vine

We must keep contact with Jesus. We cannot do that unless we deliberately take steps to do it. To take but one example—to pray in the morning, if it be for only a few moments, is to have an antiseptic for the whole day; for we cannot come out of the presence of Christ to touch the evil things. For some few of us, abiding in Christ will be a mystical experience which is beyond words to express.

For most of us, it will mean a constant contact with him. It will mean arranging life, arranging prayer, arranging silence in such a way that there is never a day when we give ourselves a chance to forget him. It results in bountiful fruit Finally, we must note that here there are two things laid down about the good disciple. First, he enriches his own life; his contact makes him a fruitful branch. God is glorified, when we bear much fruit and show ourselves to be disciples of Jesus.

The greatest glory of the Christian life is that by our life and conduct we can bring glory to God. It results in glorifying the Father As the children of God exhibit the likeness of Christ to the world, the Father is glorified.

People are forced to confess that He must be a great God when He can transform such wicked sinners into such godly saints. Notice the progression in this chapter: The Father loves the Son In the center of this unique abiding relationship is the love of God. Christ exhorts His disciples to continue in my love. It is interesting to note that this is the first fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5: The Son loves the believer The love which the Savior has for us is the same as the love of the Father for the Son.

Our hearts are made to bow in worship when we read such words. It is the same in quality and degree. This means we should continue to realize His love and to enjoy it in our lives.

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The believer is to love other believers Trinity We believe that the one true God is all good, all loving, all powerful, all present, and all knowing. God exists as three equal persons in one eternal communal being: The triune God created, sustains, and redeems the world.

father and son relationship vine

God is sovereign over all things. He is merciful, just, and perfect in all His ways. God alone is worthy of our worship. He is personal and desires to be known. His essential nature is love.

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God the Father We believe that the eternal Father spoke the world into existence, sent His Son to redeem it, and sends His Spirit as the seal of our redemption. He was known to Israel as Yahweh, and is uniquely revealed in Jesus Christ.

The Son and Spirit give glory to the Father.

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The Father gives glory to the Son for his sacrificial life and death. God the Father will judge the world, but has also acted in mercy towards it. He adopts us as sons and daughters through Christ who reconciles us to Him. As our loving Father He is the source of our true worth and identity. Jesus Christ We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, incarnated through the virgin birth, fully divine and fully human, the image of the invisible God.

Jesus lived a sinless life, called all people to follow Him, was crucified for the sins of the world, was bodily raised from the dead as a sign of the new creation, and ascended to the Father who placed all things under His lordship. He indwells believers through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

He will return to judge and redeem the world.

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By the Holy Spirit Jesus was conceived in Mary, anointed for ministry, and raised from the dead. The Spirit was poured out at Pentecost to empower the church to bear witness to Jesus. The Spirit reveals Christ, sanctifies the believer, assures us of salvation, distributes gifts for ministry, and manifests the love of God in our hearts. Scripture We believe that Scripture is the inspired, authoritative written word of God, penned by people through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

father and son relationship vine

Scripture must be prayerfully interpreted both individually and corporately with the help of the Holy Spirit and with an appreciation for its historical context. One of the ways God governs the community of faith is through Scripture as we apply it to our lives and publicly proclaim its message of hope. Revelation We believe God reveals Himself in various ways. Though uniquely authoritative, Scripture is only one of the ways God makes Himself known.