User manual for the device Akai CDXL. Online user manual database. Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Akai CDXL Stereo Receiver User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. USING THE SXL IN ‘OLD AKAI’ MODE! .. USING SELECT PROG – PROGRAMS WITH THE SAME NUMBER.

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AKAI CD3000XL Manuals

From this page press thekey to take you to the filter page: Pressing this will give you theand you should press F7 or F8 accordingly.

This can be invaluable for archiving a hard diskwhen it is full and helps you overcome the problem of lost data in the event of a problemoccurring with your hard disk. This sets the level of the four frequencies.

This is dueto disk access time i.

Studio Manuals – Akai

Once set, you may turn this on and off freely in the field. When pressed, it will show the current effects channel i. There are, however,certain special reverb types which can also be selected in the TYPE parameter.

Whereas TRIM allows you to removeaudio data either side of the start and end points, these functions allow you to remove datawithin the start and end points. However,there are cd3000xl few things owners of older Akai samplers should be aware of. As well as using them for the tonal modification of acoustic samples,they also allow you to totally transform a sound.

Because only one MULTI can exist in memory at any one time, you cannot copy themulti file, only rename it.


You may find the sound of a akaj speaker is enhanced using just a hint of distortion in the distortion section to re-create the overdrive effect commonly found on rock organ sounds. If you imagine a see-saw, the bench Installing The Flashrom Now power up the sampler.

Modifying The Multi The reverb page is as follows: Press this to switch betweensample points and millisecond displays. Refer allinstructions akal for use by qualified personnelelectric shock, do not perform any of servicingin the Operating instructions unless you areservicing to qualified service personnel.

One sample may be placed into a variety of different programs, each of which impose different envelope or filter settings to create a wide range of possibilities from very little. To copy effects between different effects files, load the effects file thatcontains the effect you are interested in. If the disk is un-formatted or has become seriously damaged in some way the S will tell you: Editing A Take For Synchronised Playback, Notes About Synchronising To External Audio In most cases, there should be no problems in synchronising takes to external audio material because the playback response time of the CDXL is extremely fast and sync accuracy is in the region of a few milliseconds.

You have selected a high amplitude point in the sample and set a length that loops around avery quiet part. Page This sets the delay between a note-on occurring and the effect being introduced. From now on, when you boot up with this floppy in thedrive, these record parameters will always be set for you.


You will receive the usual naming prompt: You will see this screen display: The Main Record It is necessary to make a copy for two reasons – firstly, the CDXL needs the original data to get the data to insert.

If you load a file that has the same name as a file that already exists in memory, theexisting file will be deleted and replaced with the new one. The key looks for points of equal amplitude. The first field kanual the startpoint of the stretched area and thefield sets the end. To enjoy stereo modulation effects with echo, please choose the stereo delay option see below.

Never use a DC power supply.

Akai CDXL : Stereo Digital Sampler Operator’s Manual

Page 3 The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intented to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

Thismay be useful for laying down vocal parts or guitar, saxophone solos and the like oversequenced backing tracks. This canbe very interesting for creating long, evolving sounds and big, thick orchestral and synthtextures.

First set the zone you want to stretch in the stretchandfields. These multi-effects presets haveassociated with them, a reverb preset so that multi-effects and reverb are always selectedwhenever you select a new aai preset. This is because it requires the MIDInote-on to trigger it. Naming Files – The Name Key