Buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

Castle’s Nathan Fillion Answers Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Biggest Question

buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

In the first of a new series, Juliette makes the case for Buffy the Vampire The characters' romantic relationships, while in a continual state of flux, are sappy ( inevitable, for the episode in which Buffy loses her virginity to Angel). The Man in the High Castle Season 4 Release Date, Cast News, and More. The Scooby Gang, or "Scoobies", are a group of characters in the cult television series and The first visible sign was in Season 1, Episode 11, where Willow is seen Both Willow and Spike have used the term on different occasions, Willow in . However, his relationship with Buffy gradually disintegrates, and in Season . It is the canonical continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel series. . finds herself pregnant while coming to terms with her relationship with Spike.

By Season Eight, she has become a leader as well as a Slayer, training her fellow Slayers in the fight against evil. Rupert Giles — As Buffy's Watcherand a father-figure and mentor to the entire group, Giles is a founding figure of the Scooby Gang, although his British upbringing resists the lighthearted nickname at first. Even after the Watchers' Council stripped him of his title in Season Three, he continued to support Buffy.

He remained with the Scoobies until the end of Season Five, when he returned to England at Buffy's death. In Season Six he returns after Buffy is resurrected, then leaves again so that his presence won't hold her back from growing strong and independent.

Thereafter, he is based in England where he is training a squad of Slayers, and Andrew as a Watcher. Giles was almost killed by the evil Angelus toward the end of Season Two.

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In Season Eight, a possessed Angel snapped Giles' neck, killing him instantly. Xander Harris — The most consistent and reliable member of the Scoobies, the wise-cracking Xander is notable for being one of the few characters in the show with no "superpowers".

Instead, his insight, compassion, and support is how he helps his friends in the battle against evil; for example, he brings Willow back from the brink of darkness with his unconditional love in Season Six. Xander also possesses some knowledge of military combat and weapons after being turned into a real soldier in a Halloween episode.

Willow Rosenberg — Willow's abilities as a witch make her one of the most powerful members of the Scooby Gang.

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She is also a gifted hacker. Originally she sometimes resented being known as a " sidekick ", but she grew to lead the Scoobies during Buffy's temporary death between Seasons Five and Six. Although she nearly causes the end of the world after her soulmate Tara is killed, she is also responsible for magically activating all of the Potential Slayers in the world.

Angel — Angel is unique among vampires because he is cursed with a soul, Spike being the only other known vampire with a soul.

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He is also Buffy's lover in Seasons One through Three. Angel's ability to work with the other Scoobies on the side of good is completely dependent on his soul. Without his soul, Angel becomes Angelus, a vampire with no humanity whatsoever. In Season Two, his soul was briefly stripped from him after a forbidden moment of utter happiness. During this time he killed Jenny Calendar and tortured Giles causing his relationship with the group to remain strained even after his soul was restored.

Angel leaves the Scoobies at Buffy's graduation.

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This caused a rift between Angel and Buffy, and Angel decided to search for a way to resurrect Giles with the help of Faith. Jenny Calendar — The computer science teacher at Sunnydale High, who holds a secret allegiance to her gypsy clan. Her real name is Janna of the Kalderash tribe, and her secret motivation for being at Sunnydale is to make sure the curse her clan cast on Angel remains intact.

However, she didn't know that a single moment of perfect happiness would break the curse, and thought it was enough just to ensure that Angel still suffered. She joins with the Scoobies while falling in love with Giles during Season Two.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

The discovery of her secret in " Innocence " creates a permanent rift between her and the Scoobies, which lasts until her death at Angelus' hands. Cordelia Chase — A snobby cheerleader at Sunnydale High, Cordelia looks down on the Scoobies, whom she dismisses as unpopular.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

However, she often finds herself in perilous situations and relies on Buffy to save her. She dies after being the vessel for a demonic force.

With his stoic sense of humor, Oz is a loyal and popular member of the Scoobies, although he does have to be locked in the library's cage for three nights each month during the full moon. He leaves the group in Season Four to learn how to control his wolf side and ends up living in Tibet with his new wife and infant son.

Although she works with the Scooby Gang and even starts to accept Giles' authority, she never really integrates with them.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

During one desperate fight in partnership with Buffy, she accidentally kills a man, creating a permanent schism between her and the Scoobies and eventually leading Faith to join up with The Mayor. This time Faith repents and turns herself in to the police, remaining in jail until her escape in Season Four of Angel to help capture Angelus.

After Angel is re-ensouled, she returns with Willow to Sunnydale to help the Scoobies in their final battle against the First Evil. In Season Eightshe and Giles decided to partner together in a "Slayer social worker" program to keep Slayers from going to the dark side. After the Watcher's death, Faith accompanied Angel to both aid him in his quest to resurrect Giles and to make sure that he does not become evil again.

Buffy and Satsu have sex one last time before they separate.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

She advises Satsu to accept that Buffy is straight and not interested in her sexually or romantically. While working in Japan, Satsu had proven to be an effective leader; one notable achievement being how she led her squad to commandeer a vampire-controlled submarine. One of the demons possesses Satsu, causing her to behave more like a traditional Japanese woman, such as wearing a furisode -style kimono.

When confronted by Kennedy, Satsu behaves in an increasingly misogynistic and homophobic manner. After Kennedy saves Satsu from the possession, the duo destroys the Swell's shipments.

Castle’s Nathan Fillion Answers Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Biggest Question

While vampire Harmony Kendall leads an anti-Slayer campaign, Buffy advises the Slayers to change themselves to better fit the new world; Satsu uses the speech as an incentive to abandon her feelings for Buffy.

She initially disagrees with the plan to temporarily disable Slayer powers, along with the other members of the army, in an attempt to escape notice by Twilight, but she remains loyal to Buffy.

During this time, she is revealed to be working for the United States Armed Forcesand in a relationship with an undisclosed partner.

buffy and spike relationship episodes of castle

Whedon described the concept for Satsu's relationship with Buffy as "evolv[ing] naturally" during the development of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight. Goddard explained that the character and her story arc with Buffy was not designed to be "a grand political statement," and said: The rest takes care of itself. It's a double-edged sword.