Aang and zuko relationship

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aang and zuko relationship

Aang and Katara were best friends and both had strong sense of responsibility. Also Aang was attracted to Katara. Aang relied on Katara to keep him in the right . Zuko was the first born. "Azula and Zuko if Azula wouldn't have been so. Legend Of KorraAvatar AzulaTeam AvatarAvatar The Last AirbenderCabbages. Hello everyone! Welcome back to my continuing look at Avatar: The Last Airbender and how the relationships between the characters within it.

Practice does make perfect and we do have evidence that Zuko eventually became pretty proficient at making tea. Later in the series, Zuko makes tea for all of Team Avatar and it seems at that moment they really enjoyed it.

So either Zuko stepped his tea game up, or Team Avatar just didn't want to squash Zuko's confidence and hid their disgust of the beverage. The latter seems tough considering Aang is so bad at doing exactly that. His above-average gifts go far beyond his fire bending abilities. In the episode where Zuko's ship is infiltrated by pirates, it is stated that he has above average hearing.

This heightened sense of hearing allowed Zuko to hear the pirates board when one of them opened a rusty door. It's never fully explained why or how he has these heightened abilities, but most believe that Zuko's simply a special and gifted human being. In a world where one can learn to bend elements, it should come as no surprise that some of these individuals are gifted with additional abilities. Maybe it's these exact hearing abilities that allow him to be so good at playing the tsungi horn.

He slowly grows into a powerful person spiritually and takes on a new life task of bringing a time of peace and prosperity to his people and the land around them. When Zuko first appears in The Legend of Korra we see the grizzled old man he has become. The love he shows to his grandson is an astounding character moment considering how vile his own family was to a much younger version of himself.

It takes the audience a bit to realize it, but Zuko was the last living male member of Team Avatar. He was a late addition to the team, but arguably the most meaningful. He possesses many skills and hidden talents that seem to come out of nowhere and just add to his overall skillset. His hearing ability is pretty dang impressive and helped warn him of an impending pirate attack. Let's now talk about his underwater talents.

Zuko has the ability to hold his breath for an extremely long time. This means that he can swim underwater for a lengthy chunk of time when need be. This ability is showcased in "The Siege of the North Pt. In the extras for the episode, a commentary bubble confirms that Zuko has great lung capacity.

This seems a little-overpowered considering he's a fire bender and has an affinity for water. His ability to breath underwater for prolonged periods of time unlike most of his peers has also been a topic of conversations.


Let's now discuss how Zuko and his Uncle Iroh managed to go weeks without food or water. This impressive feat is actually a lifestyle for a select number of individuals across the world who enjoy seeing their body pushed to its absolute limits. Many doctors and nutritionists feel that this type of dietary behavior could have unforeseen and dangerous effects on one's body. Obviously, Zuko and his Uncle Iroh did it out of necessity and not necessarily choice.

Being on the run as long as they were it could be plausible that their bodies just adapted to conserving energy for future use. This implication was made by Gene Luen Yang who was the writer of the trilogy of novels that represented a continuation of the story from the main Avatar series.

He stated that both Zuko and Mai had rekindled their love for one another after the end of the third novel.

aang and zuko relationship

It's always great to see these creators imply or confirm things that they don't necessarily have to, but feel like they owe it to the audience to give them some sort of resolution. Here's to all of you caring creatives! We've seen this happen over the years with Kevin Conroy and his iconic portrayal of Batman.

Dante Basco, who's most known for playing Rufio in Hook, voiced Zuko in the original series. He also had the pleasure of coming back for The Legend of Korra and was also given the responsibility to voice Zuko's grandson as well. This was a cool little nod to both the actor and Zuko.

This warmed fans hearts that Basco could lend a hand in the new generation of Avatar presented to the masses. If they ever create an open-world RPG set in the Avatar universe it would be a real shame to not see Dante Basco involved in the fire nation narrative at all. The Last Airbender is a show that focuses on Aang's journey to success, but in reality is a story revolving around numerous characters and their journey through this troubled and mysterious land.

We see several characters grow, some change, and some leave us forever. Zuko, strangely enough, is the first character to have an episode revolving entirely around themselves. It's one of only two episodes that features a singular regular character and no one else outside of flashbacks. It's no easy writing task to have an entire episode centered around one specific character. Those types of experiences tend to be centered around self-reflection and often feature flashbacks, montages, and monologues.

Before the movie had released and people everywhere just wished they could use a mind eraser from Men In Black to forget they ever saw it, the list of casting had audiences excited for what could have been an awesome production of a beloved series.

Dev Patel is a tremendously talented actor who's taken home a plethora of awards for his work in Slumdog Millionaire and Lion. When he was initially cast to play Zuko fans were brimming with anticipation because Patel's acting ability, in theory, would have made his portrayal of Zuko fascinating. We all know how the movie turned out in the end, and we can assume that Patel wishes it was struck from his IMDB page. It's a battle that revolves around the fight and justification of one's honor and pride.

Iroh was considered a traitor by the Fire Lord, blamed for the failure of the Siege of the Northern Water Tribe after he attacked Admiral Zhao for killing the mortal form of the Moon Spirit. Zuko left, believing that they no longer had anything to gain from traveling together, stating that he needed to find his own way. Their reunion was cut short, however, when Iroh was severely injured by Azula, over which Zuko grew visibly distraught. Once Iroh had healed significantly, he began to teach Zuko how to channel lightning through his body; however, he refused to actually execute the technique for practice due to the risks involved.

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While Iroh's words were harsh, Zuko ultimately seemed to respect the sentiments behind them, opting to release Appa, knowing the bison would return to Aang. After leaving the underground base, at his uncle's suggestion, he dropped his Blue Spirit mask into the lake and watched it sink from view.

During Zuko's illness, Iroh gladly took care of his nephew. Iroh turned his head away in disappointment, signifying that he was ashamed of the choices that his nephew had made.

Signifying that although his nephew had betrayed him, he still had faith in Zuko, Iroh gave Zuko a crown which Sozin once gave to Roku: He would ask for his uncle's forgiveness for his previous betrayal at Ba Sing Se. However, Iroh escaped from prison himself long before Zuko arrived and Zuko was forced to leave without him.

aang and zuko relationship

He told an Iroh-like proverb to Sokkathat apparently made "no sense at all". Zuko and Iroh reunited in the White Lotus camp for the first time since Zuko learned of his ancestry.

Zuko expressed his guilt over betraying his uncle on several occasions after joining Team Avatar. Zuko reunited with his uncle before the final battle and sobbed as he begged for his uncle's forgiveness. Iroh embraced his nephew in an emotional hug, stating that he was never angry with Zuko, just sad that he had lost his way and was now happy that Zuko found his way to him.

aang and zuko relationship

He was proud to find that Zuko has finally found peace with himself and his destiny and the two finally made up. Iroh refused, as Zuko was the far more suitable heir: Zuko was unsure due to his history of misdeeds, but Iroh assured him that since Zuko had learned from his mistakes, he would know how to rule as a man of peace and love. Zuko was emboldened by his uncle's wise words and asked Katara to join him in the facing of his sister. Zuko even helped Iroh serve tea to their friends, just like old times.

aang and zuko relationship

The young Fire Lord wanted to ensure that Iroh could live a peaceful and quiet life after the War, and did not wish to bother him by visiting Ba Sing Se frequently. After the crisis was subdued, Iroh wondered why Zuko had not come to him sooner. General Iroh Zuko is a source of guidance for his grandson, much like his Uncle Iroh was to him, and is held in high regard by him. As such, General Iroh based a decision on the words of his grandfather, stating that he would respect the Avatar's instinct since that was something that Zuko had done as well.

Although Zuko was unaware of this when they first met, he immediately displayed brother-like affection toward her and catered a protective streak of her when Azula threatened to destroy her doll. In return, Kiyi had also grown fond of Zuko, begging him to come back to visit some time before he left to venture into Forgetful Valley.

The bond they shared was one of trust, as Zuko was able to convince Kiyi to listen to their mother when she initially refused to after Ursa had readopted her original features. Zuko's relationship with Lu Ten was primarily unknown, although it was evident that they got along well, as seen in one of Zuko's flashbacks of him in which he was present as Lu Ten and Iroh were building a sand castle together.

Ozai "For so long, all I wanted was for you to love me, to accept me. I thought it was my honor that I wanted, but really, I was just trying to please you. You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn! My father, who challenged me, a thirteen year-old boy, to an Agni Kai! How can you possibly justify a duel with a child?

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While Zuko's relationship with his sister was hostile, he was verbally abused by his father. Zuko was deemed little by his father, talking him down almost at every opportunity since childhood. Some of this stemmed from a heated conversation between Ursa and Ozai when Zuko was younger, where Ursa protected her son from her father's verbal torture. Hurt by Ursa's words, Ozai warned his wife that every insult he threw at Zuko only meant to fulfill Ursa's wish: Zuko was once moved to tears by his father's upbraiding of him in the Agni Kai arena.