For discussion of Aeronautica Imperialis news, rumours and tactics. Will you be hunter or hunted?. For things like planes, an officer of the fleet, etc, they have Aeronautica Imperialis listed on their data sheets in the faction keywords section. The Tabletop Tactics Forum The idea is that the Aeronautica Imperialis acts like the US Navy with carrier launched aircraft acting as both a.

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We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.

Is Aeronautica Imperialis a ? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Sniper rifle Ministorum Priest [2 PL, 35pts]: This will be followed up by Tacitca Aeronautica, its one and only supplement, which also features yet another groanworthy Tau vs Imperial tactifs that will rival taros although its still better than Kastorel Novem or Lmperialis.

Our website or its third party tools use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. On the plus side, they’re quite versatile and both Retributors and Exorcists can probably find use against any enemy, regardless of their setup. Command Squad [2 PL, 32pts].

Now that’d be interesting, inertial drift and other fun physics facts – or Babylon 5 starfighting, as I prefer to call it. Second part of Tactica Aeronautica. So here’s the list, I’ll drop some tactics afterward.

Heavy Weapons Squad [3 PL, 33pts]. What I guess I’m getting at is, aerial combat is gee-whiz nice. Still, as another version of “SEAD” in a form I like the anti-titan idea mentioned on the first AI board, as those things would definately be a bit of a presence in air combat – I love the little lightnings and fighta-bombas zipping round the titans on the Epic cover.


The infantry with heavy weapons teams is intended to set up in the back and put down fire at mid range as well as screen the Heavy Weapons so they can keep firing. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Since they do opposite things, you’re going to want one of each at least at all but the smallest points levels. This message was edited 1 time.

Fielding 2 ‘weaving’ groups instead worked very well; turning away after a few prow shots for the ‘weave’ left the Dark Eldar with the unfortunate choice of break off and run or try to drop in on the rear and find themselves with another pair of kroozas bearing down on them head-on, heavy gunz blazing.

Ork Fleet noted as highly unmanouvrable verseus Dark Eldar you take a guess Normally the ork fleet slams up the centre – then has to fight to turn around whilst the enemy rip up its weak rear armour. A high-altitude recon mission could have easily solved this, or barring that a Sword-class frigate or two making high-speed, low-orbit passes over the planet.

Final update for Aeronautica Imperialis. It also allows more depth to planning the game as escort, SEAD, and exfiltration cover become necessary. HARMs don’t jam anything what so ever. That’s why I’ve still not bought one.



Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter [15 PL, pts]: What this means is that some buffs only work on them and don’t work on other types of AM unit. Imperials, Chaos, Tau, and likely Eldar would all have such advanced weaponry. Imperial Agents has been bequeathed to use by the folks of Games Workshop. Though at 15 wounds a 10 man squads is practically required to one round them. Why can’t we just dispense with the nostalgic references to outmoded dogfighting styles and bring AI to the strategic level by giving them AMRAAM-style missiles capable of long-range air-to-air kills?

Color scheme I was thinking was Kaki, as that was still the common color for ground forces at the time. Greetings you magnificent bosses! But of course it’s easier for writers to just have Riptides rush in and try to hit things. Each of the units is designed to do precisely one thing and do it well. This was covered in detail in one Warhammer Tv Live programme.

You can read all the details here: I agree on the F4U, the gull wing is a classic silhouette over the Pacific skies, but Forge World has no models that even remotely bring that image to mind, The Thunderbolt is pushing it as an F4F stand in.