Edward kenway and connor relationship goals

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edward kenway and connor relationship goals

This list of characters from the Assassin's Creed franchise contains only characters that are .. Grand Master of the Knights Templar, de Sablé follows a goal similar to the .. This caused a long-term relationship between them, with Ezio carrying out . Connor is also the son of Haytham Kenway and the grandson of Edward. The Kenway Saga concluded with Rogue (in reality it just opened up more questions and plotlines. . People say Connor was a bad character because he was boring and naive, . "What an amazing coincidence that Edward Kenway knew just Connor benefited from his relationship with Adams though. Edward is almost a counterpoint to Connor in some ways,” lead writer “Connor begins very idealistic and the experience he has through Assassin's Creed 3 starts to make him really jaded. He has this marriage that's really rocky. “At first he has all these selfish goals but his experiences focus him on.

Haytham managed to break free, but too late to prevent the mercenary's execution. He gave Haytham permission to conduct his investigation among his troops, but also requested his fellow Templar serve with him during the war against the French.

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As they departed on the shipsa man asked if his family could come on board. Haytham obliged him as there was room, but Braddock refused. The man responded by calling him craven, so Braddock angrily ordered his executioner Slater to kill them all: In the meantime, he befriended Private Jim Holdenwho had been forthcoming with information about Smith.

He revealed he had been a member of Braddock's inner circle of mercenaries, which worried Haytham. He eventually asked Holden to leave the army and become his gentleman's gentleman, primarily acting as his carriage driver.

On being ambushed by the Assassin, Haytham lost his treasured short sword, though the fight ended when Haytham pulled Miko into a crevasse, but was subsequently dragged in along with him. While this did not finish off his adversary, upon Haytham's suggestion, Miko fled to fight another day.

edward kenway and connor relationship goals

My father brought me here as a child, though I remember little of it. And I don't suppose tonight will afford me the luxury of a proper viewing either. Although lamenting the fact that he did not remember much of the play, Haytham's true purpose there was to obtain a "precursor" artifact from an attending patron and member of the Assassin Order, who happened to be Miko.

From there, he met with Birch for a short while, confirming the Order's suspicion that the precursor artifacts were tied to the New World. He would then set about organizing an official presence for the Templars in the New World.

After defeating him and a man known as Quill, he was taken to the captain's quarters to speak with Samuel Smythe. Smythe reminded Haytham that such a revolt would rule out him ever reaching the Colonies, so he agreed to investigate. After asking the cook and doctor about information regarding peculiar actions, he was referred to a man named James Fairweather.

From there, after a splashing sound was heard, Haytham went below deck and discovered that painted barrels had been thrown overboard. Seconds later, a boat was sighted, which then began to attack the Providence. Following this, Smythe adamantly sent Haytham below deck, where he came into contact with Louis Mills. On agreeing to settle the matter with a sword duel, the two engaged in combat and Mills was struck down by Kenway.

During the storm, Haytham helped to secure the ship's rigging before flying the foremast to quicken the Providence. Just then the attacking ship began to sink, having also been struck by lightning.

During the tour, Haytham met Benjamin Franklin and discovered that some of his almanac pages were missing.

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Upon this paper are the names of five men sympathetic to our cause. Each is also uniquely suited to aid you in your endeavor. With them at your side, you will want nothing.

After meeting Johnson, he learned that some of his work had been stolen in a robbery. Leaving to find Johnson's man, Thomas Hickeywho was also on his list of loyal Templars, Haytham searched for those responsible.

edward kenway and connor relationship goals

Thomas and Haytham then killed the attacking soldiers while Charles carried the chest that contained Johnson's information.

After he visited Church's home, Haytham discovered that there had been a raid, which resulted in Church's kidnapping. The first pair informed Haytham that Church had been taken somewhere in north-eastern Boston. Following that, he went to the top of a church to view the rest of the city for other prospects.

Edward Kenway's Character

The third — also a conversation between two Regulars — notified Haytham that Church was in debt to someone and that a man named " Cutter " was included in this group, who planned to torture or kill Benjamin.

The final conversation, between two civilians, revealed the group that had captured Church had taken him to the top of a hill, at a fort which had a doctor.

Piecing together that the Templar would be near to the water-front besides the fort, the pair slipped by undetected to a locked door at the edge. Silently, Haytham stole a key from one of the nearby Regulars and opened the door to the building.

Entering with Lee, Haytham found Church tied to a chair, surrounded by a few British Regulars and being interrogated by a man named Silas Thatcherwho was in charge of Southgate Fort. After having sneaked in with the help of Lee, he located Pitcairn near the end of the battery, speaking with Braddock about mistakes. When Haytham attempted to take Pitcairn with him, Braddock refused and sent him and Charles away.

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Following this, Haytham took Pitcairn with him to the tavern and spoke with his partners. Ezio came to her aid, but she was already mortally wounded. Cristina showed him the pendant he had given her twenty-two years ago, and said she wished for another chance with him.

She died in his arms. She was engaged to Pope Sixtus IV's nephew, Girolamo Riario, at only 10 years of age, and consummated the marriage at Eight years later, Caterina had her husband killed by the Orsi brothers after finding out that he was working for the Templars, along with being a poor husband. Retaking the city, Ezio saved Caterina's children from the Orsi and killed the two brothers, though the Apple was eventually taken from him by a mysterious monk. Caterina later traveled to the Italian Assassins' headquarters in Monteriggioni, requesting for aid against Cesare Borgia's army.

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Unexpectedly, Monteriggioni was besieged by Cesare the next day, causing the town to be destroyed and Caterina to be captured. However, her imprisonment lasted not even a day, as Ezio Auditore infiltrated the Castel, with the primary aim of killing Cesare and Rodrigo Borgia.

edward kenway and connor relationship goals

With the two away from the Castel, however, Ezio decided to free Caterina with a key taken from Lucrezia Borgia, and a few weeks later, Caterina returned to Florence to await the restoration of her lands. He was naturally ambitious and aggressive; at age 18, when he sought his brother Juan Borgia the Younger's position as Captain General of the Papal Army Cesare was a Cardinal at the timehe had his brother assassinated. After leading the army to many victories throughout Italy, Cesare developed extreme sadism and a lust for conquest, having the primary goal to unify all of Italy and conquer all of Spain.

In effect, he and his father were continually at odds. Near the end of his life, he was imprisoned before escaping and raising an army for a last stand before being thrown off a wall by Ezio, ending his life. Girolamo Savonarola by Fra Bartolomeoc. Despite having great ambitions, most men found him lacking the ability to be a great leader. InSavonarola managed to obtain an Apple of Eden.

Recognizing its powers, he used it to instigate the Bonfire of the Vanities in Florence; hoping to cleanse the city of everything he regarded as evil, such as art and wealth. His genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. His lifelong friendship with Ezio Auditore begins when Ezio's mother, Maria, has her son help Leonardo move some paintings from his new workshop.

Leonardo comments that his current work lacks purpose, but Maria is confident that he will go on to do great things. After Ezio's father and brothers are murdered by Rodrigo Borgia's men, Ezio brings to Leonardo two objects from his father's study: Leonardo repairs the blade and deciphers the codex, fascinated by the technological secrets it alludes to.

As Ezio continues his Assassin training, Leonardo makes several upgrades to Ezio's weapons and armor, including a poison blade, a gun, and a poison dart launcher.

Some time after Ezio foils the Pazzi conspiracy, Leonardo receives a commission from a Venetian noble, prompting him to set up a new workshop in Venice. As Ezio had his own business in the city, he accompanied him. He developed an interest in flight, and invented an experimental flying machinewhich Ezio used on one of his missions.

After seeing the Apple of Eden, Leonardo marveled at the futuristic visions it showed him. He then developed an interest in the findings of Pythagorasand was eventually able to create a map leading to a temple built by his followers. Eventually, Leonardo was blackmailed by Cesare Borgia into designing Templar war machines.

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He continued to support Ezio, in secret, until he was kidnapped by a third party, the Cult of Hermes, who wanted him to lead them to the Temple of Pythagoras. He is eventually rescued by Ezio, and despite his injuries, explores the Temple, fascinated by the numeric codes found within.

edward kenway and connor relationship goals

Although Leonardo does not appear in Assassin's Creed: Revelations, the novelization describes him dying peacefully at his home in Amboisewith his friends including Ezio, who is now retired from the Assassins at his side.

In Assassin's Creed III, the Darvenport Homestead's residential carpenter obtained some of Leonardo's blueprints and, at Connor's request, build a prototype replica of the original flying machine.

Lorenzo de' Medici[ edit ] Portrait of Lorenzo by Rubens 17th century Lorenzo de' Medici — was an Italian statesman and de facto ruler of the Florentine Republic during the Italian Renaissance. Known as il Magnifico the Magnificent by contemporary Florentines, he was a diplomat, politician and patron of scholars, artists, and poets. His life coincided with the high point of the early Italian Renaissance; his death marked the end of the Golden Age of Florence.

The fragile peace he helped maintain between the various Italian states collapsed with his death.

edward kenway and connor relationship goals

Lorenzo worked closely with Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, a close friend and ally, against the corrupted Borgia. After Giovanni's death, Lorenzo was saved by his son Ezio during the Pazzi conspiracy. She is the daughter of Rodrigo Borgia and the sister of Cesare Borgia. She is first seen in a portrait in Assassin's Creed II as a little girl with brown hair. She appears in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood as a woman, her hair now blonde.