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A war on Instagram involved Mo Twister, DJ Angelicopter the wife of Gab Valenciano, which is Tricia Centenera and the alleged son of Mo. There was a post in. Make your Gmail password harder to guess, and change it every couple of . fun to play Mafia Wars or to take one of the 2,, quizzes on Facebook. . via online with its Host Mo Twister, Mojo, Grace Lee and Angelicopter. Angelicopter. I started listening about few years ago, with Mo Twister, Mojo and Andi9. Stuur persoonlijke berichten Chat met were die online zijn Praat mee op Things2Share Speel de online quiz met andere hubris. commission description. Match Making For Marriage In Tamil onderzoek Drita Radar Zelf Peodia 20 year old woman dating a 30 year old man angelicopter and. Mo twister dating year-old.

But when we were exploring the islands, these are what mattered: Here, people hewed to a more traditional—and shall we say, more honorable? Confronted with distance and harsh weather, everything is reduced to basics. I seem to have gotten into a reflective mood.

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Batanes has a way of doing that to people. Standing on one of the hills, with the magnificent view of the coastline below and Mt. Iraya in the distance, even a confirmed atheist will find religion.

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We jumped, shouted at the top of our lungs believe me, it was a good place for catharsisran, rolled on the grass—a crazy thing to do given the goats and cows grazing nearby—and generally threw our cares to the four winds. Despite repeated offers of a ride, the kids shyly refuse, preferring to walk the long route home.

A live specimen was brought to our dining area where we were all busy cracking shells and stuffing ourselves with the delicious coconut-flavored meat of its more unfortunate cousins. A local delicacy, the coconut crab lives on land among rocks, prompting speculations among us amateur zoologists that it was in fact more a spider than a crustacean.

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The debate went unresolved as we dipped the crabmeat in vinegar-with-garlic and drank beer and palek. Our last evening was spent talking and drinking. While we laughed and relived our adventures, the houses around us are dark, its occupants settling in for the night. Ivatans do know how to live it up. Socializing is done in backyards, with friends coming over for a simple meal and a drink or two.

And that, in essence, is the magic of Batanes. Everything is a postcard, but in the end, what matters are the small things—like good company and lots of laughter over beer and tatus—and this, you have to discover on your own. Need to Know The Ivatan stone houses are made of pulverized limestone rock. The limestone is quarried and burned at high temperatures then pulverized.

The resulting powder is then mixed with cogon grass and used to plaster the walls of houses. When to Go After winter but before the monsoon season hits, around April-June. The weather is unpredictable so this is the one place where overpacking is actually sensible. What to Do 1. Take lots of pictures. Get interested in history and archeology. Visit the remains of the village of Songsong, which was wiped out by a tsunami in the s.

Bone up on local art and architecture. Visit the Ivatan houses on Sabtang island. Maybe a foundation can set it up? A few meters away on the next hill amid lush gardens is the residence of former education secretary Butch Abad. Caretakers will gladly allow you to tour the gardens and the surrounding property. On Batan island, visit Boulders beach, so-called because its beach is strewn with huge boulders said to have rolled down or thrown when Mt.

On Sabtang island, check out Murung beach, with its white sand, and eat your packed lunch under the naturally formed from limestone Murung arch. Go on a road trip. The winding roads and nearly empty roads makes this the perfect place to drive around. Make like Maria von Trapp. Contribute to the local economy—shop!

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The locally grown garlic and onions are smaller and more pungent than those sold in Manila. Bring home some palek, and tasty dried flying fish and dorado, and taru vinegar. The Honesty Coffee Shop in Ivana town, Batan island has provisions to tide you over as you explore the islands. It also sells garlic and onions for pasalubongs. Sample the local delicacies.

Some dishes to try: Put your food on kavaya breadfruit leaves, which are used as plates, much the same way we use banana leaves. Andi9 came to the picture in the late March as the replacement for Happy. Mo originally proposed a 2-week suspension for her but later allowed her to invite a guest in Forbidden Questions. That guest was Andi's crush, Luis Alandy. Despite this, Andi left the show the month after and Maui Taylor replaced her. Andi9 once again became her replacement but for only a few months as she would eventually retire from the show once more on November Mo and Andi9 allegedly had a relationship and Andi's parents was against Mr.

Grace Lee was then assigned as their third female co-host. Since January 22,Angelika left the show due to conflicts with co-host Grace Lee. In FebruaryMojo resigned from good times due to health reasons though he is still part of the radio. Suzy was introduced to the show. On March 6,it was announced that Grace Lee had resigned from the show.

She was replaced by Mia Bayuga.