The speakers connect via a new proprietary Alpine speaker plug system that cannot be cross-polarity connected once the wires have been. 4 / 3 / 2 Channel Power Density Digital Amplifier – Alpine – PDX Powerful and amazingly capable: The Alpine Marine PDXM Power Density 4 Channel Amplifier is a durable, reliable digital power station providing over.

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Marine 4 Channel Digital Amplifier – PDX-4.100M

Par un second clic, vous pourrez renvoyer sur une page web que vous recommandez. Underneath is a gain potentiometer screw-headed knob for each pair of channels.

I called them up and had to have them show me on the manual sheet where it is explained. The Alpine Marine Amplifiers are also perfectly aligned to allow each amplifier to be stacked upon the other. My world rocked louder on the limited power I was using, more than any other yet. Which yet again reveals only my lack of urge to RTFM! The superb audio pdd-4.100 and outstanding durability of Alpine’s new Marine product line is based on over 30 years experience in the car audio industry.

So for those who really want ldx-4.100 embark the ultimate boom on the water, Alpine Marine Amplifiers deliver every time. The Alpine Marine Amplifiers are also perfectly aligned alline allow each amplifier to be stacked upon the other. Please also read our data protection.

So if you want to bridge, you just do it as normal. A powerful piece of technology that looks very smart and works well. Alipne sound is big and the use of current is impressively efficient. Under the seats is just fine. It stays at the fixed watts output per channel even if the impedance of the speaker load varies as can be seen by the specifications below.

Alpine PDX – Adam Rayner Talks Audio

In order to protect your data security, Alpine provides you the 2 clicks data security function. The controls on the front are still accessible. Mono amp has two subwoofer connectors, making it easy to add a second subwoofer. With the second click you can then send your referral for the specific page which you wish to recommend. Cool running to play PDX switch-mode digital amplifier technology allows PDX Marine amps to run cool and resist the harsh marine environment.


Put the mono amp under one seat and a fullrange amp under the other seat to hide away the entire amplifier system. Convenient controls and terminals make installation easy. Merci de lire les conditions de protection.

You either leave the discs in place and just use the amp as it is, or you can remove these discs, called Joint Caps. Powerful and amazingly capable: Makes it possible to build a serious sound system with powerful bass — without filling up the boot!!

In fact, the power supply is so efficient that the amp does not need a heat sink.

This is an industry-first installation option that saves enormous amounts of space. The audio and crossover controls are conveniently placed on the front of the amplifier, making them easily accessible ;dx-4.100 further sound tuning. Engineered for the severe challenges of the marine environment Alpine’s PDX Empower Your Marine Sound. Compact enough for under-seat installation.

Install your amps easily without sacrificing valuable room, power and performance. These amplifiers are so compact, they can even be installed under a seat! Class-D amplification provides extremely high efficiency, with power losses much lower than with other types of operation.

They can be activated with a first click on the button. In testing I did something stupid and managed alplne make one pair of channels go into protect. It is a class D design, and the blurb goes on about how this is as good as any class AB amplifier.


Do it twice and you can have the three amp stack. Same amount of power used to drive one 4Ohm speaker can drive two 4Ohm speakers when alppine are wired in parallel to create a 2Ohm load. Full Range Class-D Amplification Class-D amplification provides extremely high efficiency, with power losses much lower than with other types of operation. Thermal Management Control Channel Design: If you have issues with alternator power or the lack of a decent margin and you are apline hooligan, this is a Bloody Brilliant Product.

You bolt your amplifier down, then you can fit the joint caps and screw another amp to them, fitting into the recesses underneath. The secret of the clean performance and the effortless power coming from the PDX The same as 4 Ohms — 2 x w RMS 4 Ohms bridged — Aluminium panel heatsink with stack system for stacks up to three deep — Adjustment controls hidden pdx-44.100 a metal pdx–4.100 with Allen headed retainer bolt — 8Ga.

Said to achieve similar results to Class AB amps but in a much smaller space. odx-4.100

Alpine PDX-4.100 Car Amplifier

To find it, divide the total RMS power from all channels by the total displacement volume of the amplifier in cubic centimeters WxDxH. Both a slabby blue bit on the top and a nice slice on each side. An extremely compact advanced design of Class D digital amplifier.

The hex wrenches Allen Keys are supplied too. This is an industry-first installation option that saves enormous amounts of space. The controls are alpinw hidden under a full-width metal plate held on with an Allen headed bolt. Power Terminals with Allen headed grub screw bare wire socket connection — High cable diameter speaker connection plug and socket system — Adjustable input sensitivity: