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I tried to draw Darwin and Carrie at the park 'cause I really miss them.I hope in season. 6 we are going to see a special episode about them. I did planned to make this long ago, but it was too early to make. Then Darwin(s) requested me to make one so, why not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. These are the relationships Darwin has with the other characters in the series. Darwin is Gumball's adoptive brother and best friend. They are almost always.

In " The Roots ," she is distressed when evidence initially led her to believe that Darwin was unhappy with the family; she did everything in her power to make sure that Darwin was happy with the family.

She was also deeply saddened by Darwin's temporary absence in the episode. Darwin sees Richard as more of a friend than an actual father figure, as seen in episodes such as " The Watch " and in " The Castle ," where Richard joins the children's childish antics.

Despite this, Richard can still exercise his authority towards Darwin when necessary, such as in the events of " The Password ," where the Watterson brothers constantly harassed Richard in order to win the title of "favorite child" even though it was all an elaborate ploy by their sister. Darwin may also desire to see Richard grow as a father figure as episodes such as " The Castle " have Darwin encouraging Richard to take more parental authority.

Like Nicole, Richard is very affectionate of Darwin and would do anything in his power to ensure his safety even though his incompetence may prevent him from doing such in the most efficient way. When the family thought that Darwin was going to leave in " The Roots ," he too lost it and became uncharacteristically depressed and distressed. During " The Goons ," Richard stated that Darwin was his favorite child though he denied that it was the case upon seeing the expressions of Nicole and his other children.

Granny Jojo Despite her weirdness, Granny Jojo still desires the best for her grandchildren. Darwin does not really interact much with his grandmother, but in " The Kiss ," he says that he likes being kissed on the cheek by her, although he does not say specifically because it makes him feel special. In " The Authority ," Granny Jojo keeps him and the rest of the family except for Nicole in the house to keep them safe showing that Darwin and the rest of her grandchildren hold a very special place in her heart.

Even though Darwin loves Granny Jojo, " The Check " shows that he is very off put by her traditions that come with her old age. Louie Louie hopes to become closer with his grandchildren.

Even though Louie is a fairly recent addition to the Watterson family, he still expresses a decent amount of care towards Darwin and his siblings; likewise, Darwin does the same. In " The Man ," Darwin was very supportive of Louie's relationship with Granny Jojo, wanting both parties to be happy; Darwin went against his father's orders in order to allow the two's relationship to continue.

In spite of the destructive consequences, they do prove that they truly care about their grandfather. Girlfriend Carrie Carrie's and Darwin's romantic feelings seem to be mutual. Carrie and Darwin have been friends since the start of the series. However, it would appear that some time before the events of " Halloween ," Carrie also becomes Darwin's love interest, as when he becomes a ghost, the first thing he does is kissing her on the lips, claiming it's been something he's wanted to do for a long time, to which she reacts with a blush.

Although not much is shown about their feelings for each other during other episodes, in " The Scam " those are much more heavily implied. Carrie even appears to reciprocate Darwin's feelings. Gumball uses the thought of getting closer to Carrie in order to tempt Darwin into following through with their scam, causing him to have a brief romantic fantasy about her.

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Then, when Carrie required a body to possess in order to eat the candy they gathered, she sheepishly asked Darwin to borrow his, causing him to get nervous as well. Later, Darwin expressed great sadness when Carrie was about to get married to Gargaroth and whisked away to the underworld forever. At the end of the episode, they each awkwardly tried to find an excuse to get the other to hang out with them.

Carrie and Darwin finally share a kiss. However, due to Gumball's misunderstanding, Carrie reluctantly makes a love potion to use on Darwin and Teri, making them fall in love. After realizing the mistake, Gumball and Carrie try to break them up, only to bring them closer in the process. But when Darwin notices Carrie's heartbroken tear, the spell breaks and he approaches the former and the two finally build up the courage to kiss.

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It is confirmed in later episodes that, as of the end of " The Matchmaker ," they are officially dating. Friends Penny Darwin and Penny playing games together. Darwin and Penny share a friendly, yet platonic relationship. As seen in episodes such as " The Storm " and " The Flower ," Darwin and Penny hang out in a very friendly manner, often making small talk and goofing off.

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Darwin is generally very supportive of Gumball's relationship with Penny. However, after Gumball and Penny began dating " The Shell "Darwin became jealous about how much more time his best friend is spending with his girlfriend. Although he does want Gumball and Penny to be happy, he could not help but feel threatened by their relationship, fearing that he would be alone.

This causes Penny to briefly break up with Gumball, but Darwin regrets his actions and helps get them back together later. Nonetheless, it is still hinted that he seems to generally be at odds with being the third wheel.

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However, it seems that Darwin has gotten over these feelings, as he did not show any hostility when he assumed Gumball was inviting Penny over in " The Traitor " and he helped the former setting up a romantic quest for Penny in " The Romantic. Penny is also amused when Darwin mentioned his own nemesis.

Banana Joe Darwin and Banana Joe seem to hang out. Once Darwin regained some strength in his arms, he started slapping Gumball's cheeks lightly.

Eventually a raw blue colour started to return, and the cat returned groggily to his senses. Darwin gave him a few more much appreciated slaps. Was it Sarah somehow? She ships…" This time, they both shuddered, remembering Sarah's definition of 'brotherly love'. It must have been the personification of chaos and evil in Elmore. They glanced at each other and exclaimed: He wondered why someone who sat in a room all day would need so many energy drinks.

Gumball entered with none of the same care, storming in all guns blazing. Darwin's nose followed the source to a tray of biscuits.

Darwin reached excitedly for one but Gumball slapped his fin away disapprovingly. The fish's face fell, but Gumball didn't notice as he started his tirade. You must have put together those quizzes on purpose.

On a closer look, Internet's expressions were softer and more apologetic. His face was a gentle blue, instead of the sharp green he had on their last visit. I was just the messenger! That girl had special permission from them… just about.

You and Penny, and you and Carrie -" Internet nodded in Darwin's direction - "are so cute together. I've followed all your adventures and I love the ones around your pairings.

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Darwin was slightly disturbed by the fact that Internet was apparently watching them so often. Now there was a heavy thought. But, one problem at a time.

I can block the users from sending you any more, and I can try to drown out the quizzes with cute Carwin and Gummenny pictures. That doesn't quite hit the ear right for me. He tapped a few keys on his monitor to bring up the Elmore plus feed. He scrolled for a second, looking for something. Then, tentatively, he turned the screen a few degrees for Gumball and Darwin to see. It was a picture of the terrible scene, the moment when Penny and Carrie had leaned in for the kiss just hours ago.

Gumball and Darwin saw their own faces from the outside perspective, Darwin mortified, Gumball white as a sheet. Below the photo was a caption. Pranking our wonderful silly boyfriends! The girls had just been pretending.

There was no real danger after all. They had been hurt and scared out of their minds for nothing. There were other photos in the gallery too and they confirmed nothing was truly out of the ordinary. You get more amazing all the time," he gushed, as Darwin had to shield himself from the literal rainbows spraying from him. Finally, Carrie concedes and begins to cry at the thought that she has lost Darwin forever and disappointed that she didn't act sooner. Fortunately, her tear, being a sign of love, breaks Darwin's spell.

Encouraged by Gumball, Carrie asks Darwin out on a date, which he gladly accepts and they share a kiss. In later episodes, they are shown acting as a couple, revealing that they are officially dating.

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Friends Gumball Carrie and Gumball are close friends. In " The Ghost ," Gumball allows her somewhat reluctantly to use his body so she could eat large amounts of food. When Gumball refuses to allow her to use his body near the end of the episode, she attempts to forcibly take it, resulting in a brief struggle. However, the two quickly reconcile and seem to be on good terms from then on.

Carrie also played a major role in helping to exorcise Jealousy from Gumball's body. After the ordeal, she gives Gumball a friendly punch in the arm, causing Penny to reveal her own jealousy. Gumball and Carrie frequently spend time together. In " Halloween ," Carrie takes Gumball to a ghost party.