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An epic narration of the war between Pandavas and Kauravas, Mahabharata Guru Dronacharya who mastered the skill of military arts was. Of all the Kaurava and Pandava brothers training under Drona, Arjuna emerged as the most dedicated, hard-working. There are many instances where Drona has shown favouritism, to Arjuna or Ashwathama. It becomes clear that Drona likes Arjuna more when.

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Unfortunately for him, he could never win any battle against his supreme foe Arjuna. It was as if the curse of his guru Parashuram dogged him throughout his life. The wheels of his life were stuck in misfortune much before the wheels of his chariot stuck in the bloody quagmire of Kurukshetra.

Karna however is worthy of the greatest respect and admiration for his glorious personality and indomitable courage, his undisputed might and skill as a warrior and most of all for his never say die attitude to life.

The tragedy of Karna should not detract us from the greatness of Arjuna.


Arjuna is the ultimate hero of the Mahabharata being an incarnation of Nara, the heroic masculine power of Lord Vishnu.

King Pandu and Kunti purified themselves by severe austerities to Indra for one year before he was born. No other birth except Krishna's was celebrated by the devas, sages and apsaras. However his real achievement lies in his pursuit of perfection all his life. Though born into the great Bharata race he is not content to rest on the strength of his family fame and exerts himself until he becomes the greatest warrior on earth.

He is the embodiment of Kshatriya manhood.

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His status as the pre eminent warrior is emphatically established by his single handed defeat of Bhishma, Drona, KarnaKripa and Ashwathama in the terrible battle of the Viratas. He bears all the injustices of the Kauravas with courageous fortitude and yet hesitates to kill them when they are arranged before him for war. It is this purity and kindness of heart which makes Arjuna truly great.

The first is Karna's entry into the war, and the second is the appointment of Drona as the commander of the Kaurava army. The fiercest, bloodiest battle takes place in this parva. It is perhaps most famous for the killing of Abhimanyu, the sixteen year old son of Arjuna, but there are several other incidents that are noteworthy, especially for the way in which they bring out the utter despair of war.

Do not make your association with the Kurus false. Therefore, to make him stick to the pledge, he made the counsel generally known. Duryodhana proclaimed among all the soldiers that Pandava would be captured. You should advance to the fight only after you have thought over whether you have the capacity to bear this. If I do not kill Jayadratha, let those terrible ends be mine. You are not my enemy. The angry Pandava Dhananjaya, with his ray of arrows, was like the fire.

You are like a razor dipped in honey. I displayed weak intelligence in depending on your assurances and your weapons. Where is that insolence, pride and swagger about valour now?

I am the angry Bhimasena, your enemy.