Cat valentine and robbie shapiro relationship

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cat valentine and robbie shapiro relationship

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Cat V., Robbie S. - Words: 4, - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 14 Robbie Shapiro was confused. .. and in case I haven't been clear about my feelings, I'm in love with you, Cat Valentine ". Robbie was on his way to his Beck's house when he got a call from Cat saying some one was in her house Find out what happens to Cat or will Robbie get there. Cat Valentine & Robbie Shapiro Cat Valentine, Empire. More information I always loved Jade and Becks relationship>>> It was not the healtiest but I still did .

cat valentine and robbie shapiro relationship

That offended Cat, no one talks bout her best friend like that. Cat looked over to Robbie, "I am so sorry, so will you go with me", Cat asked. From that moment on Robbie fell for Cat, his best friend he remembered kindergarten, and when he said they would be friends forever. When the dance came the teacher did a head count and Cat looked beautiful as ever in a pink knee high dress with a bow on it, he hair dyed the color of red velvet cupcakes, and a small heel that was black.

When she walked into her classroom all the boys stopped what they were doing and ignored their dates' and stared at the beautiful girl that was Robbie's date. Robbie fell hard for her in that moment, when they got off the smelly bus they arrived at a venue and Robbie and Cat danced all night, they even slow danced at one point, it was very romantic. Robbie nodded in agreement and they ate and danced all day, at the end of the whole thing, Robbie went to Cat's, when Robbie's father arrived Cat kissed his lips goodbye, Robbie was speechless.

Then in middle school every year they had most classes together, they didn't think they would, but they did, they were best friends. They didn't have any other friends to hang out with or anything, every time someone called Robbie a dork or loser Cat stood up for him, she loved him in a friend way or more, she wasn't sure, but she knew there was love there.

When the eighth grade dance came around Cat didn't ask him, Robbie asked her this time. When the dance came around Cat was wearing a beautiful nude lace dress with sparkly shoes and her hair in a tight pony tail and light make up. Robbie was wearing a nice tux with dress shoes, they walked in together hand in hand. They danced to their favorite songs all night long and they took so many pictures, when it was a slow dance, they were on the dance floor his hands on her waist and her arms around his neck, she relaxed her head on his chest and they swayed to the music.

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Robbie nodded in agreement and Robbie walked Cat home that night. She kissed his cheek, "Thank you for being the bestest friend I have ever had", Cat said. Robbie was speechless from the kiss so he nodded and walked off. When it came around time for high school they both applied to Hollywood Arts Senior High.

They opned their letters together at Robbie's house. They both closed their eyes and ripped open the paper from the letter they scanned it with their eyes. They then ate pizza and watched movies all night until Cat's dad came to pick her up, Cat went home and they didn't see each other till school started in a week or two after.

Robbie Shapiro

When they arrived at Hollywood Arts there was people signing and playing instruments and dancing to beats and putting stuff into their lockers, which were creatively designed, they knew they fit in here, they were both talented Robbie, was a ventriloquist, he started taking his puppet Rex everywhere once he got in the school.

Cat, come on out! We know you're here! Go away " pouted Cat, softly. Tori and jade found the tiny redhead sitting cross legged on the floor by Robbie's lockerMr. Purples with herand twisting her hairnervously.

cat valentine and robbie shapiro relationship

Is Robbie with you or did he go back to his. Cant you see how upset she is! God, my heart hurts! You mean for Robbie? This stopped being funny the first time you ran away from Robbie because he was going to ask you to this thing.

He asked you to prome last yearCat, and you turned him down " " I had another date " " You go to every Friday Night Jam with him even if its not a real date," Jade wasn't finished and was only getting warmed up ," you sing songs together and you freaking know who Robbie's pen pal is.

Cat - Robbie -- "You're everything that I want..."

Stop running away and just deal with the fact that for whatever dumb reasons I don't even understand you're in love with RobbieCat " Cat's heart thudded loudly in her chest and she pressed a hand there as the clarity of everything hit her straight in the face. That's a little strange and kind of. I…I am in love with Robbie. I love Robbie " She bit her lip ," I. I don't know when it happened …. I've been hurt by every guy I've ever went out with and ….

He would never in a million years hurt you " " I know that but these feelings are different than what I felt for the other guys I went out with ," admitted Cat, softly ," so much more and its Robbie. You knowhe kissed me tonight …. How could Robbie do that to me?

cat valentine and robbie shapiro relationship

Why would he ask another girl out? I never thought …oooohit makes me so angry " Her heart hurt all over again just thinking about it but that and making Robbie jealous and want to be with her were the only things on her mind tonight.

You got it reallyreally bad for Robbie " " OkayI think we have all established that Cat is in love with Robbie ," Tori tried to be the voice of reason ," a little thing that confuses me is why you turned Robbie down.

You had to know there was the slightest possibility he would ask another girl out …I've seen him ask Trina for a pity date before a couple years ago " " I don't knowToriI guess I wanted to actually be his date this time. That's never happened before with Robbie and me! Okay so I probably would have gone to prome with Robbie if he has asked me first and who knows what might have happened …but Gabriella?

Makes perfect sense " " I think you're really jealous ," Tori tried to get Cat focused ," and cant think straight right now. I heard from Burf than Gabriella likes geeks which is why she probably agreed to go out with Robbie tonight in the first place but that isn't the most important thing you need to focus on, Cat ' " Why wouldn't she go for Robbie?

He's sweetreally smartand a gentleman and he always makes me laugh " She grew solemn. What if I scared Robbie with all my crazy running away from him? I honestly think that deep down inside of me I've always known I was in love with RobbieI was just too scared to admit it to myself " Tori smiledwarmly and touched her shoulder. Don't waste any more time apart " Like she and Beck had and now that they were finally back together and better than ever, she didn't want Cat to blow her chance at love with Robbie.

cat valentine and robbie shapiro relationship

Except now that she had admitted the truth of her feelings to herself and her friendsshe really did want to talk with Robbie. CatJade said you were in here " Robbie spotted her instantly and noted that though her cheeks looked flushedhe didn't think she had been crying ," sweetieare you alright?

I never meant to upset you earlier or again …. I'm sorry I ran away from you, Robbie " Robbie tucked his hands inside the fronts of his short pockets and shrugged, attempting more nonchalance than he felt. I don't know how much longer I can do this …. A lot tonight actually …. He blinked behind his glasses.

No ," Robbie stepped closer to her ," I only asked Gabriella out because you made it pretty clear you were repulsed by the idea of tonight being a date " Cat pressed a hand to her hand and brown eyes met brown and the awareness between them spun around them. In Robbie's flashback, Cat was in love with him, showing that he might want her to be in love with him in real life. In Robbie's flashback when Robbie had his arm around both Cat and Trina he stood with a confident look and never reacted to anything they said, but when Cat said " He loves me!

Throughout the entire flashback of Robbie's, Cat stares at him lovingly. In Robbie's flashback, Cat pets Robbie, felt his muscles and touched his shoulder many times. Robbie could have chosen any other girl Tori or Jade but instead he chose Cat to be the one to fight over him against Trina.

Tori Tortures Teacher In the beginning of the episode when Cat walked into the room Robbie was the first one to greet her by saying, "Hey, Cat", at the second she walked into the room. When Cat was telling her knock-knock joke, Robbie was the only one who participated in the joke Robbie asked "Who's there? When Tori's friends were leaving after refusing be a part of her next plan to make Sikowitz happy, Cat went out of her way to follow Robbie, like she wanted to go to wherever Robbie was going to.

As they chat with Sikowitz in the end, Cat seems to stare at Robbie a lot, seeming almost as though she wouldn't take her eyes off him. Rex calls Trina a grunch and Robbie agrees, implying he has lost interest in her. Robbie has several cutouts of Cat- one of which is called 'Flirty Cat' When Tori asks if Cat knew Robbie had the cutouts, he says "No" in a very dreamy way.

When Cat discovers the cutouts of herself during Tori's Tech Test run-through, Robbie gets scared and accidently ends up telling Cat that they are his cutouts, even though he had denied it before.