And watari relationship questions

I have some semi serious questions about the movie. : deathnote

and watari relationship questions

In reality, deciphering whether the relationship you are in is built to last can 'no' to any of the questions isn't a good sign for your relationship. Intimacy in the marriage or partner relationship can seem to suffer when our families are at their busiest, whether it's just the two of you or you're. answer all the questions with "because the movie sucks" but real talk I want to And if he did burn the page and save Watari, then what was.

Watari what is your relationship with L like? And

The best way to make sure I win all my competition is to make me play every piece exactly how it is written. She used to always play the piano while I fell asleep under it and it was the best feeling waking up to her playing.

It'll be more fun that way, and plus you're a musician, you have to know how to dance!

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She was wearing a simple white dress. It was the only one she had but nonetheless she looked stunning; she was also wearing makeup for the first time in her life after her mother insisted. As she walked around trying to find her table, she drew the attention of practically every guy from across all the sport teams. It was a table for four, most likely to account for the plus-one of both her and Watari.

It'll be awkward as hell with me not bringing anyone! Almost didn't recognize you there, you look much more feminine tonight than you usually do," said Watari as he took his seat beside her, "and is that makeup I see? Shit, the world must be ending if you're wearing makeup! He had what looked liked a bruise under his right eye and his bottom lip had a little cut. With all the flirting he does with practically every girl in the school apart from her it's a given that some guys are going to dislike him but he has never actually gotten into a fight before.

Mostly because she knew that Watari didn't care about what others say about him and that he's a lot more responsible than he looks. What if it goes on your record and you can't get into a good high school? Well you know, I also have liked this one girl for a really long time.

and watari relationship questions

She's also very beautiful and can be, on rare occasions, gentle and caring. It even surprised Watari himself since usually when people ask him what his girlfriend is like he just answers with 'cute' or 'hot'.


The rest of the night went by smoothly; Watari and Tsubaki made their rounds and talked to the people from the high schools they were interested in.

As the event drew to a close the principal went back onto the stage and thanked all the guests again for coming. I don't know how to dance. He then put his hand at her side and held onto her other hand.

He then began to lead her, starting with the simplest thing he could think of. He stepped to the right with his right foot and pulled slightly to signal Tsubaki to follow his lead. It was simple, step to right followed by the left foot then repeat in the other direction. It was amusing for him as he watched her stare at her feet making sure she wasn't going to step on his toe again. The song ended, to Tsubaki's relief, and she started to walk back to her seat but Watari pulled her back.

Just when she thought she got the hang of it Watari stepped forward, up until now they have only been sort of swaying left and right, but he seemed to want more.

and watari relationship questions

It was easier to get the hang of it since the concept was pretty much the same, he steps forward, and she steps backward and repeats with her stepping forward.

The song was a bit faster but Tsubaki was still able to keep up thanks to Watari's crash course on dancing.

and watari relationship questions

He then held her hand above her head and she did a spin. Noticing that the song was ending Watari began pushing his weight against Tsubaki which made her start to bend backwards. Right before she was about to fall he caught her and supported her weight with his hand behind her back.

If he was just going to take it off in front of the first person he thought was Kira what was the point of it at all. Wait Watari was his full name, who only has one name? So if Light's plan was to burn a page in the notebook and that would stop the death from happening But if that rule was in the deathnote why wasn't the rule about only being able to do that once in it? And if he did burn the page and save Watari, then what was stopping Watari from just calling L and telling him what happened, the fucking caller ID would hold up in court?

And what was light even planning to do with L's name, kill him? I thought Light was supposed to be a moral white knight at this point, would killing L be acceptable to him because L hurt his feelings and bullied poor little light? Where the fuck did Watari have to go that the trip took 47 hours?

and watari relationship questions

Where on earth does it take 2 days to get anywhere? And the cops that bipped him had american accents so he didn't even leave the country.

Light come on buddy you've killed literally people with the deathnote, are you seriously trying to make yourself feel and look more moral by telling Watari to get help, you know you cant save him. So Misa wrote light's name in the deathnote Okay so wait why not Write, "Light Turner gives owner ship of this death note to Mia Suton, then dies of heart attack 20 hours later.

So if all misa wanted was to have he deathnote why did she give it back, to him why not wait 7 fuckin days and be the new owner? And her threat was give me the notebook or I'll kill you? I guess she still had the one page she stole, but he could just leave her dumb bimbo ass at the dance get the page that she barely hid and burn it. How did light KNOW it was in her calculus book, she could have hidden it in her shoe or in her backpack, or down her pants.