Elphaba and glinda relationship trust

Canon Relationships - The Wicked Witch of the West

elphaba and glinda relationship trust

Lyrics to 'DEFYING GRAVITY' by WICKED CREW: It's time to try Defying gravity I think I'll But what gives this song a universal connection is the overall idea of letting go of society's GLINDA (spoken) Elphaba - why couldn't you have just stayed calm for once, instead of flying off the handle! It's time to trust my instincts. Relationships: Lessons from Glinda & Elphaba knows a great deal about literacy instruction but cannot develop relationships, build trust, and. Enter Fiyero, Glinda's fiancé who suddenly begins to support Elphaba and an ongoing feud falls at the centre of everyone. A tale of envy, love and trust, Elphaba.

Glinda sat back with satisfaction and sighed. Despite her nerves, she always loved the now familiar drive to Aleppo in Quox; and of course, the chance to see Elphaba and Fiyero. This would be her sixth visit since discovering her best friends were alive, but this would also be her first visit that was longer than a weekend since the birth of her goddaughter. Aerin would be one in a few days' time, and Glinda had refused to miss the celebration, planning to stay for ten days.

And as she and Lysander had been courting for the past six months and their relationship was becoming… well, serious; she had decided this would be the best time to introduce the most important people in her life to one another. She was perfectly aware that this was the biggest test of her and Lysander's relationship so far, she was almost placing the safety of Elphaba, Fiyero and Aerin in her faith in Lysander; but if something was to go wrong, it could all end horrifyingly bad.

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Elphaba and Fiyero knew and approved of the plan, and knew Lysander must be important and trustworthy if Glinda was willing to potentially compromise their safety; but that didn't stop Glinda from being a nervous wreck.

Despite her nerves, Glinda couldn't help but giggle to herself as she recalled the conversation she'd had with Lysander a few weeks ago, where she'd revealed to him that the Wicked Witch of the West was in fact alive, in Quox, married and with a small daughter. Lysander's face had been amusing at these revelations to say the least, but nothing compared to when Glinda had added she was going to visit in a few weeks' time, and he was invited.

Lysander had accepted, she suspected in part to satisfy his curiosity and partly to show Glinda her faith in him had not been misplaced. Chistery had offered to drive them, he never passed up a chance to visit Elphaba, although he had pretty much taken on the role of postal service between the two women, as they exchanged letters frequently.

elphaba and glinda relationship trust

Glinda also knew Elphaba would be apprehensive about meeting Lysander, after all he was a stranger, and few people from Oz had ever taken to her initially, especially once seeing her skin colour.

Lysander wasn't sure what he'd been expecting as they approached Aleppo. Although Glinda had told him the real story about Elphaba and Fiyero, the Wizard and Morrible's propaganda campaign and everything that had happened; he was still unable to rid his mind of the stories about the Wicked Witch of the West that had spread through Oz even still to this day, and the 'evil, wicked' deeds she had supposedly committed against the Animals of Oz.

So, he couldn't deny he was surprised as the carriage pulled to a stop outside a small, humble cottage on the outskirts of town. It had a small garden, thatched roof and had a homey feel to it- nothing that screamed the 'wicked witch of the west lives here'.

The front door opened and a tall, fit man with blue eyes, brown hair and a wide smile came out to meet them. Again, Lysander surprised himself. He and Glinda both knew how serious their relationship was, and Lysander was hoping it would become more serious in the near future, following the success of this visit. He felt a twinge of jealously as Glinda beamed at him happily. You have very good timing," he smiled. Lysander knew it had only been two months since Glinda's last weekend visit to Aleppo, but also knew from experiences with his nieces and nephews and the children of his friends how fast they grew.

Glinda turned to Lysander now, as though remembering he was there. Fiyero ushered them inside, leaving Chistery to bring in the luggage and put the carriage away; he had bowed deeply and politely refused Fiyero's offer to help, as he did every time.

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Fiyero and Glinda led the way into the cottage, and as they entered the living room, Lysander following close behind, he heard footsteps from behind him. Lysander was slightly taken aback. Although he knew Elphaba was the same age as Glinda, he hadn't expected her to look so young.

Nor had he expected the infamous green skin to be the dazzling emerald shade it was; or the large brown eyes to be full of light and happiness, although he could detect a glimmer of wariness in them as she met his gaze from over Glinda's shoulder. Did you miss me? If you call her 'Elphie', you may not survive," he joked, and Glinda shot him a glare that implied he wasn't helping the situation.

Lysander smiled nervously as he reached out a hand to shake Elphaba's. You don't like it? I have no fathom of where Fiyero got 'Fae' from. She turned to look at him over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow. Despite everything Glinda's told me…" "The Wizard and Morrible's propaganda worked well then," Elphaba cut him off, a slight bitterness in her tone. Not everyone could do something like that, and especially to endure them saying such horrible things about you and spreading rumours and lies.

elphaba and glinda relationship trust

People have been spreading rumours and lies about me my whole life. The only difference with the Wizard was it wasn't just me he was lying about. And taking away the rights of Animas, stopping them from speaking and encaging them… no one ever fought for me. But I wasn't going to let him make a scapegoat out of the Animals, because they were different. He was hoping… planning, to propose to Glinda soon, but was hoping to get Elphaba's approval first, knowing how much it would mean to the woman he loved.

Nope, I still hated it. The book has almost nothing at all to do with the play, other than sharing the same characters and a couple settings. He attempts to explain why the witch is perceived as wicked, how she came to own the west, how she came to be called a witch, etc. Honestly, with a premise this great, how could I not like it?

I have plenty of reasons. But it often seemed like all the important events were occurring off-camera. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

elphaba and glinda relationship trust

Not only that, but each section introduced a whole new cast of characters — who for the most part were not seen either before or after that section. So I felt like any characterization of them was just a waste of time. Sure, there were a few major events that happen on-camera, but even those were hard to get into.

Part of it was the head-hopping. I think this is a very positive trend, because I think it can be so much more immersive.

I like to see the world through the eyes of the character using the narration as a lens.

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But the head-hopping in this book killed any potential it had. By head-hopping I mean that the point of view POV jumped from person to person within the scene. Elphaba would mentally describe Glinda for a paragraph, and then suddenly Glinda would mentally describe Elphaba, etc. I find it distracting. It has to carry its weight. Sex can be a great tool for characterization, showing motivation, exploring relationships between characters.

But neither Glinda nor Elphaba went in.

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Boq the munchkin, who had been a major character in the prior section, went in, but we barely see him for the rest of the book. Crope or is it Tibbet? On the subject of Crope and Tibbet, both of those two were just token homosexual characters with no individual personality, as if they were an afterthought to meet some sort of equal rights requirement from his publisher. I got the impression we were supposed to gasp at the idea of homosexuals in Oz, but no effort was made to make them into real characters.

And the premise of this book is for us to try to understand the Witch better, right?

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A little girl goes to the Wizard for help. She knows Dorothy is her intended assassin — what is she supposed to do, sit and wait for her to come and kill her? We as viewers know that Dorothy could never intentionally kill anybody. The narration makes it very clear that he is her son, referring to Fiyero as the father, etc, so we know he is. But she totally ignores him. Then the kid leaves him there where he sits for DAYS and almost dies.

I liked some other aspects of it, but this is what really made me hate her. This play is great! I like musicals in general, and this was better than average.