Clym and eustacia relationship help

clym and eustacia relationship help

Eustacia is blinded by her longing for Paris when she falls for Clym, while Clym blinds himself to Eustacia's Is this true of her relationship with Clym as well?. Frustrated with the lack of a solid answer from Eustacia, Clym cries "I hate talking of Clym Yeobright also is interested in marriage to help carryout his own. and find homework help for other The Return of the Native questions at eNotes. Let us remember that it starts of with the relationship that Eustacia and Wildeve have enjoyed, and how However, this only lasts until Clym Yeobright returns.

This disrupts the marriage, as Clym truly does love Eustacia yet refuses to compromise his modern ideals.

clym and eustacia relationship help

She admits her disappointment first to Mrs. The relationship between Eustacia and Damon Wildeve is drastically different from that of Eustacia and Clym.

Both Damon and Eustacia are volatile and emotional characters, and seem to spend much of the novel acting on whims and attempting to make each other jealous. It is as though possession and competition are the driving forces behind this relationship. Both women feel that they have an almost magnetic appeal to their male companions, and view the relationship as a game. Damon as well views their relationship as a show of power, or more specifically, possession. Throughout the novel, he wavers back and forth between Thomasin and Eustacia, using each as a tool to make the other jealous.


The grace of his movement was singular: In this relationship, both Eustacia and Damon are motivated not by love, but by a desire to possess one another, to exert their control over each other.

That couple is, of course, Thomasin and Diggory Venn.

clym and eustacia relationship help

Both of them are poles apart in character: The former is a plodding idealist, whereas the later is a fiery sensualist. The conflict between these two antithetical modes of perception is inevitable from the outset; both fail to see the other at the commencement of the relationship. When the story begins, we are not introduced with Clym who has been in Paris at that time but returns soon to the heath and it is the return that drives the plot of novel.


He is young man of thirty three and he is attractive enough to make Eustasia fall in love with him. She is a woman of nineteen, tall, straight and graceful.

Her very appearance made Clym infatuated with her. Eustacia always longs for passionate love: Her very appearance made Clym infatuated with her.

Love and Modernity: Analysis of Relationships in The Return of the Native

Eustacia always longs for passionate love: The crippling boredom and feeling of being trapped within the heath leads Eustacia to crave an unrealistic love. All Eustacia ever really craves is a chance to escape the Heath and lead the life she so arrogantly presumes to be her right. Is there any place like it on earth?

clym and eustacia relationship help

Indeed, it should be noted that Clym is the returning native of the heath, while Eustacia is a complete alien on the heath, making her entrapment upon it even more poignant. Her belief that she will be able to convince Clym to return to Paris after they are married is another part of her downfall; she has too much faith in her own power There is a fatal incompatibility between the two lovers.

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All her fears come true.