Domenico dolce and stefano gabbana relationship

Stefano Gabbana opens up about romance with Domenico Dolce

domenico dolce and stefano gabbana relationship

The Italian designer duo talk about a relationship that has spanned 30 years, doing business in Dubai and the beauty of never having time to. Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana say Dolce & Gabbana's new show is declaration of love to fashion industry. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana rose from obscurity to form a . up their fashion house in , they only announced their relationship publicly in

In Bed with Madonna by Alek Keshishian Shortly after, the singer asked them to design the fifteen hundred costumes for her "Girlie Show" tour. The collection changes for every season, ranging from the baroque to the plastic, from aristocratic to working class, brazen to bourgeois, from animal prints to a cardinal's cloak.

domenico dolce and stefano gabbana relationship

In for their Milan men's show, they took their inspiration from contemporary soccer stars. The darlings of the Italian and international press, according to Suzy Menkes, a journalist for the International Herald Tribune, the two designers have the ability of being able to mix periods and countries, masculine and feminine looks, fabrics and styles.

Creativity and versatility, the union of the press and the star system, a range of products and clothing lines, and careful attention to distribution are all elements that contribute to the realization of an integrated system of communication. Edited by Guido Vergani. Baldini and Castoldi, Translated by Marguerite Shore.

But can any business partnership created on those terms survive a split? Historically, fashion collaborations haven't. Ossie Clark's career nose-dived after he divorced his associate and textile designer Celia Birtwell in Egon and Diane Von Furstenberg divorced inwhen their label was the fashion choice of New York's most beautiful.

Their clothes fell out of favour almost instantaneously, and it's only now that Diane is enjoying a renaissance, presumably because she is no longer associated with her ex.

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  • Stefano Gabbana opens up about romance with Domenico Dolce

Backstage at the runway shows, the pair are famous for offering only one direction to their models: Beyond the limitations of the fashion scene, the creative-romantic affiliation operates on a different basis. Music, for example, has a grand tradition of brands - or rather, bands - surviving creatively, when relationships fail.

Often, an act will positively thrive on the abject misery of a broken love affair. No Doubt's song Don't Speak was a desperate, furious, soft-rocky screech of pain induced by the end of singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani's seven-year relationship with bass player Tony Kanal.

It was also the very song that finally propelled the band to international success. Abba, equally, was a hot-bed of splits and swaps and more splits, jealousy, fully-fledged divorce and acrimony, and although it's widely believed to be precisely this that eventually destroyed the group they lived, wrote and sang through it - and about it - for some six fantastically lucrative years.

domenico dolce and stefano gabbana relationship

The exception of course has to be when the act is named after its components - but still we at least all loved and supported Cher without Sonny and Tina without Ike.

Jack and Meg White of The White Stripes have made a veritable virtue of the fact that they're divorced, but still collaborating creatively. The band was for a time mainly famous for the confusion over Jack and Meg's relationship: Every year their collections change, although each designer has his favorite pieces that remain in the collection each season. Their concern has never been with what is trendy, but what feels right at that moment.

Gabbana was quoted by Frankel in the Guardian as having said, "We sketch everything from new each season, and it doesn't come out the same, but it has the same feeling.

This is better in the end because I have one taste. The customer comes to my shop to buy one taste, not another taste, not what is trendy.

Focus: After the Dolce and Gabbana split | Fashion | The Guardian

But it's better to stay a little outside. Not to try and keep up with it all. It's better to stick with your own style, otherwise, e la morte [death].

She has become one of the duo's biggest fans, and the feelings are definitely mutual. There are very few people from whom the two designers will take orders and design clothing specifically for, but for Madonna they will drop everything to help.

Inthe duo created 1, costumes for Madonna's world tour, "The Girlie Show. Then, for Madonna's Music album, the designers went even further for their favorite pop star; not only did they dress Madonna and her entire ensemble, but they designed and created an entire backdrop for the tour.

Dolce & Gabbana - How the Internet has Changed Fashion

It was a big success. In the book 10 Years of Dolce and Gabbana was published. The book, which commemorated the first decade of the designers' fashions in photographs had an introduction by Isabella Rossellini, the Italian actress who has been wearing their clothes almost since the pair started designing them.

Q&A with D&G duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in the UAE

Frankel in the Guardian said of the duo's fashions, "There's nothing self-consciously cool about the label. What's more, it suits women of means, of course of all shapes and sizes—in many cases, the stick-thin would be hard pushed to fill it.

domenico dolce and stefano gabbana relationship

Although the pair became lovers when they set up their fashion house inthey only announced their relationship publicly in They bought the Villa Volpe, a 19th-century palazzo in the center of Milan and moved in together.

It was a much-talked about house, covered with animal prints, red sofas, and church candles, reflecting the pair's eclectic tastes.

In the pair, who love the glamour and glitz of Hollywood and professedly love it when stars wear their fashions, came out with their second book of photos called Hollywood.

domenico dolce and stefano gabbana relationship

Not everyone was excited about the fact, though, just as not everyone was a fan of the duo's styles. And of course they're fun, but that's usually because the joke's on the person wearing them. Lisa Armstrong for the Times of London said, "Gabbana's knack for creating just the right degree of theatrical gorgeousness stops the average shopper dead in her tracks, while Dolce's eye for cut and detail seduces her in a quieter way, usually after she has tried the clothes on.

It's a formidable combination.