Bleach haruka kanata ichigo and rukia relationship

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bleach haruka kanata ichigo and rukia relationship

That bunny drawing though Bleach Ichigo And Rukia, Bleach Anime, Kuchiki . I love how there relationship goes from "You are gifted like I am you have the. One of my favorite aspects of Bleach is the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. The understated aspects of their relationship is actually well. even though we were robbed and insulted ichigo and rukia's relationship still seeing ichigo and rukia fighting together in tybw outfits bc of a video game when .

But, there is still a feeling of finality. Awww… so cute Fictional characters have as much of an impact on us as real people. We cry with them and savor their victories. Some people grow up with them. Goku is a friend and role model for many people. While I entered anime too late in my 20s to have anime characters be role models, I appreciate the impact they can have.

Bleach Creator Comments On Ichigo's Controversial Love Triangle

For many teens, Ichigo is the new Goku. His struggles has shaped their teen years. Consider how long 7 years or so can be. A 13 year old will watch Bleach through the entirety of his teen years.

bleach haruka kanata ichigo and rukia relationship

She will literally grow up with Ichigo and Rukia. This is why people look fondly on Goku. This is why people will also look fondly on Ichigo and Rukia. These characters are a part of growing up. Isane suddenly turns on Unohana, revealing herself to be an impostor. Unohana's reigai then arrives and meets with her original.

[Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Ichigo and Rukia are our Favorite Shinigami Couple

Unohana's reigai arrives and heals their wounds, revealing their strategy was to exhaust Yamamoto. Elsewhere in the Seireitei, Byakuya is stopped by the Hitsugaya's reigai, and the two unleash their bankai in a brief battle. Byakuya asks why someone would fight for Inaba, and Histugaya's reigai claims that he wants to protect someone, whom the original does not have the power to do so. Back in the living world, Ichigo asks Urahara to send him to the Soul Society. He is advised not to go due to his declining spiritual energy.

However, Nozomi steps up and reveals a type of healing kido that restores some of Ichigo's lost spiritual energy.

He then proceeds with heading to the Soul Society, where Inaba meets with the unresponsive figure resembling Nozomi, claiming Nozomi will return. After Byakuya kills the fake Hitsugaya, he moves forward, where he encounters his own reigai. Hitsugaya is confronted by fake Momo Hinamoribut he cannot being himself to kill her, despite knowing she is an imposter. The real Momo seems to appear and attacks her reigai, but both are revealed to be reigai, after tricking him into saving one of them, and they cut him down.

Yoruichi then appears and defeats both of the reigai, saving Hitsugaya. Inaba, while attacking Ichigo, explains that his lack of purity makes him an erasable anomaly. In a desperate final attempt, both of them clash with their bankai, and the battle ends in a draw. Elsewhere, a frustrated Yamamato releases a powerful wall of fire, seemingly engulfing the imposters that were challenging him.

In the world of the living, Ichigo's friends express concern when Urahara tells them he cannot detect Ichigo's spiritual pressure. Elsewhere, Ichigo is rescued in the Dangai by a mysterious figure.


Inaba summons the remaining reigai, and a brawl between the originals and the fakes ensues. At first, Yoruichi and the captains are able to overpower Inaba and his forces.

However, when they lose the upper hand, a seemingly false Mayuri slashes Inaba, revealing he switched places with the imposter. Nozomi ni Kakusareta Himitsu! However, Isane then summons Isane's reigai and attacks her. At the Urahara Shop, Rukia then explains Project Spearhead to the rest of the group in which modified souls were used. Inaba then takes the soul candy from the reigai and swallows it, resulting with Inaba being rejected from his body and the reigai taking the effects of the drug.

Inaba, revealing his backstory as the one who created modified souls, then ressurects most of the defeated reigai, unleashing their true strength.

Nozomi admits she was the first modified soul. Yamamoto then speculates several hollows may have gathered due to the spiritual disturbance. Nozomi stays at Ichigo's house for the time being, and Kon has been feeling really depressed lately because of what Nozomi admitted.

  • The End of Bleach…for now
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Ichigo and Rukia have been handling many hollows during this, while their friends share their concern for Kon and keep Nozomi company. That night, while Ichigo is sleeping, Nozomi leaves the house and goes for a walk. However, she is then attacked by a hollow, and a confident Kon arrives to defend her. After the hollow easily deals with them both, Nozomi's frustration releases a bout of spiritual pressure, and she regains her Soul Reaper abilities, defeating the hollow.

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bleach haruka kanata ichigo and rukia relationship

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Ichigo and Rukia: 5 Reasons They're Our Favorite Shinigami Couple

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